Business Report: Manfrieght Company


Table of Contents

Introduction:- 2
Discussion and analysis:- 3
Mission and goals of the Mainfreight:- 3
Stakeholder requirement:- 3
Markets and competition:- 4
Geographical environment of Mainfreight: 4
Political environment of mainfreight:- 4
Economic environment of mainfreight:- 4
Social environment of Mainfreight:- 5
Characteristics of labour force of mainfreight:- 5
Analysis of human resource practices:- 5
Human resources policies and practices:- 5
Human resource information system:- 5
Recruitment and selection:- 5
Health and safety:- 5
Training and development:- 6
Rewards and remuneration:- 6
Gap analysis:- 6
Human resource management plan: – 8
Conclusion: – 10
References 12


The company Manfrieght is one of the global logistics provider companies in the world. The company mainly offers supply chain solutions to the customers ranging from international to domestic market. In addition, the company has started its business in New Zealand in the year 1978. Moreover, the company has implemented some effective strategies for growing its business in the New Zealand market in an effective way. On the other hand, the company started to operate in the international market in the year 1999 (Mainfreight, 2019). The company mainly follows the anything is possible attitude in order to develop its organisational culture (Mainfreight, 2019). The culture has been developed by the firm in such a manner so that the goals and objectives can be achieved within the mean time. Apart from the organisational culture, the company has also invested in its people, facilities, equipment as well as in technologies through which the competitive advantage can be attained in an effective way. It has been evident that every branches of the firm have quality management boards. Moreover, all the boards are being maintained by the senior executives of the firm after every six months. The senior management of the firm is also committed to deliver products within time and damage free through which the issues can be resolved in an effective way. On that note, it can be said that the proper monitoring of the firm’s internal structure has helped it to gain a sustainable position in New Zealand. 

Vision statement:-

The authorities of the company Manfrieght have developed a strategic business function so that the firm can expand its business in Africa in the next 10 years (mainfreight, 2015)

Mission statement:-

The mission of the company Manfrieght is to become a logistic service provider for the customers. In addition, the company will also deliver tailor made products and sustainable logistic solutions to the customers as well (Mainfreight, 2019).

Operations of Mainfrieght:-

The operations of the company Mainfrieght mainly include the supply of logistics, supply chain logistics in all over international and domestic market. In addition, the company acquired the business of Wim Bosman group in the year 2011 in order to develop its operating market in all over Europe. Moreover, the company has provided end to end services to the customers who include the home delivery, supply of fragile materials, metro freight, tankers, venue logistics and others in the domestic market. In the section of logistic services, the company mainly provides warehousing, inventory management, supply chain and others (Mainfreight, 2019). By supplying every commodity to the customers, the company has gained a strong reputation in all over the world. On the other hand, the company is also maintaining its internal business structure in after every six months (Mainfreight, 2019). This has helped the firm to develop its operational process in an effective way. The role of Human resource Management is very important in this situation in order to monitor the internal process of the company in an effective way.

Components of human resource in Mainfreight:-

The main components of human resource are as follows:

• The details of the employees are mainly stored in the human resource information system

• A new policies and procedures have also been made by the human resource management

• Performance management system has also been implemented by the human resource team of the company

• Implementing the labour law and its standards

• Performance development plan by arranging training programs for the employees (Hutching, 2017). 

Discussion and analysis:-

Mission and goals of the Mainfreight:-

The main goal of the company Mainfrieght is to develop a sustainable business process through which the company can grow. In addition, the global market strategy has also helped the firm to provide logistic services to the customers in an effective way. On the other hand, the company has also aimed to become a supply chain leader in all over the world by providing every logistic service to the customers (Mainfreight, 2019). The Human resource management of an organisation mainly deals with the internal issues that the firm is facing. In the same context, the HRM of the company Manfreight can play a major role in order to manage the workplace environment so that the goals of the firm can be achieved within the mean time.

Stakeholder requirement:-

The role of stakeholder is very important in the organisation for developing the business process of the firm Mainfrieght. In addition, the stakeholders of the firm mainly include the managers, suppliers and employees (Hollenbeck, 2015). Moreover, the human resource department is also included in the company as an internal stakeholder. The role of human resource department is to provide training and development program to the employees. Furthermore, the company has also decided to invest in the technology due to which the human resource team has provided training to the employees about recent technology. The training and development program can also be arranged for the internal stakeholders in order to develop the performance of the employees. 

Markets and competition: –

Due to high competition in the market, the company has started to provide end to end services to the customers. The competitors of the company Mainfreight in New Zealand mainly include the Cardinal logistics ltd, Nexus Logistics, Blonde Logistics Ltd and others (O’Grady, 2017). In addition, the high competition in the market of New Zealand has helped the firm to implement some innovation in their services which includes transportation, port operations and training centre. The innovative services have helped the company Mainfreight to attract customers towards its business process. This will also help the HRM department to analyse the working culture of the organization and the way its competitors are working. Form this organization can adopt several methods and could implement on the process for the development of the business processes.  

