Case Study Quebec superior court decision

Part A

 The Quebec superior court has rejected the attempt of the province to ban the citizens from the access to the private online gambling sites. According to the Finance Minister of Quebec Mr. Carlos Leitao, the enforcement of this law is necessary to protect the health and the safety of the people of Quebec from the online private gambling sites as these sites don’t apply the same responsible gaming rules as the provincial government.

Part B

Criminal Code- It’s defined as an action that has been committed or omitted in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it. (Press, 2018)

Part C

The legal issue that is being identified in the article is the access to the unauthorized private online gambling sites. The internet service providers of Quebec are ordered to block the access of the citizens of Quebec to any online gambling sites that so not carry any authorization from the Loto-Quebec.  

Carlos Leitao, the finance minister of Quebec expressed his views on this saying that the enforcement of this law is really necessary. He further added that this law will ensure that the protection of the health and safety of the citizens of Quebec. According to Justice Pierre Nollet the main goal of passing this legislation was primarily to prevent access to the online private gambling sites rather than the protection of the consumers or the public health of the Quebecers. With the announcement of the decision from the Justice the he Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association was much pleased with the decision. 

The problem that should be addressed in this article is the unauthorized use of personal information of the players that seek to play online gambling. Gambling is not injurious buy when one becomes addicted to gambling it poses problems.  As per the issue there is no such dispute between the parties. The passing of the law is all about the protection of the citizens of Quebec. According to my opinion the best remedy to this situation is to identify the sites that misuse personal information of the players and then take steps to block those unauthorized sites. The stakeholders of this article are the players who invest their money in the private online gambling sites.

Part D

This article has been chosen because it addresses the primary issue that is prevailing in other countries as well. With the easy availability of internet services all around the state of Quebec, the study of this article is really important as it provides insights about what is exactly happening inside the courts of the country. This article impacts almost a majority of the population of Quebec including the socio economic class as well. Gambling is enjoyed by almost everyone. But when the government tries to impose restriction on this issue as well it literally leads to frustration and chaos among the public. It’s true that many private online gambling sites do take advantage of the private information of the players but not all.  



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