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Identifying the issue

Analysis of the issue

Possible Policy Instruments






4.1 Two principles relating to sales and marketing function in Samsung Mobiles NZ

a) Principle Number 1: Knowledge

The first principle is that an employee should have good knowledge about the products and also how they supply the needs. This principle helps in relating to sales and marketing. This helps in creating a good result in the presentation of all sales and marketing of Samsung Mobile NZ. The employee of the company should have his fullattention and concentration on sales and marketing and should provide excessive effort to grow the company (Gonzalez, 2019).The work should be divided among the individuals and each of them should equally cooperate with each other while working. Everyone has to give priority to their work. This will provide satisfaction to the customer. A firm or company should concentrate on the labelling of the product that is when packing is done the utmost part of the product (Soundar, 2019).  They should provide a strong function in dimension which includes proper warning and advice.

b) Principle Number 2: Sales Operation

The next principle is the business operation van.Samsung Mobile NZ should keep business scores as some of the firms keep an exact idea of financial trends taking place in Samsung Mobile NZ on a day to day, weekly or monthly basis (Sharma, 2018).Samsung Mobile NZ should set a target or goals to achieve success and profit in sales and marketing. Samsung Mobile NZ should give full support and motivation for better selling performance. Samsung Mobile NZ should design their product according to the customer’s expectation. There will be competition in the sector of sales and marketing. Therefore, Samsung Mobile NZ should set the price of a product respective of other competitors that is convenient for a customer while purchasing it(Oakey, 2018). Practices done by sales and marketing companies vary. Some companies find data after researching and with the help of those data they implement new sales strategies. 

Recommendations to improve operations

The executives of Samsung Mobile NZ have taken very common initiativefor developing campaigns for marketing with advanced strategies or plan. They create promotional events to attract people. They continuously research on the market and target the customers what they need, their brand preference etc. they apply this method to improve themselves from the other competitors in order to gain a large number of profits (Mullins, 2019).The marketing companies train their employees with various job roles those includes trainees for operating the market, associates who look after the market. In sales and marketing business marketing manager acts as a marketing director.

4.2 Two practices relating two sales and marketing functions in Samsung Mobile NZ:

a) Practice number 1 for Samsung Mobile NZ: Distribution strategy

The first practice for Samsung Mobile NZ is the Distribution Strategy. In marketing practices this is the important part that helps to control business. This strategy is mainly used to see that thecustomers can obtain the products. If the products of Samsung Mobile NZ have many competitors in a market you the company start facing strong price competition (Soundar, 2019). In that situation, the company must keep the prices of their products very low by which they can easily send to the supplier and can easily get benefited and also gain proper profit.  The low price competition can easily be differentiated by seeing the benefits of the customer and also by offering proper quality product.


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b) Practice Number 2 for Samsung Mobile NZ: Promotional event

The second practice for Samsung Mobile NZ is the promotional event. The Samsung Mobile NZ easily makes events that are related to the promotion of the events and this helps the organizations a lot. By having proper promotional techniques the company can easily grow their customer base that is the customer can easily get attracted by the products of the company that the company promotes in every sector (Oakey, 2018). Mainly for Samsung Mobile NZ, the beneficial functions are mainly selling and marketing. The process of marketing creates proper awareness and also prepares proper preference for the product. Also, marketing helps the organizationtogain proper profit and delivery of the proper product. 


To improve business function Samsung MobileNZ should follow all their activities with ethical order. They have different types of services and deals with different types of a huge number of customers. Hence Samsung Mobile NZ requires ethical principles which should follow by them sincerely to improve and expand their business. In accordance with the management of the sales and marketing department should have full knowledge about their products so that they provide focus and direction for the effort of the sales and marketing.


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