Geographical environment of Mainfreight:

The geographical environment mainly includes the place in which the company is located (Hutching, 2017). In addition, the company Mainfreight has also developed proper surroundings for the people in which they can work in a prominent manner thereby achieving the goals of the firm within the mean time. This will enhance the skill of employee by working along with a bicultural area and furthermore there will be several ways of knowledge transform process as well. By going through this the organization will be more flexible to hire employees wherever it expands in future as the culture of the country will be known to the HRM department. 

Political environment of Mainfreight: –

As the company Mainfreight mainly deals with logistics, therefore, there is a high risk of political factors. The company also provides its logistics services in all over the world. Therefore, the authorities of the firm must try to consider Governmental policies which include Labour Rights and Employment Rights compliance by the organization can be operated in an appropriate manner with proper consideration (mainfreight, 2019). 

Economic environment of Mainfreight: –

The company has gained a strong reputation in all over the world due to its effective services. Therefore, it can be said that the good reputation among the customers have helped the firm to develop a strong financial position (Muttaqin, 2018). 

Social environment of Mainfreight: –

The positive organisational cultures have helped the firm to develop a good working environment. In addition, the human resource team has also used collaboration strategy for developing a collaborative environment among the employees. 

Characteristics of labour force of Mainfreight: –

The company Mainfreight has developed a strong team of 7530 employees for different department. In addition, the company has also hired high skilled employees in the field of logistics, marketing, operations and human resources (Mainfreight, 2019). There had been less error throughout the work which explains about the hiring process of employees and furthermore the organization is also focusing upon the efficiency and productivity of the organization and the way thing needs to be maintained as well. There had been appropriate customer satisfaction ratio which could be considered the dedication level of employees over the workplace. 

Analysis of human resource practices:-

Human resources policies and practices:-

It has been evident that the policies and procedures have been included by the company so that the employees can get proper benefits in the firm. In addition, the paid policies time has also been developed by the firm in order to pay the workers as per the working hours. The company Mainfreight has a policy was diversity where it is allowed candidates of all nations to work without any restrictions (owler, 2019).

Human resource information system:-

The information system in Mainfreight is formal in nature and flows from top management to bottom management. Any information from chief executive officer pass through the managers and reaches low level managers.

Recruitment and selection:-

All the employees are selected by the company in head branch and it includes recruitment of marketing managers, operation manager etc.

Health and safety:-

The company provides various safety measures like providing of helmets, hand tools etc. in the organization.  The company also conducts some medical checkups to the employees from time to time and suggest measures if any (sebokwiki, 2019).

Training and development:-

The company conducts training to new employees and those who are need of training to improve their performance (transportgeography, 2018). Training is provided in both off line and on line mode.

Rewards and remuneration:-

The company also provides incentives to those employees who perform the best. The rewards may be in monetary or non-monetary form (van den Bossche, 2017). The remuneration of the employees also increase based on their contribution in achieving the goals of the organization.

Gap analysis:-

Gap analyses may be defined as the process of analysing the exact result with the expected results. In the Mainfreight the employees are unable to manage their time for attending training. As there was no proper time table for managing the daily work activities and training program. Due to this the effectiveness of the training given to employees is not meeting the requirements that resulted in the gap (Muttaqin, 2018). The employees are not getting sufficient training that is required. Due to mismatch of work and training the employee are unable to concentrate on both work and training program. For examples the employees are not aware of handling the chemicals which were split on the floor and were getting into the drains which are dangerous and a serious health issue, due to the lack of training and development they were unable to recover the chemicals and then must take the blame. All the employees need training in handling chemicals and harmful objects while working. The new employees have constantly complaining about not having proper training for the job they have been assigned. There is also a communication gap between the trainer and employees. The language that is used by the trainer is not appropriate to the knowledge of employees where it takes time to understand by the employees. Some employees are unable to understand what the trainer is saying (Tenhiälä, 2014).





Lack of communication skills


The lack of communication will create a major problem for the employees to communicate with each other (sebokwiki, 2019). This can affect their working skills as well.

In order to resolve the issue, the authorities of the company Mainfrieght must try to provide communication and soft skill development training (Tenhiälä, 2014).

Lack of training


The lack of training can also affect the skills and techniques of the employees (sebokwiki, 2019).  Moreover, the goals and objectives of the firm can also not be achieved.

The authorities of the firm must try to arrange training and development program for the employees.

Lack of time management


Due to lack of time management, the employees of Mainfrieght will also not be able to manage their working time thereby damaging the working procedure.

For resolving the issue, the management of the firm must try to provide proper training to the employees about the time management (owler, 2019).

