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Sample Report On Mark Zuckerberg Leadership Style

Report: Mark Zukerberg Ledership Style

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 2
  • Mark Zuckerberg 2
  • Career 2
  • Journey of “Facebook”3
  • Leadership pattern3
  • Autocratic Leadership style4
  • Democratic Leadership style4
  • Laissez-faire leadership style 4
  • Criticism5
  • Achievements5
  • Conclusion6
  • References7


Leadership is implemented on a process and can be applied on a group of people for motivating the group of people towards their common goals. A leader of a group of people is the person who is responsible to provide the proper direction to achieve the objectives to achieve the common goal. Leaders evaluate strategies and apply the strategies on the organizational processes to evaluate the performance gap that affects positively on the fulfillment of the oganisational goals. A leader is also responsible to encourage the employees for their personal growth in an organisation.

The report is based on the leadership pattern applied by the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in his organizational progress. The analysis of the report is on the strategies and policies introduced by Mark Zuckerberg in the organizational process of Facebook. Moreover, the effects of that kind of leadership pattern is also analysed in this assessment report

Mark Zuckerberg

The full name of the CEO of the organisation Facebook is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. He founded Facebook in the year 2004 and holds the position of the CEO for the company. He was born on 14th May in the year 1984 at Dobbs Ferry, New York. Earlier he was a computer programmer since as he had interest in Computer Programming since Childhood. Thus, his programming skills influenced him to evaluate an evergreen concept like facebook. Facebook was founded after his enrollment in Harvard University and the students of the Harvard University were the individuals who signed up on the Zuckerbers launched social networking site which was named as thefacebook.com. 


Since childhood Zuckerberg had the skills in computer programming and with the flow of time he captured concept about different programming languages. He was born in a well established and well educated family as his father was a dentist by profession.  Report Sample on Mark Zuckerberg Leadership Style the programming skills of Zuckerberg influenced him to invent his first technological inventory that is “Zucknet”. Zucknet is a Atari BASIC concept which was used to run a messaging program. At the age of 12 he invented this connectivity application. Zucknet was first used in his father’s chamber where his father used the technology to communicate with the nurse to call the next patient. Moreover, he was graduated from Mercy University and then enrooled in Harvard Univarsity where the concept of Facebook appeared on his mind (Facebook | Overview, History, & Facts, 2020). 

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Journey of “Facebook”

The journey of Face3book starts from the journey of Zuckerberg at Harvard University where the innovative idea was came first on his mind. Zuckerberg launched the social networking site on 4th February in 2004 and named it “thefacebook.com. The students of the concerned University were the individuals who signed up for the first time on the social networking site launched by Mark Zuckerberg. At the earlier period of launching facebook it was just a web dictionary where people can see each others information and images if they upload on the site with supports of their respective ID.

In the year 2004 the headquarters of Facebook were shifted to Palo Alto, California and there Zuckerberg hasd some discussion about some investment for his business with Peter Thie. Peter Thie invested $12.7 million on facebvoon in the year 2005 and after those students from different foreign colleges started signing up by providing the basic informations and started writing the success story of largest social networking web site till now. Moreover, Yahoo! Tried to tied up with Zuckerberg against $1 billion which was rejected by him and then Facebookj was engaged with a deal bwith Microsoft against $240 million with 1.6 percentage of stakeholder ship for Microsoft. . 

Leadership pattern

In order to describe the lewadership pattern of the Mark Zuckerberg for facebook it can be said that he followed Transformational leadership style to achieve the business goals of Facebook globally. In order to establish the business more efficiently worldwide and to provide effective services to the users of Facebook, Zuckerberg implemeneted different there styles of leadership. Those are autocratic leadership style, democratic leadership style and laissez-faire. Strategies to implement those leadership styles and the effects on the business and work performance of facebook are as follows:

Autocratic Leadership style

Zuckerberg, being the leader of the whole organisation Facebook used to dictates policies and procedures to the employees. He established an inclusive work environment within the organisation where every individual were allowed top provide their opinions and ideologies for the development of the organisation (Yahaya and Ebrahim, 2016). He established an effective monitoring procedure to control the activities of the employees. Under his leadership style every individual of the organisation were aware of the common goals of the concept of facebook which resulted as an effective development of the social networking Site. 

Democratic Leadership style

Zuckerberg established an environment within the organisation where the decisions for the every aspect of the organisation were taken by mutual respect. As the CEO of Facebook was the leader of the overall, process and organisation but there are few leaders who were engaged to monitor and control the work activities of the employees of different teams. Zuckerberg supported participatory leadership where he allowed collaboration between leaders and the other employees (Bonanno, 2016). Establishment of democratic leadership style in the leadership strategy of facebook resulted as effective decision making process of the management of the organisation where the decisions for the business were taken by the collaboration of the leaders who are most aware of the work performances and due path the business has to go to fulfill the goals of the organisation.
Laissez-faire leadership style
Zuckerberg also allowed the style of Laissez-faire leadership style in his organizational process where he establish an environment to get few decisions by the leaders  and the bother employees to provide workplace solutions. The concept of this kind of leadership style refers to the concept where every individual of the organisation contains rite to take certain decisions to provide solutions to the workplace problems instead to of individual decision-making with the collaboration of the other individuals (Anderson and Sun, 2017). In order to implement this leadership style in the organizational process of Facebook, the leaders of the organisatrion were provided with tools and resources to evaluate certain workplace solutions. This approach of leadership style resulted as deduction organizations internal conflicts to achieve the common business goals of the organisation.


Facebook faced problems with Video Metric Miscalculation where later the average duration of the Facebook videos was viewed (The 5 Biggest Controversies & Criticisms Facing Facebook, 2020). Moreover, to describe the criticism faced by Facebook it can be said that there are many face accounts and fraud happening with the support of facebook which are arriving as threat for the business goals of Facebook (Deoskar, 2020). With the support of the feature Facebook live many antisocial videos are being uploadede of the networking site and hampering the morality opf our surroundings. Moreover, nowadays it as been notified that users are facing problems with the fake newses spreading through facebook. Moreover, continued controversy over censorship and facebooks Algorithm is arriving as a major barrier for the organisation which is forcing the CEO of the organisation towards criticism (Yeung et al. 2018).  

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Being the largest social networking site Facebook has captured many of its desired goals. People can stay connected to ach other through messaging, calling and video calling facility through Facebook. The major achievement of Facebook is as follows:

  • Establishment of a new social media partner (Instagram).
  • Ownership of a contact access social media application named Whatsapp.
  • More than 1 billion users are available on Facebook today. 
  • Development of the concept has brought the organisation to provide facility to use the Social Networking Site through Mobile Phones.
  • The Facebook live option has helped the users to make the videos social where the Site is working as mediator to make the videos and moments of the users visible to each other. 


Thus, it can be concluded that with facebook the technology to stay connected with each other took its first roots. Beacause of Facebook it has been possible for people to stay connected via several options with each other which have been resulted as development of lifestyle amongst people all around the world. Different leadership styles have helped the organisation to take certain decisions based on different organizational situation of facebook to achieve the common business goals of the organisation. 

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