Report: Health Business

Executive summary

This report focused on the development of healthcare services and the way the organization provides all those things is a very interesting thing. This also provides some important features by which the organization may consider different types of factual perspectives that created different aspects. There were also needs to mention that for this business the organization that is chosen is the hospitals of NZ and their development and involvement in other organizations. The way the organization provides those things are a very common matter and they also discuss the business model and the components that are required in the report. All these things and the factors of this report are also described with proper definitions and proper examples. This is a very common tin and their involvement is also common and factual that provides different types of things and their involvement in the organization or the relation is very descriptive analyses.

Table of Contents

  • PART A
  • PART B
  • PART C
  • Recommendation
  • Conclusion
  • Reference list



Health is considered one of the most important components in human life which they always wanted to secure and cannot make any compromise with it. In this prospect, the “ministry of health” in New Zealand created some policies by which they can evaluate the business of the health organizations and they are involved in healthy development. This report consists of all the descriptions of the organization from different perspectives because they are going to include those aspects by which the organization cannot evolve in that prospect. Through this report, the healthcare service faces some issues related to the services of the organization or the hospital of NZ, the marketplace of those hospitals and the strategy they follow for the organization. There was also a need to mention the relation of the hospitals with the public and how they serve general people and their financial status and how they manage the financial part of the organization. For this report, the organization that is chosen is the “Grace Hospital ” that is a government based hospital and there are also mentioned other healthcare that is non for profit organization and the name of this organization is “Diabetes NZ Auckland”. Based on these two organizations the whole report will consist and all the factors are described in detail.  


As the “Grace Hospital ” is a government hospital of NZ and they work only for the government but also for the general people. This hospital is situated in Tauranga, New Zealand and this healthcare also provides the emergency and specialized center in the hospital so that they can help the people of Waikato and Midlands. The patients of these areas get help from these hospitals and the local hospitals of these areas send the patients to this government hospital (grace hospital, 2019). Through this hospital, almost 8% of regional people are served in NZ and they also try to provide the best services to the people so that people get satisfied with their services and their care. This organization consists of 6000 people who work there and they tried their best to provide the services to the people. Their health services are considered very good and almost 372,865 people are treated in this hospital. Their services are known as the best services and the way the organization describes all those healthcare services and their intentions are very clear and attainable. The market of the hospital depends on the services of the organization and how they calculate the service. The organization maintains a good relationship with the public as they can maintain good communication with the public.

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On the other hand, the NGO or the not for profit organization is “Diabetes NZ Auckland” which is for diabetes patients and this organization did not work for any profit. According to the author Mohan Tanniru said that the different healthcare services are connected with the organisation and also get connected with those people who are not getting support from the government. They are the NGOs who are working for the better development of the healthcare services and also for public health. This organization provides the best services to the public and their involvement is another thing. The marketing strategy they choose is for the benefit of the people who cannot afford the health services at a high price. Their relation with the public is very innovative and they introduce different types of things that help them to communicate easily. Their financial system depends upon the government and other different organizations (Liao, 2019).

Both this organization works for the benefit of the health services in NZ and improve their business. There is a comparison between them, that depends upon the services they provide to the public. The “Grace Hospital ” is a government-related organization and the “Diabetes NZ Auckland ” is the “no profitable” sector that describes different types of factors that make them different from each other (diabetes auckland, 2019). The first organization describes that people coke to them for their health and the other organization personally goes to the people and provides the health service to them. This is a very common factor that makes them different from each other. There was also a need to describe that the organization has a common thing similar in them and that belongs to the health service.


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Significant factors

One of the significant factors of this report is based on two healthcare organizations’ and also helps the organizations’ to introduce different types of assassination. The factors that need the discussion are – 

Public relation: The healthcare organization “Grace Hospital” has to create a good communication system with the organization because they have to provide the best service to the organization. There were also needs to describe some important issues by which the organization has to communicate with the people to solve them and it will also help the organization from a different perspective.  

Marketing: The organization also needs to improve the market of its business because it may help them to introduce different types of innovation and change. Both the organization has to introduce those things and their relation with the market also represents different types of other aspects (Rangachar, 2019). 

Financial status: Both of the organizations have to set status from where they can handle their finance and are able to provide the service to the public. To hold the financial establishment depends on the organization and the development of the attendance of the employees in the organization and the service they pay to the public. Every organization has to set a financial status for them that will help them to describe perpetual attendance. 

Service delivery: The main purpose of the organization is to provide the best services to the public so that they may attract towards the organization and come to their organization for treatment. There also needs to be a description that if the organization is able to give the proper service to the people then it will help them with different perspectives. Services they are serving are very important and their importance is another perspective of the factor of the healthcare organization (Bhidé, 2019).

