Report: Computer Network Scams


TASK: 1 1

a) Different kind of scams on a computer network over the internet: 1

The intriguing thing in internet fraud is just when you think you saved your computer from one scam, a new one shows up and catches you off guard. That’s why best and foremost protection should be taken. There are basically eight types of internet crimes which everyone should be aware of: 1

b) Way of protecting the network from theft over internet: 2

TASK: 2 3

a) Malware: 3

There are some tools to protect the computer from malware: 3

Spyware: 3

There are some tools to protect the computer from Spyware: 3

b) Major legislation regarding cyber crime in the New Zealand context: 4

TASK: 3 5

a) Different types of denial services (DOS): 5

b) Implement a network which is protected from different kinds of malware and DOS: 6

TASK:  4 7

b) Different types of cryptography method: 8

c) Best cryptography methodology to secure the computer network: 9

Task: 5 9

Various types of hacking tools: 9

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Different kind of scams on a computer network over the internet:  

Internet fraud is a kind of deception which involves hiding the important information or providing the wrong information to the users for the purpose of tricking victims out of inheritance, property, and money. This is not considered a single or distinctive crime; rather this covers a wide range of illegal actions that are committed in cybercrime. Online frauds can occur in many forms. It ranges from online scam to email scam, even when the internet is partly used in the communication system. There are different kind of scams and frauds in the internet which are internet fraud, e-crime, online crime and others computer internet report sample. 

The intriguing thing in internet fraud is just when you think you saved your computer from one scam, a new one shows up and catches you off guard. That’s why best and foremost protection should be taken. There are basically eight types of internet crimes which everyone should be aware of:


Identity Theft:  The attacker basically uses malware to steal some person’s identity to gain some financial advantage and acquire some credits or benefits computer internet report sample.

Auction Fraud:  This scheme involves the online shopping sites which ships the different package from what they show to the customers computer internet report sample.

Work-at-home scam:  This involves the scam where some companies offer a huge amount for a minimal effort of work at home. Victims have to pay an amount of registration fee to get the job which actually doesn’t exist computer internet report sample.

Credit card fraud:  The online users are tricked into submitting their credit card details in some deceitful websites which allows criminals to use the stolen data computer internet report sample.

Investment fraud:  In this scheme scammers pretend to have a great knowledge and good connections in finance and trick people to invest on some company or bank computer internet report sample.

Online dating scam:  Criminals use social networking sites and convince the victims to form a relationship and later they persuade them to send money computer internet report sample.

Sweepstakes scam:   In this scheme the victim gets an email which says he won the lottery and asked for money to claim the prize.

West African scam:  Victims are asked for huge amount of money between countries to help some people.  Scammer offers the victims a portion of money as long as they send an advanced fee. (The plug, 2013)



Identity Theft:   It can be avoided by placing fraud alert by contacting one of the three credit bureaus which lasts from 90 days to 7 years.

Auction Fraud:  To prevent the auction fraud one should always ask for print receipt for some payment processing sites such as Google Pay, phone pay, PayPal etc.

Work-at-home scam:  Take the time to learn which sites are legitimate for work at home jobs. The more postings and ads you call the more the deception becomes clearer.

Credit card fraud:  when the ‘bill to’ and ‘ship to’ locations are different then there is a high chance of fraud. It is not always relevant but still always calls to try to match the phone number as well.

Investment fraud:  Before investment, it should be well researched how the investment works, the risks and fees. The party who is offering investment advice should have registration. 

Online dating scam:  The profile says it all. Some of them have few images, some claims to live in another country, some claim to be in military in other countries.

Sweepstakes scam:  In order to avoid this kind of scam one should always guard the personal information carefully.  Do not share password and user name of your back information.


West African scam:  Do not agree to transfer money for someone else

Way of protecting the network from theft over internet:

Always notice for grammar or spelling mistake in the domain names or email address, cyber criminals use email address which resemble the names of established  companies but there are a little mistakes.

Think before clicking any kind of link, if there is a link in as doubtful email message, do not click on that link 

Cyber criminals use threats, which is block the users account, don’t drop this kind of tricks. User should take time to assess this condition.

Always set a strong password in the desktop like-combination of number, special character or others.  In this way hackers cannot access the desktop.

Stay alert from this kind of thing:

Wrong information regarding the social credit report, social security number and their important information.

Suppose you don’t apply for any credit card but getting new credit card, don not use this.

If you are buying a product past few days but you receive mail or calls recently avoid those types of calls and email.

Don not use public WI-FI network, which is less secure. Think before join this kind of network.  (The ecconomi times, 2018)




Malware is a form of malicious software, which may be any file or programme or code which are responsible for damaging user computers, servers, and client or computer networks.  Malware creates a copy of itself and spread into another computer program. There are different types of malware, like- a worm, a virus, a trojan, spyware, a root kit, adware crypto jacking, malvertising and other.  The malware are responsible for the deleting sensitive data from computer, stealing important document without user’s permission.  Malware are spread into different devices by USB, internet without user’s awareness. (james, 2019)

 There are some tools to protect the computer from malware:     

User of free antivirus software: For protect the computer from virus don’t need to buy any software, there are too many antivirus software is free in the windows like: Avast which can protect our software from virus.

