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Self Reflective Essay Sample

Essay: Self Reflective

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Job role 3

Responsibility 3

Requirements 4

Task and Skills, Knowledge and Capacities Required 4

Recruitment 4

Sourcing 4

Screening and selection 4

Approaches 5

Communication   skills 5

Organisation   knowledge 5

Capacity of hr 6

Difficulties of the task and how I overcome them 6

Causes of the difficulties 6

Communication Cause 7

Motivation Cause 7

Human Relations Management 7

PRINCIPLES OF Human Relation Management 7

Bureaucratic Personality 8

PRINCIPLES OF Bureaucracy Personality 8

“Ritzer’s McDonaldization of society” 8

Efficiency 8

Predictability 9

“Calculability” 9


Conclusion 10

Bibliography 11



As a “HR” of the “OCADO” supermarket there are  many roles I have to play , recruiting and hiring candidates and differentiate them to their job positions in junior and higher position posts. Employee’s monthly, quarterly and annually which are distributed, maintained and reported by me as “HR”. In this essay I am going to portray about my professional experience and the competencies I carried based on my job role. This essay will also include my challenges that I faced with my particular job role as well the solutions to overcome them. A change initiative has been described which I would have like to take for overcoming challenges I faced while working in this supermarket.


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Job role

As a HR of the organisation my main and targeted work was recruiting and selection of employees and motivated them for our Organisation. Some responsibilities are like ‘Job ads’, ‘job boards’ and ‘social networking’, managing and setting up performance and maintaining the right track of important workflow. We should work as a familiar with my labour’s, and put the right person for place. Performance appraisal is one the most important part of my job role where I need to evaluate the performance of my team members as our company do it in every six months.

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In this field I have some responsibilities to see and observe and clarify it such as checking the mentally and physically pressure created as bad or not, motive some junior clerk for ‘internship’ for great future goals in our organisations, product packaging and display for our prestige, planning of attractive salary or compensation to our employees, attract the qualified employees to our ‘OCADO’ Organisation, social media for showing brands and product to customers  and built a company culture (King_and_Lawley, 2016).

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This is a self reflective essay sample From our experts get your report right now


To being an HR of the ‘OCADO’ Supermarket Organisation I should have some qualities like Good understanding skills, knowledge of salary system of our employees , Communication skills is the main function to solve all problem of the organisation and special study course that was ‘BSc’ in ‘Human Resources’ and ‘Organisational Psychology’.


Briefly described about my Work Role like Recruitments, Communication Skills, 

Organisation Knowledge and work Capacity.  Difficulties which I faced during my Task and how I am getting overcome it.  

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This is a self reflective essay sample From our experts get your report right now

Task and Skills, Knowledge and Capacities Required


As all we are know that recruiting refers to process of ‘identifying’, ‘attracting’, ‘screening’, ‘short listing’, and ‘interviewing’, proper and particular candidates who suits for that job maybe for (permanent or temporary) in our organisation. There are some processes of Recruiting such as; ‘Sourcing’, ‘Screening and Selection’, ‘Approaches’, briefly described below.


The word ‘Sourcing’ is to attract and identify the employees for filling the job vacancies. My work to search a candidate examine that either he or she is capable or not. Mainly I use two methods which are internally or externally such as ‘advertisement’, ‘job sites’, ‘Newspaper’.

Screening and selection

Here I  mainly use ‘Psychological Test’ by giving various work pressure to check candidates either he or she cope up with it or not . I have to place many test and exam related to work to observe how they are doing; some problem like Senior and junior came about job post and job pay scale, that situation I have to handle smoothly because all employees are precious. Every employee should updated about their work for that I have to send them for ‘Training’ both seniors and juniors. Some products which are new to our organisation a proper update details I have share with them. 

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This is a self reflective essay sample From our experts get your report right now


In this function I give an opportunity to an existing employee of our organisation to offer prospective members for the job, if I impressed about their choice I offer them a ‘cash price’. 

Communication   skills

Communication is the effective path between the company the employees where both the company as well as the employees can interact with each other so it was important to develop some good and efficient communication skills to fulfil my desired job role. As I am a ‘HR’ of the ‘OCADO Organisation’ I have to deal with many people on daily basis through various modes like phones or by email. I should be a smooth communication knowledge and skills and maintain a company standard. 

Proper Writing – Professional HR should have a good writing skill and avoid miscommunication. For that I have to mind that points for our prestige and for our organisation.

Proper Listener – I have to deal with my employee for that I have to be an honest listener as well as with my managers. My work is to find the way how to get solution of our team organisation if there was a problem and put it to them through my voice or communication (digitalhrtech, 2020). 

 Organisation   knowledge

My knowledge is about the organisation as a ‘HR’ the information about the employees and other documents, without the right solution I will not able to deal with all problems. HR knowledge should be practising and memorising all documents, official policies, “OCADO” . The organisational knowledge is considered as the knowledge which is containing within the organisation and can add value to the business (Emil Hajric, 2019).

Capacity of hr 

As a HR of the company I want to say that through my capacity organised move towards a new change. My pressure are there to make a new way to move the organisation through the today’s ‘New Generation’ and add some value in the organisation and try always some innovative ideas with my organisation for a better movement. Some policies, benefits which I have to share with my other members like employees, managers  for minimising the barrier of being an ‘HR’ between upper class and lower class.

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Difficulties of the task and how I overcome them

Recruiting Difficulties and Solutions – Choosing the Right Candidate with a qualified talent it’s very difficult to predict, best person for a best work place this combination are very difficult to find out. For those circumstances we have to conduct an exam application slip with some knowledgeable questions and find out a best person from a crowd. 

