Case Study: IT

Question 1

Identification of organisational requirements

The style guide and procedure system of an organisation contains information entry and storage systems. Similar to Adept Owl, organisations with such style guides and procedures set standards for functioning or presenting itself in contemporary business practices. Thus, one organisational requirement in case of Adept Owl, which can be recommended being a new team member, is undertaking certain initiatives such as the initiatives for specific changes. This refers to changes in various aspects of conducting business practices. However, in this context the specific change refers to the innovative ideas that can create breakthroughs in the process and procedure of organisational function for better product and service delivery and consumer and client satisfaction. 

File naming and storage procedures refers to the various ways an organisation manages its files or in other words the procedures the organization follows in order to conduct its documentation process. Therefore, in this context the two requirements that can be cited in case  of Adept Owl is using an effective format for assigning date and designations as stated by (Ogbonna, 2015), such format allows files to be presented or stored in an organised way being easy to access and identify. Another way of fulfilling the file naming and storage is storing files in specific locations and at the same time significant files can be saved using special characters.

Documentation quality depends on the guidelines formulated within the enterprise for preparation of quality documentation procedures. However, the enterprise Adept Owl can structure the documentation procedure for quality documentation procedures such as adding information regarding associated stakeholders along with defining of the respective roles and responsibilities can also be highlighted for quality documentation.  Use pictures for better communication with the readers and further the enterprise also considers the use of flow charts for illustrative display. 

As per the given information in the Appendix A it has been noted that the enterprise maintains a strict protocol in case of handling the information of its customers and clients as well as the employees information are efficiently handled. Therefore, in this regard it can be said that the process of information handling conducted by Adept Owl is as per the policies of good corporate governance. Further the organisation can implement the practise of anti discrimination policies as their code of practice and include among its core values. 

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Question 2

Evaluation of present and future IT capability for satisfying document design and production needs

As per the evaluation of the given information it has been identified that in respect to human resource capability the skills gaps that exist in the administration team is technological skill. Technological skill is one of the significant skills required in order to perform efficiently in the current era of conducting organisational functions. Technological skill is of much essential as the overall organisational functions are carried out with the application of technology. Moreover, technology is time effective, which further allows enhancing productivity in an organisation.

In order to close the identified skills gaps the organisation needs to restructure and improve the employee training and development programmes. The organisation in such cases can use technological approach for training and developing its employees. 

In reference to the future IT capabilities it has been noted from various research studies wherein the major focus is more on user enable process and higher standards of quality service. In respect to document design the organisation as per (Adams, 2015), can opt for software that are cloud based wherein it provides services of easy addition and removal of resources.  Further web based solutions for document design can be shared and accessed through any browser and further provides good connection for organisations operating in online servers. 

In regards to changes in the style guide procedure of Adept Owl it can be said that the organisation is required to adopt the latest practices in style guide. It has been stated that in order to avoid various issues in the style guide  procedure developers consider the application of code guides which can also be used by the organisation  Adept Owl. With the use of cod guide the developers in the organisation can develop its customised style guide as per the various organisational requirements. 


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Identification of three types of documents used and required by the organisation

Three types of documents used and required by the organisation:


Organisational letters include various types of letters such as letters for sales given in order to persuade the readers to undertake purchase decisions. On the other hand, order letters are sent by the customers for specific goods and services. Apart from that the organisation receives various types of letters that further includes letter for enquiry or recommendation as well complaint letter and letter for recommendation.   


Memorandum is a written piece of information that contains policies and regulation specific to organisational administration and such memorandum is further distributed to its associated stakeholders. The primary objective of a memorandum is to pass information or circulate within the organisation and further the management expense to the stakeholders to act under the policies and regulation written in an organisational memorandum. 


The functions of documentation and communication in the present organisations are conducted through emails. It is recommended to Adept Owl for establishing safe server domain for itself in order to avoid data theft or breach in security. In this context, it can also be added that the organisation can apply the practise of email management for proper setup of organisation email platform. 

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Question 4

Short procedure for creation of expense report 

Expense report of an organization contains various expense incurred in the various activities. Business expenses basically includes expense insured in travel or meals and lodging apart from that any organisational requirements such as training needs or installation new equipments as well as expense for entertainment purposes. As per the information in appendix A the organisation lacks standard procedure for expenses reporting. Therefore, the organisation can formulate pits personalised reporting system. In such reporting system the organisation can keep track of various transactions by proving purchase date and the purpose of the purchase. Further the organisation can specify the number of purchase made or at the same time can divide the individual cost of items. Further in the context of expenses reporting procedure it has been stated that implementation of expenses reporting policies in the organisation can allow effective reporting of expenses. In this regard it has been further stated that organisation can formulates its guidelines for expenses reporting, which needs to be followed by the employees working therein. Moreover, it is further recommend to collect documents supporting any purchase made by employees for relevant expense reporting practise. Furthermore, the organisation needs to train its employees on the procedure of expense reporting and at the same time the organisation has to consider implementation of monitoring regime in order to ensure that the expense reporting carried out under the stipulated guidelines. 

Entrepreneurs would be savvy to start utilizing cost reports when they are capable during the time spent getting their organization off the ground. Notwithstanding furnishing you with the chance to monitor where your independent company’s cash is going at some random time, they enable you to get ready for duty season and remain in front of a review, just as guarantees workers they feel esteemed realizing their organization is covering the costs brought about while they were cantered around carrying out their responsibilities. 

An effective organization is one where the monetary control is immovably verified in the entrepreneur’s hands, and a built up operational expense report framework can enable you to accomplish that. Further in regards to proper reporting of the expenses it can be recommended that the organisation needs to set a relevant time frame for reporting of expenses and accordingly should set limit for the expense that can be done by an employee. In addition to this it can also be recommended that for expense of heavy nature needs to have prior approval from the concerned authorities of the organisation. In this case the reimbursement and seasoning amount needs to be evenly monitored.   


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