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Global Business Issue Report Sample

Report: Global Business Issue


Tesco is a multinational food company; it provides groceries and general merchandise all over the world. It is located in England, in Welwyn garden city, this organization one of the largest retailers all over the world. According to a report, it has the ninth-largest revenue in the world. The company have their stores more 3300 across Asia and also the rest of the Europe counties. It is a private company and the owner of this company is Mr. Jack Cohen. The organization is supplying various kinds of grocery items as a retailer. In the year 1919, this company was established by Jewish migrants of Poland. So this is the small description of this company.

Though it is a multinational company, which is high in its success when we talk about business there are lots of things to take care of and if the company is competing in a global level then the company has to face some of the issues, like cultural, policies and global level. So like other companies, Tesco is also facing the same thing. In an international business platform, Tesco should properly look out the issues and enjoy the challenges, the ideas, and the actions Tesco would take, it will fuel our future by optimism. At the same time, it is also our responsibility to make some plans according to the plenty of risks the organization has to face as a whole. At first, we have to know what the global issues are, according to a report of the United States in 2016, that time many large scales of changes happened on the international level. They’re some of the issues that the companies have to face all across the world some issues like political, economic, and environmental challenges, etc. And perhaps, the issues are increasing day by day in the international business platform. In that case, the European Union had taken some important steps to remove it. The issues are becoming remittal for the business leader; our organization is one of them. If Tesco has to remove it, the company should give some knowledge and some training to the current generation and also the next that how we can aware of that issue, it is the responsibility of the business leaders all around the world. The organization should give some opportunities and take the challenges of international business as the main key to get success. In that case, the market will get interconnect to each other and also accessible for the business leaders easily. But there also have some kind of risk the company has to face if our company gets involved to do business in international that will not be taken lightly in abroad. 


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Issues of a global business that we have to face and action around them

Technology and innovation-related issues:  Though Tesco is a renewed company the organization also has to face some kind of issues in the side of technology and innovation related glitches. In global platform if we want to define what the innovation is we can say that, It’s nothing just a regular process through which we can innovating ideas and implement it too develops product successfully, By using this the organization will change some things in the product for satisfying their customer, It also help us to put new things in the product. By introducing them to the customer so that they can fulfil their demands by the organization. But Tesco has to face a lot of problems because of it, sometimes the ideas are not appropriate to implement it in the business purpose it will bring so many problems in the global platform. In the technological background, the organization has to face much cybercrime like according to a report the cyber crimes have increased 5% more over the last three years; millions of dollars are getting corrupted in the global business platform. This created many unhappy customers.


1. They have to address the problems and treat them, and especially the company would take a look at the high profile executives who lost their jobs over the cyber issues that will help the organization to stop that problem.

2. If Tesco get the innovation as a process it will help the organization to put a new idea in a market place

3. Innovation can also help the organization to develop the quality of the existing product at a technological level.

So those are the solution to this issue in a global platform that can take by Tesco to get rid of this.

Government policies and attitudes, especially those regarding international trade:  

Tesco has some government policies and legislation that can make some issues in the global business platform. According to a report, in the year 2004 their code was introduced, which name is Food Retailing Commission(FRC), in that section there are certain facts were get banned such as the changing prices of products without before giving any kind of notice to customers. Or suddenly demands of payments of the products. The policies had to be implemented, according to them the organization did it because the fuel they purchased and the amount of grocery they used in their stores was higher than the price they offered of the products which give to the customers.


This is a global business issue report sample From our experts get your report right now


  • At first, the organization should make familiarize itself with the country laws. 
  • Secondly, Tesco needs to pay some additional taxes to the government. 
  • Thirdly, the organization should have taken some legal advice from lawyers who have firm grounding about the law of the countries. In the intern national business platform, it can be challenging for Tesco to take care of all kinds of laws and regulations to import the products so it will help the law papers help the organization to do it.

 Since the company operates its business all across the world, some other factor is noticed by the experts, in international trades influences the performance of Tesco, like

  • Tax rates are including in the act of legislation is included by the government for the companies.
  • The government of many countries forces them to make job opportunities for their local people, which are also applied for Tesco.
  •  At the international level due to financial instability in the world, the increase of the product demands which is unable to fulfil them.
  • In the above, we have discussed the effect of international trades, so these are the problems and the solutions in that particular topic which is an issue for Tesco. 
  • Corporate social responsibilities and associated ethical issues:


Though Tesco company is considered as the main business hub of supermarkets, there are certain social responsibilities and other ethics that have to maintain by the authority including the employees but there are some issues that come into their way as it has moreover 3300stores in supplementary food segment and also non-food segment they have to provide customer services and it is important to the services should improvise on that level, in that case, there have certain facts, which may include communication gap with customers, giving proper quality level of the product, detailed  information of the product, making believe to their customer services and also to fulfil the demands of the customers, etc. There are some certain problems in handling the services in the international business platform also, like giving proper service to the in Asia, rest of the rest of Europe also, communicate with the retailers properly, having a clean review of customers about the products. As a solution of it the organization can get some steps, firstly, To ensure some developing strategies in business purpose for a long period, secondly making some contact with the retailer through social media, thirdly, get accommodate the with the customer through websites and also have an analysis of what kind of problems they are facing. So this is the common action which they can take to get rid out of this situation.