Backup all the sensitive data from the computer: Regularly keep backup all the important data from the computer.

Always use a strong password: Avoid to use week password which are used most try to use strong password like combination of alpha bates, number, special character and other. 

Use Firewall: Always use firewall, regularly check it is enabled or not. Every laptop or computer has firewall system.

 Check the download settings: Check the browser settings that which are able to detect the unauthorized download. 


Spyware is types of malware software, which is automatically, create a duplicate copy of the file or code which is damage the system without user’s knowledge. Spyware gathers personal data and store it. The main intention is steal personal data, captured bank or credit card information, monitoring internet usage data and spying the important information. There are many kinds of spyware which can install in the software and change the setting in the computer for avoid this situation user always try to use a complex password.

There are some tools to protect the computer from Spyware:

Install anti-spyware software:  Anti-spyware is a programme which is detecting spyware software and removed it from those systems if it is already installed.  The names of the anti-spyware software are Microsoft scanner, Comodo internet security suits, McAfee Total Protection, spyware terminator and others.

Put a strong password:  Always try to put a strong password in the computer.

Browser can be Confirm the security settings: Spyware has been changed in the browser that the security. The users should always check the settings of the browser.

Installing the Firewall: Firewall is a security guard which plays an important role in the security system.  There are two different types of firewall, they are software firewall and other is hardware firewall.  Firewall creates a wall between the computer and the unauthorized function which is protecting all unauthorized attacks. (Beaver, 2005)


Major legislation regarding cybercrime in the New Zealand context:  

New Zealand response to cybercrime is shared between NGO, private sector and government. There are some rules and policies related to their cybercrime, all of those are described below:

Business related crime: consciousness about Fraud and scam watch. This department monitoring all the business related crime and solve all the fraud related issues. Cash related issues, financial crime all this kind of issues are monitoring by this branch. 

Internal Affairs Department: Build Anti-spam unit and Censorship Compliance Unit. This department is deals with the citizen related issues like passport, Visa and also deals with the marriage, death, birth all kind of issues in the New Zealand.

Justice of Ministry: The department of criminal justice. This department are responsible for the low of the New Zealand.

Prime Minister and cabinet department: The National Cyber police office.

Custom service of New Zealand: It provides the border security. Some risk arrives from international travel and trades which are control and protect by this department.

The service of intelligence: This department provides the investigation for cyber crime.

Serious Fraud Department: This department is work for the complex or serious issue. Serious fraud department are handling all kind of critical fraud related function. (Buchana, 2015)


Different kinds of denial services (DOS): 

Denial of services attack (DOS) is an attack established between computer and the network which is protected from the unauthorized users.  In the DOS attacks multiple system are attacks in a particular system.  There are many types of denial attacks; all the attacks are described below:

Syn flooding: Syn flooding is type of denial services attacks which is send serial number of syn request to the target services. Syn flooding makes the system unresponsive to ligaments traffic.


Low rate denial of services attacks: Low rate denial (LRD) of service attacks is most risky attacks in the internet, where huge number of denial packet are send to the common traffic to throttle legal flows.

Teardrop Attacks: Teardrop Attacks is a type of denial service attacks which break the operating system and services due to TCP/IP destruction is re accumulate.

Peer to peer attacks:  Peer to peer network is interrupted network where individual node of the network acts as suppliers and clients of the resources in which client-server nodes request access to the resources in centralized client-server model.

ICMP Flood: connectionless protocol is Internet control massage flood which is used for the error, diagnostics and IP operations. (Dalziel, 2018)

Implement the network protection: 

DOS is denial service attacks which is malware networking attack. It involves hacker forcing numerous internet connections device and sends the request to the target server.

A few commonly mused tools are LOIC, HOIC, R.U.DY and Slow loris; all of tools are described below:

LOIC: LOIC is standard for Low Orbit Iron Cannon; it is an open source weight testing application. It contemplates both UDP and TCP framework layer; strikes should be possible which using a straightforward WYSIWYG interface.

HOIC: HOIC is a form of High orbit Iron cannon. For building this software there needed 50 people this tool is created by replace by LOIC tools by adding customization and increases, its compatibility.

Slow Loris: It is an application design which is instigate a low and slowly attacks on the target server.  Slow Lories is the limited number of resources which is to control the damaging effect. 

R.U.D.Y:  R.U.D.Y is a tool which is slow attack tools using an essential point and snaps the interface. By opening different HTTP post requesting and keeping all of those associations at that point open rapidly. The attacks goal is slow the target server. 


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TASK:  4

Computer security software or cyber security software is many computer program made to make better the information security. The 5 most known malware types are viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, spyware, and ransom ware and we clarify and boot security on them with following security software’s :

Access control:  When an aspect of a something’s background is presented to a reader, the reader sends the aspect of the information, usually a number, to a control panel, a highly authentic processor. The credential’s number is measured by the control panel for access the control list. It is accepted or rejected otherwise forward to the database. The path stay blocked if the access is rejected by the access control. If there create a match between the access control list and credential, the control panel operates communicate that in revolve unlocks the door. 

