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Vehicle Maintenance Facility Business Report

Business Report: Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Vehicle Maintenance Facility management Topics:


Table of Contents

Scope management planning 2

Project Background: 2

Scope of work: 2

Work Breakdown Structure: 7

Project scheduling and analysis: 8

Critical path analysis 8

Description 8

Scope management planning

 Project Background:

Firstly, this is a “Vehicle Maintenance Facility” project that is designed for containing the features which are quite basic for a small-scale commercial building. Although, there is a “fixed-price” and “fixed-scope” agreement between a contractor and the owner. As all the zoning and code approvals are already gained the construction works are about to begin on receiving notice for proceeding. Also, the location of the project site is in an “industrial park” on a street. The site plan has a space for a large parking lot that can allow parking and movement of the vehicle during servicing. 


Secondly, the servicing area that is divided into four bays has other facilities such as vehicle lifts, coolant along with service equipment for air conditioning, lube and oil and pneumatic and electrical power outlets. With gas-fired units of heating the place is heated and air compressor is located in a room side by for compressing the air in the area. Also, there is training area including office and classrooms. So there is a huge task to build and organize the place according to the requirements of the place that needs a thorough project management plan along with the scope and time management plans.

Scope Of Work:

Project Goals:

Moreover, it is a hypothetical corporate facility for vehicle maintenance that is designed with the features to contain typically small-scale buildings for commercial use. Therefore, this project includes a construction work according to the requirements of the facility to provide a well organized “vehicle maintenance facility”.


After receiving the NTP and other bonds or permits and mobilizing the general items of conditions the initial site work will be started. Also, it includes clearing and grubbing the site along with rough grading and installation of storm drains. Moreover, the next deliverable is the foundation work that includes excavation, backfill of the foundation, installing steel columns, preparing and placing SOG, installing work platform and access stairs, WF beams for support, laying corrugated steel decking, preparing and placing concrete topping. Finally, completing the foundation work. 

Additionally, Building the main structure and doing the required works are the next deliverable that include erecting walls of 8” CMU, erecting roll-up frames for doors, erecting Veneer made of brick, installing exterior windows, store front at the main entrance, erecting structural steel, laying corrugated “steel roof decking”, laying insulation for the rigid roof, installing flashing and roofing that is cold processed, installing “precast concrete coping” at parapets. 

Then, the interiors have to constructed and organized. This deliverable includes hanging ductwork as well as installing AHUs, erecting steel studs, HM door frames, roughing in plumbing, panels, wiring, conduit, “HVAC control system”, fire alarm, voice or data system, roughing the paint, hanging ceiling grid and installing lighting fixture, registers as well as grilles, ceiling tiles etc there, laying ceramic tiles in the restrooms, installing plumbing fixtures and also the toilet partitions, accessories there, in the locker room installing wash basin, lockers as well as benches, in the break room installing casework, appliances etc, installing carpet as well as base, hanging hardware and doors, finishing the mechanical and electrical works, for meeting room and training room installing projectors along with hanging whiteboards and screens.

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 The final site work is the next deliverable including installation of gate and dumpster enclosure, installation of bollards at the roll-up doors, for parking lot fine grading, placing gutter and curb there, striping the parking lot as well as installation of signage, installation of sidewalks at the entrance of the building, landscaping, and finally erecting the chief entrance sign. The final deliverable is the closeout of the project with final cleaning up and inspection of the place, punch listing of all the works, and after completing substantially obtaining the “Certificate of Occupancy” for the place. 


Various issues that may arise in a project vary according to the type of the project. In a construction work as in this case mainly five constraints could hamper the work and its management that include poor definition of the objectives, budget issues, time management issues, expectation issues, and hazard management problems. 

Usually a poorly defined objective or goal may decrease the quality of performance in such projects where knowing and understanding the exact requirement is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the construction or the place. Besides, budget is a big issue in any project and specifically in a construction works such as in this case it has to be calculated and managed properly to avoid any trouble while the work is continuing. Moreover, the lack of budget plan can stop the entire process causing delay and more loss.

Time management is the key to lead a successful project. If the time is not properly managed it may cause delay and hindrance in the entire process. Lack of time management can be a cause of defective designs along with loss of revenue. Also any conflict regarding or in the scheduling can lead to missing deadlines while to cope up or catch up it may force the contractors to work so fast that it becomes inefficient causing more damages.  

Compared to any other project any construction project comes with more risks that are also costly. Again, all the workers face real issues and dangers on-site which include injuries as well as threat to life. So, risk management is one of the most important parts of such projects. Lack of it can cause severe damaging issues for the project which even may halt the project altogether causing huge loss (Hogan, 2019).


Hence, the resources necessary for the project are available including the budget plan and other permits and materials for construction. Also, the labors are cheap and efficient in the work. Thus, overall project is assumed to be taking around 271 days to be completed totally while there are various divisions and individual stages to be completed separately (Espy, 2018)

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Firstly, the project starts with the project management plan and receiving the NTP. It takes 5 days to Mobilize General Conditions items. The initial site work gets completed within 26 days while the foundation works take eighteen days altogether. Likewise, the next work of building the structure has taken forty four days altogether to finish erecting roll-up frames, CMU walls, brick Veneer and installing exterior windows, storefront, erecting structural steel and many more such activities. Also, the interiors take most of the time together making it 119 days.

Also, the final site work, which includes installing a gate, bollards at “roll-up doors,” fine-grading the parking lot, placing curb and gutter there, striping the parking lot, installing signage, installing sidewalks, installing landscaping, and erecting the entrance sign, takes about 40 days to complete after the interiors are finished. Next, the final site cleanup, final inspection, punchlisting work, obtaining the “certificate of occupancy,” and eventually concluding the project all take about 17 days to accomplish. Hence, the project to start and end successfully, all of these actions required about 271 days.


  • • Securing funding
  • • Acquiring the exact site
  • • Completion of the design
  • • Getting the approval of the owner and stakeholders
  • • Receiving NTP
  • • Gaining bonds as well as permits
  • • Starting the initial site works
  • • Foundation work
  • • Structure work completion
  • • Interior work completion
  • • Final site works 
  • • Final inspection 
  • • Gaining “certificate of occupancy”
  • • Project closure


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