Report: Kiwi Rail

1.1 First Resource Input

The most important resource is the technology. In this recent time, technology has become more important aspect for any organization or business. Government body or the corporate body, every sector needs technology (transition-support, 2019). The “Kiwi Rail”needs to incorporate the impact of technology to improving its services. Technology isenhancing the efficiency and safety of “Kiwi Rail” in several of ways. It is be able to manage the advance system of fuel management. Apart from that positive train control along with the smart sensors also is a special feature that has been incorporate by the “Kiwi Rail”. “Technology” has added some extra features in the organization, such as, the automated equipment for inspection which could analyze any track related risks. 

1.2 Resource management process and its impact 

Managing technology in a proper way could bring too much opportunities for any kind of organizations or especiallyit has worked for the “Kiwi rail”. There are several of impacts which could be discussed by the “PDCA” format. 

Plan: Here the authority of the “Kiwi Rail” and the government of New Zealand has always a mission to provide the customers a smooth service. However, “Kiwi Rail” totally organized by the private sector but in this recent time the government of this country has declared to provide a huge amount of fund to “Kiwi Rail”for a better service. Here the plan is to apply the innovative ideas of technology and use it for providing a better experience to the customers. 

Do: This step represents the applied policies or the planed policy of “Kiwi Rail”for future to increase the performance (railway-technology, 2018). Here the “Kiwi Rail” is targeting to launch more electric rails and also it has a target of developing the existing railway tracks and trains. For that, “Kiwi Rail” has applied some of the special technologyfriendlyequipment’s into the trains which could not only manage the internal parts of the railway it will also manage any types of disadvantages occur from the track lines. 

Check: In this step the outcome of the implemented result has to be compared to the expected result. The “Kiwi Rail” has incorporated the new trends of technology for improving the quality of the service and the performance. The technology must be checked with the help of agile methodology through which the errors and issues can be identified. With the help of agile methodology, the authorities of Kiwi rail will be able to test the effectiveness of the technology through which it can be used for the development process. 

Act: This is the step where a process gets improved. The rules and regulations of the New Zealand have been followed by the Kiwi Rail in order to implement the latest technologies. In addition, the rules and regulations have further helped the organization to use the technologies in an appropriate manner. 

1.3 Second resource input

Here, the second selected resource is the “land”. Land is a prime resource for “Kiwi Rail” because without it this organization could not generate its services. The company Kiwi Rail has managed approximately 18,000 hectares of property (kiwirail, 2019). The Kiwi Rail has mainly developed the land near the rail which has helped the firm to maintain its corporate social responsibility. Moreover, the organization has also developed some of the facilities like fencing, private level crossing and developing land near rail. This has helped the Kiwi rail to improve and maintain its railway network in an effective way. It has been evident that the kiwi rail has implemented the level crossings in some private places as well in order to protect the people in New Zealand.  

1.4 Resource management process and its impact

The land mass of “Kiwi Rail” is a major resource for it and it needs to be managed properly because it has too many impact on the country and the organization’s reputations and revenues. As it is known that kiwi rail has a broad area and for that it needs the land mass (Stazzone, 2019). However, it also needs to understand that land areas could come under so many natural disaster and these types of disasters need to be handled and solved softly. With the help of technology the kiwi Rail has incorporated some policies which will handle and manage the land area of this organization. 


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The land resources have created a major impact on the business performance of the Kiwi Rail. In the same context, the company has used its 18,000 hectares of land in order to operate its functions throughout the New Zealand. Furthermore, the company has also developed the land near railway crossing so that the safety can be maintained. The rules and regulations of New Zealand regarding the land usage has further helped the company to develop the land rail. 

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