Antivirus software: It is software which is developed for find out and eliminates computer viruses. Other types of antivirus software, malware are providing protection to other computer.  Newly antivirus software is protecting the user from various kinds of attacks like: fraud tools, malicious LSPs and ransom ware and others.

Protection from Malware security: A malware gives a safeguard which is provides the additional essential path of security of user’s laptop. Most of the antivirus guard can also identify and alert over the previously unknown or known malware threats, based on technical object (like attempting to “go secrecy mode” on a computer) which are attribute of malware.



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Anti-Spyware Programs: 

Anti-spyware can spar over spyware used in different path:

They give real time protection to the user within a serial manner.

Anti-spyware software programs used for the monitoring and identify the spyware and it also detection the spyware if it is already install in the desktop.

Encryption software:  Encryption system provides much software. Using chipper all the software are categories. Software encryption uses a cipher for creating ambiguous the content into cipher text.  Ciphers are divided into two parts: Encryption software can be based on either symmetric key encryption or public key. Open key figures otherwise called symmetric key figures and Asymmetric key figures. (cisco, 2019)

Different Types Of Cryptography Method:

For converting ordinary plan text to incoherent text cryptography is used. It is a procedure of transmitting and putting away information in a careful structure that just can peruse and process the information. Cryptography was effectively indistinguishable with encryption. These days cryptography is for the most part dependent on software engineering and scientific hypothesis practice. Three sorts of cryptographic strategies utilized when all is said in done.

Cryptography of Symmetric-key: A single basic is shared both of the practice source and receiver. The sender uses this key for encryption of normal text, sends the figure content to the beneficiary. The recipient applies a similar key for recover the plan text and decrypts the massage.

Cryptography Asymmetric: Its largely innovative idea in the past 200-300 years.  Public key are key can be divided but the private key cannot shred their key, it can be store in private. For encryption purpose public key are used and asymmetric cryptography is used private key.

Hash Functions: Public and private key both key are not capable for algorithm. A permanent-volume hash value is used which is computed as per the plan text that makes it is not impossible for the inside of the normal text can recover. The purpose of the encryption password hash value is used. (kesler, 2019)

Modern Cryptography Concerns With: 

Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication all three are called CIA triad, CIA traid are maintained by the Access control. Within this function all the data are keep securely. It is the most important feature of the cryptography. Most of the sector like bank, office and other security systems purpose are used CIA.

Confidentiality – Information are keep securely which cannot be understood by anyone, only authorized person can accessed, this is called confidentiality. It ensures that all the internal data of the organizations or any persons personal details are keep securely. Only authorized person can access the information, no one can access the information.

Integrity – Information cannot be altered. Integrity means all the users information are keep securely hackers are not able to change the information. No duplicate copy is implementing by the hackers. All the information is keep same as it. It provides the accuracy, thrust issue and consistency. Data are cannot be change by the unauthorized person.

 Adoption – Source can’t deny aims in the transmission of the data at a later phase. Public key encryption, Digital signature all of those are in the non-repudiation technique.

Authentication – Only authorized person can access the information within the right time. Sender and receiver get confirmation message when it delivered properly. (doc, 2019)

Now day’s cryptography plays a major role in the network security system. It can be used in most of the applications for the role of network security system. 

Best Cryptography Methodology: 

AES is the most fundamental cryptography methodology. It provides best security to the computer network over the internet. Most of the security purpose function are used AES.  AES stands for the Advance Cryptography Standard, is the symmetric encryption algorithm. The AES is one of the most secure cryptography. Many software and hardware production are use it and the United States nation are also use it for protecting important data from the hackers. Block chiper are used in this method. Within a period of time encrypted all the data one fixed length block, another type method is stream chiper are used in this cryptography, here all the data are encrypted by bit wise. AES is a symmetric key which is sharing their key with other individual of them for access the individual data. (tutorial point, 2019)

Task: 5

Various Types Of Hacking Tools:  

The list of ten tools which can be used to expose system it’s known as hacking tool susceptible:


Network Mapper








Aircrack- Ng

Three hacking tools which are protect network from hackers all of those are described below:

NBTENUM:  It is a very old utility tool which can uncover a huge amount of information from an unprotected pc just by asking for it. This tool can also recover open shares, users and groups when accounts are enabled. This tool is most useful tools which is able to keep all the dat6a secure from hackers.

Dig Services:  This stands for ‘Domain Information Groper’, basically used for questioning for the information to the DNS server about a target. Using this service several classes of information can be uncovered such as mail servers, local DNS servers etc.

Wireshark:  This will free of cost to analysis, which is utilized for system investigating, examination, programming and correspondence convention advancement. It allows users to put the network interface controller into non-secure mode, so that the can check the traffic which is visible in that interface. (cyvbersecurity, 2019)


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