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The activities and the experiences which are carried out by the individuals at the time of their leisure period are termed as recreational activities.  The recreational activities which are being carried out by the individuals are either because of gaining satisfaction or creative enrichment. The recreational activities can also be considered as the participation process of an individual. In most of the cases the students and other individuals who are working either stay busy with their school or work.  In that case we are planning to develop some kinds of recreational programs for those age groups or people who can spend their leisure time by participating in these kinds of recreational activities. The types of recreational activities which will be discussed over here in this essay are Outdoor and adventure based program, Fitness and health related program and the lastly the program for those individuals who have diabetes (ADMIN, 2019).

Types of recreational program 

Outdoor and adventure based program 

The outdoor based programs depend upon the activities based on the outdoor environment for a specific appeal or the character. The outdoor adventure based program which is chosen as the recreational activities can be developed for those kinds of students whose perspective about themselves are working outside and want to play safety for having the experience of the outdoor. According to the standards of the industry the professional can include strengthening of the living skills in the summer as well as the winter environments. The professional will also engage in the learning and developing of the programs based on the outdoor activities for leading them in a successful way. The professionals also have to learn to manage the programs related to the outdoor recreation as well as the agencies of the education. The outdoor recreational program which will be chosen in this cased can be hiking and camping (.humboldt, 2019). The camping can be taken as the fantastic opportunity for getting closer with the nature. In this case an individual will feel relaxed. This activity will need too much of equipment or the extra baggage if incase the weather becomes bad. We will also provide the program of hiking as it is also considered as the outdoor activity. The advantage of the hiking over camping is that we don’t have to carry more equipment the site of the camp in that case serves as the base where we can relax easily. Hiking is basically the facility in which we can explore the entire area or the surrounding of the camping (wilderness.).  

Participants: The recreational program is generally conducted for the school students and their parents if they are interested to come. The age group which is being chosen for the development of this specific program is the 15 to 20. Their parents are also allowed to come along with them.

Procedure: each and every participant has to fill up the form which for participating in the program of hiking and camping. The form will consist of the details of the program as well as the fee for participating in the program. The participants have to fill up the personal details along with their address proof.

Location: The program of the hiking or the campaigning will be taking place near to the college or locality so that each and every participant can enjoy the nature near to residence.

Resources: the resources required for the development of the program are the physical resources and the human resources. The physical resources involved here the camps and the accessories which are needed for trekking. The human resources required for the development of the program will include the trained professionals and the individual who will take the leadership of the entire program as the support line for them.


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Fitness And Healthy Related Programs 

The fitness and the health related programs allow the individuals to participate in various ranges of physical activities for incorporating exercises and the recreation in their lives. Here in this program the individuals will be encouraged for the making fitness s their goal for life long. The activities will be fun for them and most probably will be a rewarding for developing the fitness into their body. This program will consist of the physical activities which help them to balance fitness in the body.  The physical activities which will be introduced in this fitness program will be the activity based classes including weight training, yoga classes, badminton classes and the walks in the nearby areas. This will also include the classes which are information based regarding nutrition, medicine for sports and prevention of injury (college-prep, 2019). This program will also consist of the health education which help the students to understand the interconnection of mental as well as the physical state of an individual.  The benefits which the health education classes are going to provide are the increase of the awareness and the knowledge regarding their bodies. The benefits of these programs will help an individual to improve the condition of the heart and the lungs; it will also help them to increase the muscular strength as well as the energy level of an individual. It can also help in the improvement of the tone of the muscle and the balance of an individual. The physical fitness of an individual will also help in the better coordination and the management of the weight.

Participants: The participants will be chosen for this specific recreational program will include the school students, college students and the middle aged people. This is because most of the middle aged people are now diagnosed with heart and muscle issues.

Procedure: the participants have to fill up the form for the types of physical activities which falls under these categories and fill up the registration for along with their personal details. 

Location: the location which has been chosen for the conduction of the program is the park which is situated near the college. 

Resources: the types of resources which are involved here are involved in this program consist of human as well as physical resources. The human resources consist of the professional of yoga and operational manager who will look after the entire operation of the program. The human resources which are involved over here consist of the equipment which is needed for carrying out the different physical activities that are mentioned above.

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Sport Competition And Program 

The culture, art and the activities of the recreation and leisure plays an important role in the life of an individual. Unlike these activities the activities related to the sports also play an important role in the communities. The major benefits of the sports activities include improvement of health and the well being of the individuals. The activities of the sport also help in the empowerment of the individuals which helps in the development of the inclusive communities. The sports activities involve more and more individuals or small groups consisting of large number of individuals. The sport activities which we are developing are not only the participants who are mentally and physically fit. We are also developing these sport activities for the disabled people so that they can get engaged in the community life beyond their immediate families (ncbi.nlm.nih, 2019).

Participants: the participants who will be allowed to participate in the program will fall under the age group of 15 to 45.  This program will also include the participants who are physically disabled.

Location: The location chosen for the development of this particular program is stadium which is situated near the college.


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