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Ephemera are known as those things that give enjoyment for a very short time and in this perspective those things are related in the society from different perspectives. These ephemera are known as the hand written or printed materials that are used for a very short period and this is also non-profitable. There are different types of ephemera available in the market and among them, almost ten ephemera are described with the proper description and their connection with the picture that is given below.

Ten ephemera the theatre –


Through the handbills any advertisement can be provided that is for any reason or perspective. Like any event or for any company they can print a handbill that gives a description of the company or the event. The handbills are also able to provide some details of a particular event or for organizations which are able to discuss this. Through these handbills, the purpose of the event or the organisation can reach to the people in a brief manner and the description is also very limited. As from the picture it can be understood that this is a football team of UK 1984 who are posing for a picture. Though, this picture is used for the handbills and provide the idea through which the organisation or the club who are promoting them and request them to see their game.

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Trade cards

Trade cards are those types of cards that are used as “visiting cards” also. Through these cards the businessman exchanged with other people who are interested in their business. This basically happens in the social circles and the businessman gives these cards to the clients and to the customers. Through these cards the business person is able to give the information about their business in a very little way. These trade cards are shown as rectangular or square and it is small but bigger than the modern day “visiting cards”. Through this picture it can be assumed that in 1984 in the UK it portrays that a football team and this picture is used as the visiting card of an organisation or a company who are promoting football.  

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Packaging is known as a marketing tool that is used for the poaching of a product. This is used in every company and each of the companies focused on this tool from a different perspective because it describes the importance of the products. In this perspective it can be said that the packaging is used for the promotion of the products and the description of the products are mentioned in the packaging of the product. Through the picture it can be understood that this picture can be used for the products of sports and this is also used in 1984 on the sports products of the UK. on the packets off the products this picture is printed and the organisation who are in the business get a very positive response from the football lover.

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Posters are those advertising processes by which some relevant sources and information can be provided to the people and make them aware of those things that are also provided the details in a very scripted manner and this also based on the description of the particular event or any organisation. Based on this picture it can be stated that the football team or any organisation is promoting their love for football. This picture also shows that the organisation may be able to give some proper idea about the importance of football and promoting the players who belong to a particular team.

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Newspapers are those tools that give the details and information of the world and the activities that are happening in this whole world. This picture also appeared in the newspaper in the UK in the year 1984 when football was considered as a very energetic game that is played and the whole UK loved this game very much. The team that is shown in the picture is known as the famous football team and they promote their team in a very effective and innovative way. 


Leaflets are those types of advertising by which the organisation is able to provide some information about an event that is happening or happened later. In this perspective, the organisation is going to print a leaflet in which all the details of a product or any information of an event is described. This picture is used for the organisation that promotes football and the equipment that are used for the game and the players who are involved in the game. 


Tickets are available only for any event or any show or any programme and people who are under the responsibility of an event organize the tickets and they also pay the headset a price for the tickets. These can be for anything like movie tickets, match tickets, any event tickets and so on. This picture shows that this is a football team and this picture can be used in the tickets of the football match and this also attracts the public. 

Printed Tins

The tins that are used for many activities and to contain things are used. At that time of UK of 1984, in the tins some printing is drones that can attract customers and in the tins this picture is also printed so that people can buy this tins and this also increase the business of that particular company. 


In 1984 many types of programmes were done in the UK and they are based on different reasons and different activities. One of the activities is football and these pictures describe these programmes in a very brief manner. There are many types of programs that are done on the basis of football and its important in life and also for the country.


Advertisements are another factor that is used for providing the describing process that describes an event very briefly. Through this picture it can be said that this is used for the advertising of the football team and the players who are in the picture. 


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