There are some ethics that Tesco has to maintain to deal with the corporate world:

  • First of all, getting minimum expectations from employees so that they can give their best.
  • Another one is giving details of descriptive information about the legal obligations that have to be main by the customers and the employees also.
  • If the employees are new they have to get proper training so that they can give proper customer services.
  • Everyone should get the opportunity to speak up their problems, and the company should take care of it.
  • The organization should have to provide the customers free, independent, confidential, and secure services that maintain a producer line.
  • Giving proper detailed information about what kind of raw materials is used to make this product.
  • All the data about the product, business-related data, customer service data would be reviewed in the meetings.

So here are the common facts that the organization should maintain to do any kind of works.       


This Is A Global Business Issue Report Sample From Our Experts Get Your Report Right Now

Cultural factors or issues of this organization: 

In some cases, cultural factors can also hamper and influence the market on those particular services of a company. Tesco is also facing the same thing. So here we are going to discuss some the cultural factors which can affect the company, 

  • First, the company needs some proper location where they can do their business, and though Tesco is a big multinational company there have some accommodation problems in the place where they are located.
  • Local markets are the main key of any kind of business, The number of successful brands is always targeting the local market to make their business successful, Tesco is doing the same thing but in some of the places, the model they are using for their business purpose is not viable markets, which is a big problem for the company.
  • Tesco is seriously struggled in Asia related countries to make their business successful, where the demands for the local market are much more than a brand,  so they are not able to do the business independently where is the main problem is differences between culture.
  • They also face some kind of communication problem with the customers, which is basically for the differences between the languages, some of the customers don’t have enough knowledge in English, and because Tesco is a British company so they are unable to communicate with the local retailers.
  • There is small considering that the company has to do which can also be overlooked to create quality transactions of products into the local markets.
  • Tesco also has to maintain the quality of the products of the materials which get some problems in that cultural level, like some of the people don’t eat the same thing like their area so they have to understand what kind of food they eat so that they can provide the same thing according to the customers demand.

So this is a common problem that the company has to face while doing business in the international market at a cultural level Contributor, P. (2014, October 6).


  • Language is the main barrier in cultural level to business in international platforms, then have to take care that they need to learn their local language to communicate with the people where they want to do business.
  • They need to produce the products as the customers’ demands, which will help them to make a place there.
  •  The Company need to understand their norms and believes to adjust in their society. 
  •  It is also important to learn the cultural intricacies of that particular place to do business.
  • The things we have discussed in the above paragraph which help us to understand what kind of steps we have to take as a solution to these cultural issues.

This Is A Global Business Issue Report Sample From Our Experts Get Your Report Right Now

   The connection or links between the issues and critically discuss their interrelationships:            

In all the above we have discussed the issues of global business but it all is interconnected about a specific section, here we discussed what kind of problems that Tesco company has faced in such a factor in the international business platform. Through cultural factors, Government policies and attitudes, especially those regarding international trade, corporate social responsibilities, and associated ethical issues, Technology and innovation-related issues are different topics but those are connected.  If the challenges are tackled together then it will be easier for the companies to overcome it. Every other company in international has to face some kind of problem. According to the problems, all the solution is shaped in several sections to deal with it. The fundamental about how the solution will work is basically on the linkages among are the basis on the climate, situation in the environment of global business are dependent. The developed actions are apparently taken on the basis of the movements for global progress. According to the experts, any kind of foundation is facing the same kind of issues in the global business platform, which is linked to each other.  If we look at the common trades that run across all needs some holistic, integrated solution which briefly in the direction of a particular company that is needed as a whole on a business platform. 

This Is A Global Business Issue Report Sample From Our Experts Get Your Report Right Now


Every organization tries to make their own idea so that their product sell will increase. But also they try a trick; they announce their company employees to give an idea to improve their product, if that works they will give the employee a promotion.

Some company applies this technique, for example, the food company Delivery, always give the freedom to the employees so that they also give their ideas to improve the product of the company, it helps him to connect to the employees and ignore so many problems in the company, every leader should do this. Deliver s leader always does this and because of that their business was improved. (Ainscow,2011)

In a company’s leader always give instructions to the employees that what they would do & don’t do to improve their company service. It will help them to get improvement in their business. By getting the training the company will understand what idea they needed to improve the services. They also souls learn what the innovation is.

   They should also care about the cultural diversity in the company. So that they get connected to each other and also they should take advice from the experienced employees to implement innovation to their services which is essential for the delivery company and also it is important to maintain for employees the rules and responsibilities which are made by the head of the company. (Nielsen,2010)



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This Is A Global Business Issue Report Sample From Our Experts Get Your Report Right Now

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