When I get particular employees after their exams from that I have to spend my time with them by giving proper job motivation and introduced with all place, people, and products. 

Communication Difficulties and Solutions – Here I have to suffer from attitude and Ego problem. I want to say some workers are discussed about their problems but not with higher level authority like HR or Manager. So I have to look that matter being a friendly way by talking with employees and motivate them that they are also a part of our organisation.

Unmotivated Employees – There are some employees who are not interested about their work or job. I have to See their problems and get a solution by that and put them a proper place where they suits. Many workers are not suitable then I have to shorten that.   

Causes of the difficulties

As in the above section identification of the issue which was faced by me was described and in this section the cause or the main reason behind the occurrence of these issues will be discussed.

Communication Cause

The cause behind ineffective communication which was taking place within my team was due to language differences as well as the cultural barriers. Sometimes language problem also came that every person has their own mother tongue language, so there is a problem to communicate. Cultural differences takes place when the employees are belonging from different culture as in my case I was working in this company which is culturally diversified and has the employees form different communities as a result of which a biasedness in the culture occurred and led to ineffective communication.

Motivation Cause   

Motivation is main in every place and manager and HR have to look that every workers are motivated or not .By watching some points like ‘success’, and improves their quality  of life . Motivation is much more significant which needs to be present whoie working. Due to the lack of motivation the performance of my team was lacking and at the same time it was identified, that working more than the actual office house was the main reason behind it.

 Human Relations Management

As I am a HR of the ‘OCADO’ organisation there are some theories which are based on leadership .Organisation mangers appoint ‘HR’ for their subordinates to improving their morale and reduce the formal resistance. Employees have full sport to learn talents from ‘human resource’.

 PRINCIPLES OF Human Relation Management

Human are not only interested for money but they need some promise like permanent job. As I am a ‘HR’ of the company I followed some behaviour by searching psychological aspect that employees not only needy for money but need some mental reliefs, and appreciated.

Machines and humans both are different as we all know but there are some issues came that sometimes Organisations treated many employees like robots. As I am a ‘HR’ of ‘OCADO’ I have to feel their emotions, feelings and understand that to each and every worker.

‘Job securities’ and ‘job satisfaction’ these are basic need of employees. In my organisation I try too full fill all type of job related satisfaction and pay scale.

Workers ego and attitude problem are the basic disadvantages of the organisation as we know. My opinion is to manage the managers and workers to communicate well as they can share their feelings about jobs.

Sometimes workers are treated that are not free to the organisations. They want some free from strict leadership .So as a ‘HR’ I want feel free for better experience and reduce work pressure so that they can work well and properly.

In organisation some conflicts made by workers themselves .For this situation I have to maintain a friendly atmosphere among all of themselves.

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This is a self reflective essay sample From our experts get your report right now

 Bureaucratic Personality

In this policy there was a strict regulation and rules that functioned by the organisation which are forced on the employees behaviour , feelings .The word ‘personality’ comes from the ‘Latin’ word ‘Persona’. Leadership should be flexible otherwise it hampers the employees work and in mind.

 PRINCIPLES OF Bureaucracy Personality

Here we are seeing that jobs are divided into one employee to another .So I took a good lesson from here that by dividing some work between two it was very helpful and easily done on a time based. It provides ‘administrative functions’, which are related to ‘conducting examinations’, salary collection work done. 

“Ritzer’s McDonaldization of society”


 If the theory of theory of McDonaldization Is considered then its quiet evident that the people need to know the requirement of an effective working which would lead to great future for both the company as well as the individual himself. According to this theory it is being found that the entire organization possesses the same set of rules and regulations therefore working hard can leverage a worker more. This can be taken as the initiative of change by making the employees understand for being cooperative 


Being the HR of the company it is my responsibility to understand and predict the factors that can bring motivation among my employees and growth in their performance. This will help to have a better understanding of my team members and all the departments in the company. This is what my professional experience has taught me to keep a better understanding on people in order to offer cooperation in professional fields.


The figuring intensity of a HR executive must be genuinely solid, which will lead it him to help the others in the association who have a place with different offices too. This is in wording with the development of the company just as that of the self-improvement of the HR chief too. This is the reason it is significant for the HR leader to have different options in order to figure out the ways of  computing and get ready for the future.


A change in the organisation plan as a ‘HR’ I should change the clear and effective communication and understand them on the other hand we should spread a positive impact to all employees .A good training programme provide a good workflow which should available to all workers in ‘OCADO’ organisation, as a HR I should maintain a responsibility to all employees. Cast, language problems which I want to minimize it for better change in our organisation, some products which are going to sell that brand factor I have to check for our ‘Customer Satisfaction’. My opinion when we get some success then all employees should participate its being a made a good momentum and implement the success. 


Developing of self-ability and the skills are not so much easy as it needs considerable amount of time and as this is the process of learning so the process is slow and also it will bring long-term effect within an individual like me.  My career has taught me that being a HR in the company it is important for me to be honest and practical especially when I am participating in the decision making activities. This self-confidence and honest nature of mine would help me to guide and motivate my team also easily I can overcome through any problems I face. Problems in any sectors are common when there is a team there will be certain issues therefore it can be said that an individual needs to be self-aware of his skills to identify, understand and then make solutions to the problem. As above I have discussed about the issue of communication I faced while I was working in that company so I chose human relation management which helped me to develop a good bonding with my team. Human relation management has also taught me the ways of keeping human relation tangible enough.

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