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All the factors that are described previously are considered as the finding that is based on the development of the organization. As the healthcare organization depends on the different types of organization and the organization provides those aspects that help them to involve other development things. There was also a need to describe that the organization may be involved in other things but their involvement is different from other organizations. Like the NGOs who work for the benefit of the public without any demand for profit. They only work to help people with providing them the care they need and the health care they deserve (Rhodes, 2019). Based on the factors it can be stated that the organization has to introduce those things by which they can invent and introduce new things in the organization. There are some outcomes available based on the “Positive Business model” and these outcomes depend on the four types of models. 

Importance of business models

As the models are based on outcomes and the outcomes depend on the development of the organization and these both are somehow connected with some important perspectives. There was also a need to provide that the organization connected with the different types of organization and their connection is also different and appropriate. The outcomes are – 

Economic: Economic development of the organization includes different types of things that include different perspectives and their involvement in the organization. The organization has to focus on the economy that they are having and the support they get from the other organizations. For example, in the organization “Grace Hospital” the growth of the economy increases 68% per capita of GDP. 

The business of the organization increases its annual growth per 1.4% in the year 2025.

In the year 2025, based on the workforce the job will be increased by 25%.

Cultural: The development of the culture of the organization is another important factor that they need to discuss. Thus, the organization has to increase the culture that will create some individual aspects in the employees and they will work differently. However, the organization has to be careful about the behavior of the culture of the organization when they serve the public and the services they provide to them. There were mentioned the appreciation of the origin of then the analysis of their description of different aspects. For example, from the reviews of people, it is known that the organization “Grace Hospital” provides a very good staff that provides the best services to the public who visit there for treatment. This is one of the most important things that needs to be taken care of. 

The company also says that they provide the best service and it also creases the immunization between 95%.


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Social: The social development of the organization developed from the development of the economic growth of the organization. As the organizations also focus on the development of their social status that depends on the service provider to the people. It is very important to hold the social position because it attracts the attention of the public and they believe in the organization because people are very concerned about their health. For example, the organization “Diabetes NZ Auckland” shows that the way the organization holds its position in the market is very important. The way they help people that attracts people the most. 

This organization is very concerned about those people who cannot afford the basic treatment and most of them die because of it. This organization helps those people and this helps them to hold their position (Tang, 2019). 

Environmental: The environment of the organization is the reason why the organization focuses on the factors that are discussed in this report. The factors depend on the services and their relation with the public and it depends on the environment of the organization. If the organizations are able to provide a proper environment where people can come and easily communicate, it will also be helpful for the employees. For example, the “Diabetes NZ Auckland” played the role of an NGO and the people who worked in this sector followed by the environment they share which is for helping people in their time. 


All these models provide a description that depends on the facilities of people and also depends on the feature to help people who need it, which has also gone forth for better development. There is a comparison between the factors that are based on the services of the organization and the business model. Though, they both are related to each other from a different perspective and also provide some important aspects of the organization that are based on this comparison. 


Effectiveness of the organization

Both organizations have their effect on the development of their perspective and the way the organization is going forward I also describe through it. The effect of the organization depends on the development of the services they provide to the people. As these organizations are the healthcare services so that the way the organization shares those things is the most important thing. From this perspective, it can be said that the organization has to focus on the services they provide to the people and communicate with them. Another aspect that also needs to be included in this prospect is the dependence of the organization and their involvement is another prospect. All the models have a great effect on the organization and their working process (medicalnewstoday, 2019). 

Each of the organizations has its individual quality and its service system is also different. As their relationship with the business components and business development helps them to say that the organization has to introduce those aspects and their role is also different. All these things are very important and require mat types of concerning features that help them to communicate with the organization

Organization’s relationship with the business model and business components

There is a relationship that exists between the business components that help the organizations to develop their business and increase the business of the organization with the business models. The business components include the “business process”, “business intelligence”, and domain and so on. This also helps the organization to grow up and their relation with the models which are the social, cultural, environment and economics described in a very vague manner. The organizations “Diabetes NZ Auckland” and “Grace Hospital” are based on healthcare development and they also provide the service that helps the organization to organize a different type of assessment. 


From the perspective of “Grace Hospital”, it can be mentioned that the organization follows all the requirements and all the factors of a business, which help them to develop for the future. It can recommend to this organization that if they are more careful; about the business they provide to the organization then it will help them to develop (nap, 2012). There was also a need to describe that if the organization or NGO “Diabetes NZ Auckland” also look at the different perspectives with the people it will be a great opportunity for them to install new features in their healthcare services.  


This report consists of different aspects and prospects that depend on the development of the services that are provided by the organization in different ways. This is based on two different organizations, one is a government based organization and the other organization is an NGO, they both work for the health services. The government based hospital “Grace Hospital ” provides the public with all the services with no cost because it is a government based organization and they have to serve all types of people. The other organization “Diabetes NZ Auckland ” is a “non for profit” organization that works for the benefit of the people and provides medical treatment to them. Thus, it can also need to describe that all the descriptions of the factors that are important for the healthcare services are described descriptively. The business models are also described with their relationship with the organization and this organization serves all those things to the people. Though, it can be said that this report tried their best to give all the descriptions of the factors and also the models based on the organization.   

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