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Innovation is the method through which the organization Columbus café will be able to bring new change within its business process. In addition, the innovation is also a systematic review of opportunities through which the firm can also search for new opportunities which can make a good relationship with the clients. 
Identification of principles, theories and the models of innovation:
There are different types of the principles, theories and the models which are implemented for the process of innovation and the change management.
Principles of innovation: the main objective of the innovation is to build the customer preferences into a design of the program consisting of an innovation strategy.
Principles of the change management: the change generally starts at the top and begins from the initial stage or day one of the innovation process.
Innovation theories: the theories of the innovation consist of the effective brainstorming and the management of the port folio.
Theories of the change management: the theories of the change management consist of the evolution, lifecycle and the technological changes.
Models of innovation: the model of innovation consists of the pushing technology and familiar linear innovation.

Change management models: Kotter’s 8 steps, Mckinsey7s

Change management: It is also a systematic approach in which a business firm will be able to change its business model so that the new strategies and technologies can be implemented. 

One principles of innovation:

Have an Innovation Strategy: The first and foremost principle of Columbus Cafe is about having an innovation strategy due to which Columbus Cafe can able to create new ideas through brainstorming activities and which will benefit the company’s overall performance and it is also most important for Columbus Cafe as the company is working on innovation techniques like delivering the customer order through home delivery by keeping the eatables fresh. The company has also introduced the robotics in their restaurant which delivers the customer orders and taking their orders by typing in it so all these activities are of relevance in nature only due to innovative approach as this also leads to successful framework of strategies which can be implemented for attaining long term goals in the future. The Columbus is adopting innovative approach due to which customer database has been increased and various kinds of promotional offers are being carried out which helps in understanding customer taste and preferences so that company can enjoy competitive advantage over others as well as the main focus is given to company’s performance as it should be increased from one interval to another.

One principle of change management 

Real change happens at the bottom: The first important principle of change management is about having real change which starts from the bottom it means that the Columbus Cafe is looking for change in its quality services to customers by changing its delivery options from online delivery to cash on delivery by which customers get satisfaction that their payment is being paid after receiving the food items from restaurant so this kind of change is very much relevant as it helps in attracting more and more customers to get attached with the company and can take promotional benefits while placing the order.

Operational performance

The above mentioned change management theory and the innovation principle will mainly help the company Columbus café to improve its business performance. In addition, by applying the innovation principles and the change management theory will help the company Columbus café to maintain a proper strategy through which its business process can be developed. 

Second principle of innovation 

Build the customer into design of the program: The main principle of innovation states about the prospective of building the customer into the design of the program in which the customer is involved in the innovation process of the company as in case of Columbus the main innovation is about introduction of robotics who gives delivery to customers inside the restaurant so before expanding this concept more further the company starts brainstorming so that this innovation can be made more effective and that is why employees of the company and some regular customers are selected so that they can give their feedback for this robotics in restaurant and what possible outcome it can give so all these aspects are taken into consideration for the betterment of the Columbus Cafe. The company has design the promotional offers pack which is to be introduced in every quarter of the year by which customers can have curiosity for getting these offers.

Second principle of change management

Speak to individual as well as to the institution: This principle helps Columbus Cafe in understanding the concept that for improving customer delivery options they have to make arrangements like speaking with customers and employees of the company and also take survey of other institutions and also create the activity of brainstorming due to which what kind of change is being expected by the people so proper functioning can be done within the Columbus Cafe and expect a favorable decision making process which is being agreed by every person as this type of activity of face to face interactions usually helps in increasing productivity of the employees.

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Operational performance

The performance of the company Columbus café will get maximized if the firm implements the principle of change management and innovation theory. Both the change management and the innovation theory will help the firm Columbus café to develop its business in an effective way. Moreover, the operational performance will also help the management of the firm Columbus café to analyse the overall performance of the firm. On that note, the management will be able to bring out new strategies so that the innovation and change theory can be applied within the firm.  

One theory of innovation 

TRIZ:TRIZ is a main problem solving theory of innovation in which all the aspects regarding innovation of robotics in Columbus Cafe is taken into consideration and how it can be dealt with in particular time frame. This theory is being used from very long time ago and today it is being applied by many companies for the process of forecasting about the innovation today and what benefits the current innovation can provide to the company and what type of strategies should be adopted for the same to get favorable results. This theory helps the Columbus Cafe in getting solutions to the robotics challenges that is being faced today or in near future. This theory is very much relevant which helps the company to get prepared for any kind of uncertainty and how it can be overcome then TRIZ is to be implemented so as to reduce any kind of damage to the company.

