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  • Introduction
  • Preventions
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Effectiveness of FED IS BEST
  • Conclusion
  • References


Executive Summary

According to WHO “Breast is Best” because through breastfeeding the infants get nutrients like water, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, antibodies, hormones, enzymes, vitamins and minerals which help in their growth and development. But what about the issues; 

When the mother is low in milk supply.

When the baby loses too much weight within some days of its birth.

 When baby faces jaundice due to insufficient intake of milk.

What if they got low blood sugar?

In this report we are going to elaborate “Fed is Best” and the prevention of breastfeeding along with the issues and blockades it may face as New Zealand government believes in WHO. We will also discuss Treaty of Waitangi (TOW) in the basis of our topic and the statistics of Maori women in this field of health and also will find out some effective ways to overcome this dilemma in New Zealand.


The “Fed is Best” is a contentious campaign as it directly goes up against some pro-breastfeeding associations like WHO and UNICEF. And this campaign is also experiencing disapproval for its oversimplified approach towards infant’s nutrition. The aim of this campaign is to provide information about the procedure or mixture of feeding and breast milk and most up to date scientific study, education and research about how to keep the infant safe, to the mothers who are facing problems like low milk generation and also to the health experts dealing with this issues. The FED IS BEST FOUNDATION is a social welfare organization supported by some health experts and people who study about the infant feeding and deal with clinical practice and some social media relations.  In New Zealand, it generally focuses on the Maori people to develop their knowledge and encourages them to cross the barrier (Thefedisbestfoundation, 2018).

In New Zealand, the Maori women aged 20-24 had the highest fertility rate. According to a survey approved by New Zealand government on 3929 infants on 2005, was something like; at the time of birth 93.8% infant got exclusive breastfeeding but after 6 weeks that figure reduced to 79.5% among which 68.4% was getting exclusive feeding, when the infants got into 3 months it is found that 71.3% were experiencing breastfeeding out of which 47.6% were getting exclusive but after 6 months the figure was 56% out of them 2.5% were getting exclusive. The reason behind this is some mothers met the low milk supply problem, some of them were working women and others met slow development of their babies for which they started formula feeding (Thedepartmentofhealth, 2012).

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Biologically, breast milk is good because it contains some good bacteria which helps in the growth and development of the infant and also helps in the digestion of the baby. But what if the mother or the infant is mentally or physically sick?

 In this kind of case breast milk contains good bacteria along with some bad bacteria which can slow down the growth and development of an infant and also can harm its mental ability. A recent study showed that 36% of infants build up hypernatremia which can cause a 4.8% weight loss. So when breastfeeding cause that harms, parents need to adopt formula feeds for their babies. 

The major issue to overcome breastfeeding is the law of New Zealand which restricts formula feeding. And somehow people believe that breast milk is the best food for their baby whatever the condition is. To overcome that all issues first the government need to modify its law; and educations, researches, and scientific studies need to be promoted regarding “Fed is Best” which will help to show the statistics.

We can find several kinds of issues regarding breastfeeding some of which are described below

An infant can get infected by jaundice or hydration due to exclusive breastfeeding.

The newborns and some infants who got exclusive breastfeeding can develop hyperbilirubinemia which can further require phototherapy or may cause non-hemolytic jaundice respectively.

Breastfeeding also causes in low blood sugar nearly a 46mg/dL which increases the risk of brain injury of the infant.

About (42-44) % first-time mothers did not get the copious milk production in time which may cause in excessive weight loss of infants.

One out of five women can meet insufficient milk production which affects their babies most (Thefedisbestfoundation, 2018).


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Treaty Of Waitangi

The policies of the Treaty of Waitangi (TOW) regarding the maternity and neonatal are described below

According to the Treaty of Waitangi the health experts or clinicians who are related to pregnant or breastfeeding of women they need to look after the health of both mother and infant.

The clinician or the health expert should concern about the feeding and health of the infant to its parents.

The justification for any complains will be in the support of the mother and the infant.

In Treaty of Waitangi (TOW) no where it is mentioned that breastfeeding is mandatory. One can get clarified from the second statement that the doctor needs to advise the better option. So formula feeding could be the best option if the infant is not okay with the breastfeeding (ADHP, 2018).

The cultural norms of Maori Women are described below

Maori Women Get Married Between 15-24 Age.

As they got married soon so they experience the motherhood in the same age. In that age, the breastfeeding option meets a lot of problems as low milk production, shortage of nutrients in breast milk which can harm an infant badly.

  • 61% of Maori women do smoke and 40% of them do smoke during their pregnancy.
  • Smoking of a woman can harm the infant in many ways such as;
  • Low birth weight
  • Breathing problem in infant
  • Slower growth of baby (DRMAREWAGLOVER, 2006).
  • Maori women always face the above two norms anyway;

If the woman is not smoking then the man will be smoking which harms the same way and the early age pregnancy is the big issue among the Maori people which causes loss in weight of the infant, slower physical and mental development of baby, sudden infant death and lower intelligence when the baby grows up so to prevent this kind of situations they need to adopt appropriate formula feeding which can help in the development of the infant.

The below report describes the statistics about the Maori infants face  

Infant Health Indicator, By Maori And Non-Maori (2010-12)

  • Low birth weight 
  • Infant Mortality
  • SUDI
  • SIDS


  • 71.3-75.9
  • 6.1-7.5
  • 1.8-2.2
  • 0.5-0.9


  • 60.1-62.8
  • 4.1-4.8
  • 0.3-0.5
  • 0.1-0.3

Due to insufficient milk or premature pregnancy, the Maori women fail to treat their baby properly which results in infant’s death (SUDI, SIDS). And the low birth weight causes due to the lack of proteins they got to eat and also due to smoking during pregnancy which can be resolved by some formula feed later (Ministryofhealth, 2018). 

The Effectiveness Of FED IS BEST

People are aware of this problem now and also adopting formula feeding. The below statistics describes the percentage of exclusive, full, partial and artificial feeding from 2008 to 2017. 

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In New Zealand the initiative of, the mother should breastfeed at any cost is being challenged by parents, experts, and the researchers. The “Fed is Best” not means that whether the baby is getting breast milk or formula feeding, it means enough nutrients should be provided to it (Plunket, 2018).

The “Fed is Best” helps New Zealand people to secure their child’s future. Some of the barriers listed below on which the organization works on

It teaches parents that exclusive breastfeeding is improper and insecure which can harm their child and also teaches how to feed their baby safely and fully.

It also arranges physical campaigns and motivates parents and helps parents to know what mixture of breast milk and formula milk will be best for their baby.

The “Fed is Best” also aware people through its blogs and provides information about the safety and risks regarding breastfeeding as well as formula feeding (Thefedisbestfoundation, 2018).


The above report describes why to adopt formula feeding. And the “Fed is Best” does not oppose breastfeeding but it helps parents to connect with studies and researches of health experts and to find out what will be the best option for their baby. Maybe some people think that “formula is bad for infants-but the truth is that it saved many lives”. So people should support it and as well as the government should help to increase the awareness of “Fed is Best” among people.


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