Lack of organisational goals


The organisational goals can also affect the skills and techniques of the firm in an effective way.

In order to mitigate the issue, the management of the firm must try to provide enough training to the employees so that the goals can be achieved in a prominent manner.

Lack of leadership


The lack of leadership will also affect the team management

For resolving the issue, authorities of the firm must try to adopt proper motivation techniques by which the employees can be managed in an effective way.




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Recommendation for the gap:-

The department of human resource has to plan a time table based on which the training has to be conducted. The human resource manager must plan timing for the new trainee and employees so that they get enough information and knowledge of the work that is to be done. Health and safety are one of the most important factors in Mainfreight, they believe that health and safety is supposed to be the main area so that if any incidents happen all the employees know exactly what to do in those situations. There should be at least30 days training and development. They should teach the new employers how to handle situations and divide them into what they are hired to do. Communication gap is also a major issue so this must be solved by maximum communication between the new employees and other older management. Although Mainfreight is a very busy organization but they still need to improve their training and development.

Human resource management plan: –

The training is the most important factor when starting a new job. Even in new schools and colleges they provide induction where they make everything clear of what must be done and what to do if anything happens. The human resource management must assign the right person with the right responsibilities (Tenhiälä, 2014). If this process is skipped and not taken carefully it could be a big mess in the organization as more than half of the employees will be not able to figure out what to do. Induction plays a very vital role. It also depends on the trainer on how to deliver the training as not to scare the new employees on the first day.

The human resource management plan basically consists of determining the Human resource need in which they discuss the growth and development of the organization. After the discussion is done the next strategy is to recruit the right people for the job to achieve the growth and development (Shaikh, 2019). Then its time to select the employees by interviews and other methods. After that comes the important part is of training where they are taught and educated of what and what not to do on the job this is a very crucial part if this isn’t done well there are chances that employees will run away on the first day. Then some comes the compensation salary discussion and then set appraisals if the employee does well, he must be awarded.  


Training and Development – 
Types of training

On job training- The on job training is the process in which the authorities of an organisation provide training to the employees in the organisation. In addition, the company Mainfrieght has also provided on job training to the employees so that they can be trained in an effective way. The on job training is also considered to be a cost effective method. Moreover, the on job training will also help the employees to become more productive. On the other hand, due to the unstructured training process will also affect the training methods of the firm Mainfrieght as well (transportgeography, 2018). Furthermore, the production rate can also be affected due to the on job training process in the company Mainfrieght. 

Off job training- The off job training methods mainly includes the classroom, simulations, audio visual and others (Muttaqin, 2018). The off job training program will mainly help the employees of the firm Mainfrieght to provide low cost training. In addition, the off job training methods of the firm Mainfrieght can also be used for large groups as well.  

Training development plan



Selecting a team for the

1 day

Soft skill development

5 days

Technical skill

10 days

Time management

3 days


2 days

Step 1: Selecting a team for the training- The authorities of the company at first need to select a team for the training and development so that the work performance can be enhanced (Hutching, 2017). In addition, the team selection method must be done in an appropriate manner so that the training program can be done in an effective way. 
Step 2: Soft skill development- In order to train the employees, the authorities of the company Mainfreight must try to provide soft skill development training. The soft skill development will help the employees to develop their communication skills (mainfreight, 2019). Moreover, the communication skills will also help the employees to communicate with each other in a prominent manner. 
Step 3: Technical skill development- The technical skill development can also be implemented within the training and development program. The technical skill training will help employees of Mainfreight to gather technical knowledge. 
Step 4: Time management- The authorities of the company Mainfrieght has also included the time management training for the employees through which they can manage their daily work activities (transportgeography, 2018). In addition, the time management skill will further help the employees to manage their working time as well. 
Step 5: Leadership- In this step, the authorities of the company Mainfreight will provide leadership training facilities to the employees (Shaikh, 2019). The leadership training will help the employees of the firm to gain proper knowledge about the team building methods. Moreover, the leadership skills will further help the employees to cooperate with each other for achieving the organizational goals in an effective way. 
Conclusion: –
Main freight is one of the global companies of New Zealand that engages in services related to forwarding the freight of not only domestic but also international warehouses. The company covers all most all parts of the world including chain, Europe, New Zealand, Australia etc. The activities of training and development plays an important role in the sustainability of the organization training and development not only makes employees enhance their skills but also increase the productivity of the employees. The recommendation is provided for the organization to solve issues related to human resource department. The issues include retention of employees and training and development related to employees skills. Training has to be given to employees on change in technology from industry experts. All the employees’ has to restructure according to their performance and skills. All the employees’ expertise in specific field has to be allocated to same field. Implementation of performance appraisal techniques helps to reduce the employee turnover ratio. Wages has to be paid based on the performance but not on the number of working hours.

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