One theory of change management: 

Evolution: The main theory of change management is about evolution which means that change in the features of change which is being introduced by Columbus Cafe of improving customer service can be implemented effectively and can give desired results to the company. This helps in knowing the main strong factors which lead the whole change for the Columbus Cafe like increasing sales volume and increasing customer database as well as knowing the fact that what factors are available which work as interventions in the process of change in the company so it should be properly taken into consideration by which strong position in market can be created.

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Onemodel Of Change Management 

Kotter’s 8 step model

  • Create- In this step, the management of a firm mainly creates a situation for implementing change in the organization. Therefore, the management of Columbus café must create a need of change in the organization so that the change management theory can be applied into it. 
  • Build- This step mainly allows the management to develop a suitable change that would be appropriate for the firm. In addition, the management of the firm can also try to build a team for implementing the change model in the Columbus café. This will help the firm to identify a suitable change for implementing into it.
  • Form- This stage mainly clarifies about the outcome of the change so that the management can use it in an appropriate way. The business managers of Columbus café will be able to help the firm from the positive results of the change management process.  
  • Enlist- The management of an organization must enlist the improvement areas through which it can be improved by implementing proper change. It is very important for the management of Columbus café to enlist the improvement areas so that an appropriate change method can be applied.  
  • Enable- This stage mainly helps the management to remove the barriers like inefficient processes and hierarchies so that the change model can generate a great benefit for the firm Columbus café.   
  • Generate- In this step, the management of an organization must generate the outcomes of the change management so that the firm can get proper benefits. The outcomes from the change management process must be analyzed by the management of Columbus café before continuing it for the future purpose. 
  • Sustain- It is important for the management to sustain into the change in order to receive more benefits from it. If the change management theory provides positive results, then the management must stick to the change so that the café can get benefits.  
  • Institute- The change must be formulated in an appropriate way so that the business firm can get success. The change management model must be formulated in the firm Columbus café for getting success.  

2.2 Kotter’s 8 steps: 

The Kotter’s model of change management states that various steps are to be followed to get desired change results such as increasing urgency for the change which is at priority for Columbus Cafe then building a strong team which will guide through the whole change process. Then having the vision that the change of customer service will bring sales volume for the company and communicating the same information with others and making the steps into action so that short term goals can be achieved in given time frame and it should not be letting go for near future and at last make further changes if possible (changewalkme, 2019).

2.3 Second theory of Innovation

Portfolio management- The portfolio management is one of the technique in which the company Columbus café will be able to take an effective decision for its development. In the same context, the portfolio management will also help a business firm to manage its business resources by making an appropriate decision. On that note, management will be able to help the company Columbus café with an effective decision making technique from any kind of critical situation (, 2019). 

Second theory of change management

Life cycle- As per the theory of lice cycle, the Columbus café will be able to manage its business process by following different stages. In addition, the life cycle theory will also help the firm to implement some innovative systems like feedback. On that note, the firm will be able to take the feedback of the staffs about the change management process. This will also help the management to understand the effectiveness of the change management within the firm Columbus café. Furthermore, the life cycle theory will also help the firm to know the sequence of change for following the rules and regulations (ideatovalue, 2019). 

Second model of change management

McKinsey 7s

  • Strategy– This stage mainly helps a business organization to implement a potential strategy through which the goals and objectives can be achieved within the mean time. On that note, the management of Columbus café will be able to implement strategies by following the 7s model.  
  • Structure– This stage also allows a business firm to maintain a proper organizational structure. It is also very important for Columbus café to develop a proper organizational structure so that the staffs can work in an appropriate manner.  
  • Systems– The daily activities and procedures that the staff mainly follows. On that note, the activities and procedures must be followed by employees so that a proper system can be maintained in the Columbus café. 
  • Shared values– It is the core value of an organization which shows its capabilities. The values of the firm Columbus café must be identified so that a proper structure of the organization can be developed. 
  • Skills– The performance and innovative skills of the organization as well as the employees. Proper skills of the employees in the Columbus café will also help the firm to develop its brand image. 
  • Styles– Adopted Leadership styles in the organization. On that note, a proper leadership style must be implemented in the Columbus café so that the operations of the firm can be monitored.  
  • Staffs– This step mainly shows the capabilities of the employees. The high capabilities of the staffs will help the firm Columbus café to maintain its performance (digitaltonto, 2019).

2.4 McKinsey 7S: The change management has very important model which assist in applying the change of Columbus Cafe and its McKinsey model which consists of strategy, structure, systems, skills, staff, shared values and style. By considering this model for change management it states that the change should be implemented when the strategy is so strong which can affect structure of the company for long term goals attainment and the system followed inside the company for customer service should be analyzed as well as employees skills and the values they have for achieving group goals is taken into consideration so it shows strong implementation process (ideatovalue, 2019).

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