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 Transformational leadership is based on strong communication, motivating the employees and setting certain objectives and goals. Instead of focussing on individual goals, transformation leadership deals with the objectives set by the company’s future perspectives. Transformational leadership is the best option to choose because it deals with a big scenario and situation and thus can handle any grave situation without any form of guidance or supervision (, 2019). These leaders encourage, motivate and inspire the team of workers to bring change in the company for growth, success and development. The transformational leaders in their own way train the workforce to make their own authoritative decisions. This management style gives the employees more scope to be creative and find new resolutions for old problems in a better and faster way.

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Establishes moral values within the organization and encourages others to do the same

Gives importance to authentic work, openness and co-operation in communication and completion of a project

Encourages growth of the workers in a positive way and provides them with  motivation

Helps in following ethical values, morals and standard within the organization

Being oriented to company’s culture this leadership teaches the employees to be less self-oriented and to work for the common goodwill of the company

Employees are allowed to take own decisions and ownership over tasks in this form leadership, yet they are provided with proper support and guide (White, 2018)

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An objective-aligned feature that helps a person achieve the desired goal is called motivation. This will always push a person to give the best effort and work harder to achieve the goal. A person who wants to be a leader must have the traits of an efficient leader. Somewhere along the line personal motivators always enhances the leadership traits an in turn influences the person to develop the leadership skills. One should be having a vast dimension of calculating human nature. The person who will be able to understand the needs of the workforce will also be able to make quick decision and reach faster resolution. The process of business management becomes easier with efforts of a good leader. It is just not a characteristic of a manager. But both the manager and the employees should have some leadership and motivational traits. An efficient leader must have some motivational traits to influence the employees, colleagues and the superiors as well. Leadership can always be an effective instrument for motivating and pushing others for a better outcome and output. The ways of motivation are many. Some of them are discussed below:

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It is necessary to match the needs of the peers and employees with the needs of the organization. A leader must ensure that all the employees have the same morals, values and ethics as is followed by the organization itself.

Rewards, recognition and admiration work the best for motivating the employees. This in turn pushes the limits of the employees to reach the desired goal as has been fixed by the company. While giving the token of appreciation the employee should be duly informed about the duty that has helped in the achievement of the fame.

A leader should always act as an inspiration and a role model for the employees. Setting an example in front of the employees are necessary. This will help the employees grow and improve and in turn will bring effective output for the company.

Involving the employees in the decision making process is a necessity. This will not only act as motivators but also teach them the complexities of taking a decision. They will get a clear understanding of the role that they play in the organization. The communication will be transparent and this in turn will also bring appreciation to the leader.

An organization may sail or drown with a correct team spirit. The leader should ensure that the employees are happy in performing their duties ad involve themselves in the planning and perspectives of the organization. This will require developing the morals and ethics of the employees and that will in turn affect the goodwill of the organization. An employee with a healthy mental state will give the best and it is the leader whose actions and decisions will affect the employees in completing their job responsibility.

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The leader should understand the problems and grievances of the employees. Standing beside them during the tough time will give them mental support and motivate them to overcome the situation.

Accomplishing a desired objective after facing challenges gives the employees a sense of achievement and success. A leader as an executive should make the employees understand the gravity of a project and how the completion will bring success and profit to the company. This motivation will help them to achieve the goals at a faster rate (Juneja, 2019).


Leadership Behaviour – Leadership behaviours are to understand but tough when it needs implementation. A leader needs to put in effort constantly and perform well to achieve the desired needs. Change in behaviour gives leaders a way to enhance and increase the in-built effectiveness. Characteristics, glamour, capabilities and worth are in-built whereas behaviours are needed to be learnt.

Leadership competencies – The ability of delivering a quality performance efficiently at any given situation is the key feature of leadership competency. It needs adaptability and skills to perform efficiently. While selecting and creating leaders the company should assess the skills and competencies of the individual and match them with the need of competency of the company. Further progress of the company is only possible by a competent leader.

Leadership capabilities – Leaders should be capable of bringing change, teamwork, innovation and competition among the employees in an organization. The capabilities of a leader depend on four major factors. They are – honesty of intellect, liability to the company, self- awareness and recognizing and attracting talented people towards the company.

