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TASK – 1


Purpose of a strong staffing plan

Staffing management plan is an ultimate document that explains the requirements of human resource in an organization. The requirements of staff will be met both for employees and staff management. Planning of staff is a part of the project management plan because the need of staff varies project to project and as per the need of the situation. With planning of each objective, Air New Zealand as an aviation company will require either staff management of the already existing workforce or recruitment of new workforce. Staff management as a part of project management will allow the proper managing of various working teams efficiently and effectively. 

Staff management plan includes correct planning for staff asset, calendars of resource, plans for releasing staff, needs for training the staff, rewards and recognition process, safety and compliance. It also explains the time span for which the resources are needed and the budget of including a new resource. This management plan is a high requirement for Air New Zealand as the company always undertakes large projects and such projects require highly efficient and skilful workforce.

Benefits of a staffing plan

  • Retention of employees – A staff planning will not only help in hiring new candidates, but also will help in retaining the already existing workforce. Identifying positions for filling the vacancy of an employee who left can be done through analysis of market trends and education. If a particular department faces high turnover staff planning can help the company to relate to the cause of that turnover and develop further strategies to hold back the other existing employees.
  • Delays and disruptions can be avoided – Proper staff planning will always help the company to avoid the disruptions and delays which would have otherwise put an impact on the profits of the business. Production goals can be met by allocating staff according to the need and the individual’s capacity. It creates a clear vision of both supply and demand of talent thus allowing the managers or the leaders to give priority to hiring and staffing decisions.
  • Contacting the Business Benefit Groups – BBGs always have the business consultants to give suggestions for improvement of the business. Staff planning is a crucial element of any business strategy and is a significant commitment of energy and time. Air New Zealand can improve its strategies by consulting the BBGs.


The general objectives of Air New Zealand are flexible core domestic business, international network focussed on Pacific Rim, loyalty programmes of air points, improvements on sustainable costs and investment-grade financial strength.

Any company with a good staffing plan will be able to meet the objectives efficiently and effectively. Since staffing plans include both hiring new employees and retaining the older ones, it is often necessary to train them. For newly hired staffs it is important to train them to make them understand the company policies and regulations and teaching them how to maintain adherence of the policies. Apart from that, they also need job training and technical training. For a smooth service of the customers on board, the employees will have to be efficient working on board. All the employees have to understand the plan of each project before they can really work on it. If the employees are trained about the project change and management they will also submit their own grievances. Thus proper staff planning is an ultimate requirement to run the business smoothly and provide quality service to the passengers of Air New Zealand.

Taking into consideration, the objective of flexible core domestic business, the airlines have to keep in mind the huge number of flights moving across the country within a single day. This also points at the huge number of passengers who travel on a daily basis. This involves maintaining the bulk of flights and the bulk of passengers in a smooth and efficient way. As such the company have to maintain a huge number of efficient workforce in individual department to run the domestic core business efficiently. The assigned job roles to individual employee have to be as per their skills, capabilities and rate of efficiency. Only then can they provide smooth service and the running of business will be easier and better. For example, the duties of a ground staff will be different from that of an executive on board. On the other hand, the pilot has a completely different job responsibility.



Internal factors:-

  • Size of the organization – Size of the organization will impact the recruitment policy. Larger companies like Air New Zealand face fewer problems in finding and recruiting efficient candidates.
  • Recruiting Policy – This forms a both external and internal system. Internal system includes recruitment from own employees and external system includes recruitment from outside the organization. 
  • Image of organization – The image and goodwill of the organization will always impact the availability of candidates. A company like Air New Zealand will get candidate preference because of its brand image.
  • Image of job – The image of job will also impact the availability of candidate. Good remuneration and working conditions will attract candidates and vice versa.
  • External factors:-
  • Demographic factors – Demography in which the organization is located will impact the recruitment process. Smooth demography will attract candidates and vice versa.
  • Labour market – Supply and demand of labours within an area will determine the availability of candidates. One has to remember the supply and demand is always inversely proportional.
  • Unemployment situation– In an area where unemployment rate is high, the availability of candidates will be better and vice versa. 
  • There are nine steps in the process of recruitment
  • Clear advertisement of the vacant position.
  • Screening of resume and eliminating illegible candidates.
  • Interviewing over the phone asking basic details of the candidates.
  • Face to face interview over rounds in a convenient place like a conference room.
  • Assessment using predictive assessment tool.
  • Secondary face-to-face interview to eliminate the arising discrepancies.
  • Job shadow to find whether the candidate is culturally fit.
  • Checking of reference to know the capabilities as it relates to the job.
  • Job offer should be clear and unambiguous.

