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Since decades there are many leaders who created a face of successful leaders in front of the world. Those leaders not necessarily belong to business world. They can be a social influencing leader, a political leader, a medical leader and many more. So it can be seen that lots of leaders are around our surrounding from where the people can learn and develop their skills. The skills that are required to be a good leader is being able to communicate and pass the message to the sub-ordinates carefully and as simple as possible. A leader can also influence the followers and made them feel attracted towards the personality. Personality of a leader can make a lot of difference among the people around us. A simple and kind personality is; loved by everyone but an arrogant or egoist personality takes people away from their goals. Several times it is heard that ‘a goal without a planning is just a wish’ and it is so true to believe. For achieving the targets or goals that a leader peruses, it has to be planned and processed well. The strategies made must be of pure confidence and the leader must be confident enough to launch it and take the risk and responsibility of its success or failure. According to ‘Keith Davis’, leadership can be defined as “the ability to persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically. It is the human factor that binds a group together and motivates it towards goals”. In the industry of healthcare there are various people who has emerged as a leader and working for the welfare of the people. One of the great leaders is “Dr. Harpal Singh Kumar”. As a leader of such a responsible area of work his leadership work goes much risky and the ability to tackle the situation is more important (Sonwalkar, 2015).


‘Dr.Harpal Singh Kumar’ is a versatile personality who has leaded several positions. But ‘Dr.Harpal Singh Kumar’ is mostly known for his leadership in ‘Cancer Research UK’. Till June, 2018 ‘Dr.Harpal Singh Kumar’ headed as ‘British medical researcher’ as CEO in ‘Cancer Research UK’. But now he is leading ‘Johnson & Johnson Innovation EMEA’. For past 15 years of time ‘Dr. Harpal Singh Kumar’ has been serving to ‘Cancer Research UK’ and created much awareness about the cancer programs. The work done by a healthcare leader is truly commendable. The awareness about the tobacco was very necessary to make. The youth of the world easily gets attracted towards the tobacco products but they don’t understand the harmful effects that affect their health. So, ‘Dr. Harpal Singh Kumar ‘came forward and took some initiatives to change the attitude of the youth towards the tobaccos. And he was quite successful in the work he had done. This was one of the gifts that he can give to the upcoming generations on behalf of him. Awareness about the cancer was not made earlier before 2005. So ‘Dr.Harpal Singh Kumar’ started spreading awareness about the cancer and its patients came for treatment. And now the entire world knows about cancer and treatments are also going successful. Every leader follows some leadership theories and strategies and so ‘Dr.Harpal Kumar Singh’ also follows a few strategies and theories (vero., 2014).

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There are many leadership theories followed by different leaders at different point of time. But the healthcare industry is a little different from many other industries. The one who works under a healthcare industry is responsible for the life and death of a person. So the decisions that are to be taken should be with 100 per cent accuracy. The leadership style followed by ‘Dr.Harpal Singh Kumar’ is ‘Transformational style of leadership’ A style of leadership where the safety of the patient is priority with maintaining the work life balance for the employees, no hesitation about the error in work, satisfaction of staff as well as patient and many other. Here the leadership involves an honest and transparent relationship among the patients, staff, and the leaders. The trust building is given more emphasis on which the whole organisation runs. A leader should always involve an effective change in the quality of their work. As ‘Dr.Harpal Singh Kumar’ is a healthcare leader a concern about the workforce is always there. Lots of barriers comes in front of the leader but to overcome those barriers a leader always has some plans and strategies and that can only be executed when the followers or the workforce is in the way to guide and help the leader. Alone the things can never be managed (Coppin, 2017).


Like all the other leaders ‘Dr. Harpal Singh Kumar’ has some of the strategies to manage and maintain the workforce and the patient under the ‘Cancer Research UK’. Some of the strategies followed by ‘Dr. Harpal Singh Kumar’ are:

  • Unity of purpose:  being a leader ‘Dr. Harpal Singh Kumar’ believes that by a better communication and trustworthy environment the work that is to be done will be more effective and efficient. To work together under the same roof it is very necessary to share the vision among the staff and let the staff take their decisions accordingly.
  • Care for the team: It is said that leading the followers especially in a healthcare industry is not an easy task. So the responsibility is to be done with care. The staff, nurses and all the other back workers is also involved in the caring environment and thus are made comfortable in the working condition.
  • Relating to services: One part of the work is connected with the another part of the work so correlating them and then applying them to the work is very important. There is no hindrance on adapting any new and good thing from outside as long as it is working out with the health of the patients or work of the healthcare industry.
  • Capabilities: ‘Dr. Harpal Singh Kumar’ tries to develop capabilities within the team for their long term improvements.
  • Holding to account: A leader like ‘Dr.Harpal Singh Kumar’ always focuses on innovation and accepting new challenges and making continues changes for their improvements.
  • Positivity: As a leader ‘Dr. Harpal Singh Kumar’ is always positive and make the staff feel positive around him. Managing the work with a positive attitude leads to a great impact on their followers. The followers also feels positive about their work and tries to stay motivated even in a  environment of pressure(ukr,2020).


In every leader there are some positive and some negative effects. ‘Dr. Harpal Singh Kumar’ is also one of them. As a leader he worked in all the causes that were essential in the work field oh healthcare. As a researcher in ‘Cancer’ at UK, some or the other way, the analysis of cost was not made up to the accuracy level and that made him to some trouble. The cost involved in spreading the awareness about the ‘Cancer’ and its treatment were not focused on. The government of UK had asked him to analyse the cost and make it into the provided budget (scienceblog., 2018).

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From all the above discussion we can conclude that leading a healthcare industry is very difficult as each and every aspect has to be looked upto carefully or it will cost to someone’s life or death. So, ‘Dr. Harpal Singh Kumar’ a leader of healthcare industry who focuses on ‘Cancer research UK’ is one of the effective personalities to create awareness among people about the curable disease like ‘Cancer’. Influencing the youth to not adapt the usage of tobacco was one of the gifts from his side to the upcoming generation that he gave and made it socially acceptable.


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