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Recognizing oneself is the beginning of my motivation that helps me to understand the necessity of recognizing my goal and the ways in which it can be accomplished

After I choose to be a leader I can easily recognize my career needs and priorities as per the situation

If I am confident of my own skills and capabilities as a leader I can easily make own decisions thinking about the need of the situation and the criteria of the company I am working with

Tenacity and resoluteness will always play an important role in my career because these features help a person to overcome problems easily


I have the capacity to direct myself in a way that helps me to express my own ideas and desires with a motivation of bringing profit for the company

I can be a good leader for my own resoluteness and tenacity

I like to hear more than being heard

I can be a good maker of decisions as well because I think on matters and take the decision with intelligence and considering the need of the situation


Since I have the capacity to innovate I can initiate a new thought process any time with my thinking power

Since I am curious and flexible I can finish any complex and tough project bestowed upon me

I enjoy getting challenges to finish a plotted project

To finish an undertaken project it needs a lot of ideas to be put in place. Being creative and imaginative I can create new ideas of my own


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I encourage people to finish a committed task.

I like to do cross-checking with the company representatives to ensure customer satisfaction

I prefer having an open conversation because that makes relationships stronger

I prefer encouraging the employees for their performance than showing them the negative aspects of admitting a mistake


To reach the best possible outcome I like to accept advantages openly

I believe that making or breaking of my luck depends solely upon me

I have been able to accomplish several challenges because of the self-confidence that I have

I like getting equality in results and outcomes by putting generous efforts for the same



John R.P. French and Bertram H. Raven did a research on power inventory in 1959 and concluded that power is divided into five different types. Since leadership and power are closely inter-related with each other, these five types of power will affect a person’s leadership style and conclude his success.

Coercive Power – This is based on the concept of insistence. Coercion means forcing or pressurizing someone to do something against the wish. Compliance is the main objective of this form of power. This becomes effective when compliance is not obtained such as holding rewards and tokens of appreciation. The coercive form of power often creates dilemma and complexities and often leads to dissatisfaction of the employees at work. As per the knowledge of coercive power I will be able to become a transformational leader if I do not allow coercion on the workforce and give the employees token of appreciation based on their performances and outcomes.

Power of reward – This power relates to awarding a person for doing a delegated job with effective results. Often when an individual does not wish to do a job, the job gets passed on to someone else who can do it satisfactorily. Managers tend to distribute the jobs among the employees for this purpose and with the help of this power. In return they give them a token of appreciation in the form of promotions, compliments or a hike in salary. As a manager or a leader following transformational views and styles, I can work efficiently for the profit of the business by awarding the employees when they are bestowed upon a job role and complete them with efficiency.

Authorized or legitimate power – This power is authorized on a person with superior position or title. The employees are bound to feel obligated and responsible to the management. Thus punishing or rewarding an employee can be seen as a legitimate or authoritative power. People working as employees run according to the notions of the company and almost always are answerable to the managing head. But the demerit of this form of power is that any position or title is not fixed. As soon as someone loses the position the power can be overcome. Hence, this is a weak form of power because position often tends to change from one person to another. Being a transformational leader it is beneficial to follow the authorized power because transformational leaders often act as an authoritative head for the employees. So, they will be bound to perform the job as per my instruction. However, I should try to maintain my position to use this power effectively.

Referent power – The leader acts as role model and sole inspiration in this form of power. This is because a leader always is a source of influence to the workforce. With admiration also comes responsibility and under certain circumstances one can lose oneself easily. At the same time people tend to identify themselves strongly with a leader and hence have a tendency to obey that person. I can efficiently use the workforce using this power as a transformational leader because employees tend to have respect for their leaders and as such obeys them.

Expert power – This form of power generally gets appreciation because it is based on knowledge, expertise and depth of information. Such leaders are highly efficient and intelligent and have the power of fulfilling responsibilities. They also acquire the power to combine the rewards in a correct way. Moreover, being expert in their own field, these leaders have the capability to convince employees who trust and respect their leaders. This form of power has gained high appreciation throughout (toolshero, 2019). This can be efficiently used by me as a transformational leader only when I have gained sufficient knowledge and information about the ongoing process. I might gain huge appreciation if the company gets higher positive outcome with the application of this power by me.


The assignment deals with the personal motivators and leadership styles, especially focussing on transformational leadership and its characteristics. It also shows my own capabilities and self profiling tools to become a transformational leader. Furthermore, the several bases of power inventory have been discussed thoroughly. It has also been discussed how these bases of power inventory can help me as a transformational leader to reach my own objectives and goals and bring success for the company I might me working with.

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