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TASK – 2


The process of documenting and evaluating performance of employees for enhancing the work quality, efficiency and output is called performance appraisal. Performance appraisals provide feedback to an employee for the overall performance. They also identify improvement opportunities and needs. They also help to inform reviews on salary and incentives. There are six steps in the process of performance appraisal:-

  • Establishing the standards of performance – The process begins with the setting of performance standards. Leaders have to be evaluate and determine the output, accomplishments and skills. The standards are evolved out of job descriptions and job analysis. The performance standards have to be clear and objectives should be understood and measured accordingly. They should be crisp and clear and not be explained in a vague manner to the employees. That would confuse the employees about their own job responsibility.
  • Performance expectations should be communicated – After the establishment of the performance standards they should be conveyed and communicated to the employees. This would help them to understand the company expectations from them. Not communicating the standards to the employees, often create appraisal problems within the association. However, it is noteworthy that just transference of information from the higher authority is not proper communication. It will be regarded as a communication at its best, when the employees understand what has been conveyed to them. After they have understood the standards, taking a feedback from them might help the organization to have a grip on their knowledge of work. If necessary the standards might have to be reframed, revised or modified this is the Strong Staffing Plan report Sample. 
  • Measurement of actual performance – The actual performance of the employee is measured in this step on the basis of information available from statistical reports, oral reports, written reports and personal observation. However, in no way the feelings of the evaluator should influence the measurement of the employee’s performance. All the measurements should be objective and have to be based on findings and facts. What is measured is way more important in this process than evaluating how it is measured.
  • Comparing performance with the set standards – This is the stage where the performance of individual employees is compared with the set standards of the company. The standards in that case are pre determined whereas the level of performance varies person to person. Thus, the Strong Staffing Plan report Sample comparison will reveal the deflection between the actual performance and the set performance. 
  • Discussing the appraisal with the employees – It is necessary to communicate and discuss the results of the appraisal with all the employees. This is one of the most challenging works of the manager to handle within a specific organization. This is because the manager has to provide an accurate appraisal to the employees and make them accept the same in a manner which is constructive. Employees get to know about their strengths and weaknesses from a discussion of the appraisal. The appraisal may be either positive or negative depending on how it is presented.
  • Corrective action has to be initiated – It is necessary to initiate corrective action as per the need of the situation. First it is necessary to find the areas which require improvement and then the measures of improving the performance are recognized and executed accordingly. Immediate corrective action deals with symptoms and basics deals into the causes of distraction and tries to permanently adjust the difference.


Performance can be appraised by giving recognition to the employees. This can be done in two ways:

  • Extrinsic rewards – These are financial or monetary rewards. Such rewards are tangible and given by the managers to the employees. All these include rewards in the form of bonus, incentive, hike or benefits. These rewards are called extrinsic rewards because they are external to the work and the size of the reward is controlled by other people. Recognizing and rewarding the employees is an example of extrinsic reward as it is determined by others. This can be done by expressing thanks in public or by a written note. Small gifts might also work in this process. Other than all these bonus and incentives provide the employees with further motivation.
  • Intrinsic rewards – These are rewards that act either as motivators or directly come from the employees. Motivators are controlled by managers and these motivators encourage the workers for increasing efficiency in their performance. And self rewards come from employees themselves if they have job satisfaction and would thus have will to work better. An example of intrinsic reward is to allow an employee to do a task outside the regular activities. This will motivate them because they will feel that they are needed by the company for more job than those for which they have been hired.

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