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  • What are the strategies needed to be implemented by the organizations to take important and effective measures against COVID19?
  • What policies must be implemented by the government of the countries for the organizations to combat against COVID19 and avoid reoccurrence of the disease?
  • What are the current preventive measures taken by different countries to fight against COVID19?
  • Which countries have been dealing with COVID19 in the most appropriate and effective manner and how?
  • What is the main origin of Coronavirus?
  • How has the disease outbreak been dealt by various countries and states?
  • What are some of the major causes for prevalence of the disease?
  • What are the main sources for spreading the disease, and its modes of transmission?
  • Which type of preventable actions have been taken by the governments of different countries?
  • Which are the countries most affected by the disease and why?
  • What information has been proposed after authentic research and evaluation from the official resources about COVID19?
  • How can the literature, which has been written under COVID19 can be considered authentic and reliable about the disease?
  • What are some important treatment methods for the Postpartum depression among women?
  • What is the current prevalence rate and epidemiology of postpartum depression among women in the US?
  • Why has the increasing number of bedridden patients within hospitals and rehabilitation centers has become a problem for the health care management?
  • What are the important actionable items which can be used for improving the current health conditions for the people of KSA?
  • What are the primary reasons for abundance of alcohol abuse and prevalence of energy drinks among female students in KSA?
  • How the environmental conditions and social aspects of the universities and educational institutions contribute to increasing the rates of alcohol intake?
  • What are the epidemiological aspects of childhood obesity among the population of the USA?
  • What are the primary reasons for increasing childhood obesity for the citizens of the USA?
  • What are the epidemiological aspects for mortality of individuals due to diabetes in the USA?
  • What are the primary reasons for the increasing death rate of individuals due to Diabetes Mellitus?
  • What are the major impacts of E-health platforms on transforming the physical activity patterns among individuals?
  • What are the major sources and types of E-health platforms used for transforming the physical activity patterns among individuals?
  • What are the major reasons for the increasing number of patients with borderline personality disorder?
  • What is the relationship between childhood trauma and maltreatment with development of borderline personality disorder?
  • What are the strategies which must be implemented within the organizations to combat against future occurrence of COVID19?
  • How will preventive measures result in controlling the spread of the disease?
  • What type of changes within the infrastructure of a city might result in reduced pollution?
  • What types of pollution are discussed in the research study?
  • What is the relationship between Cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?
  • What therapeutic measures can be taken to reduce the chances of occurrence of CVD in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?
  • What types of leadership management methods are being followed in Pakistan?
  • What are the primary effects of leadership management styles being followed within Pakistan on the staff members of healthcare sectors?
  • What is Human Growth Hormone and what is its significance within our body?
  • What are some essential steps which can be taken to regulate the release of Human Growth Hormone within our body?
  • Which type of women are most likely to develop the disease of Sickle Cell Anemia within their newborns?
  • What is the prevalence rate of Sickle Cell Anemia among the children of the USA?
  • What is the concept of Patient Assisted Suicide, as defined by different authors and researchers?
  • What are the chances for legalization of Patient Assisted Suicide in different countries of the world and what is the current status about it?
  • What are the current epidemiological rates of Cardiovascular diseases among the Aboriginals of Australia?
  • What therapeutic regime must be provided to these individuals?
  • What is the relationship between complexity of the organizational environment, and employee’s mental health?
  • What are the strategies which must be adopted by the employees to deal even with the complicated and difficult environment?
  • What are the effects of compromised socioeconomic conditions of children with their obesity?
  • What are the current epidemiological rates for childhood obesity among the children in Australia?
  • What is the role of Activ in developing productive skills among disabled individuals?
  • How have these skills helped the disabled individuals to live an independent life within society?
  • What is the relationship between Vitamin B12 deficiency and Metformin?
  • What other medicines can be taken by the patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?
  • What are the primary reasons for occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma?
  • What type of therapies are possible in patients with severe stage of hepatocellular carcinoma?
  • What are the basic responsibilities and role of paramedics in provision of treatment regimens to the patients?
  • How do their responsibilities ensure a smooth treatment plan for the patients?
  • What are the newer modifications and technological changes in the healthcare sector, which are influenced by IoT?
  • How have these modifications helped in improving the treatment methods for various diseases?
  • What is the main role played by ecommerce services in marketing of drugs?
  • To what extent is the consumer behavior influenced by these promotional activities through ecommerce?
  • What are some prominent advertising strategies used by pharmaceutical companies for promotion of their products?
  • How the consumer’s buying behavior is affected by these marketing strategies?
  • How does resistance towards certain antibiotics develop within human beings?
  • What are the alternative treatment methods for dealing with resistance of antibiotics?
  • What is the role of vaccinations in controlling the spread of viral infections?
  • What is the epidemiology and prevalence rate of certain viral infections all over the world?
  • How much of the process of liver transplantation is effective for the patients with liver cirrhosis?
  • To what extent liver transplantation increases life expectancy of the patients?
  • What is the relationship between sleep apnea and hyperthyroidism?
  • What is the relationship between hyper activism and hyperthyroidism?
  • What are the major reasons for the increasing rate of old aged individuals within Japan?
  • How has the country been coping and facing the challenge of increasing the old age population?
  • What are the current researches and literature published about the ongoing epidemics of breast cancer?
  • What are the therapeutic methods used for combatting breast cancer?
  • What is the effect of alcohol abuse on healthcare conditions of Europeans?
  • How much is there a positive effect on healthcare conditions of Europeans after banning alcohol abuse?
  • What are the primary reasons for increasing mental health disorders in various countries?
  • What are the effects on the economy of the countries due to the increased rate of mental health disorders?
  • Which countries have faced the major economic crisis due to the outbreak of COVID19?
  • What are the health challenges faced by these countries?
  • What is the prevalence rate of Cardiovascular diseases within patients in the USA?
  • What do the previous studies show about the epidemiology of Cardiovascular diseases in the USA?
  • What are the major causes for spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases?
  • What are the risk factors associated with its spread among the people of the United Kingdom?
  • What are the major causes of increasing pollution within Pakistan?
  • How does an unhealthy nation affect the economy of a country?
  • What are the adverse effects of tobacco and caffeine intake on CVD of individuals?
  • How is the hepatocellular system of humans affected adversely due to caffeine and tobacco consumption?
  • How marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes?
  • Should marijuana be legalized for medical purposes in all the countries of the world or not?
  • What are the adverse effects of long term usage of steroids on human health?
  • How can the use of steroids be levelled up to the therapeutic level?
  • What are the effects of mental health on physical fitness of an individual?
  • What are the remedies and strategies which can be used by the individuals to regulate their mental and physical conditions?
  • What is the primary source of Corona virus and its spread in the entire world?
  • What are the current epidemics of the disease?
  • What are the effects of the stem cell regeneration process on the life expectancy of individuals?
  • What are the various methods for stem cell regenerations?
  • What are some of the weird myths and misconceptions associated with different viruses?
  • What are the real facts and statistics about these viruses?
  • What are the prevalence rates of Ebola virus in the world?
  • What are some major risk factors and root causes associated with the disease caused by Ebola virus?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of healthcare practitioners towards development of Ebola virus treatment?
  • What is the therapeutic approach of these practitioners towards the treatment of Ebola virus disease?
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