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Essay: Cycling


Encouraging cycling for short trips


This paper describes about the needs of people in NZ and how to achieve their requirements with a sustainable manner while respecting ecological, economical and cultural environment. By the fulfillment of this all kind of roles the quality of life could be improvised. All the participants were invited from Otago polytechnic along with that, the survey was done along with their friends. The survey was done along with234 participants within a time frame of 19th November 2009 to 19th January 2010. There were also respondents who were along with disability and they had been eliminated from the survey. 


Cycling is being considered as one of the minor way of transportation and it is being chosen only by a 2.5% people as the mode of transportation. For both the short and long trips car is used as one of the essential way to transport and it is also considered as one of the crucial factor that the fuel price is not that much high. A more amount of people are not concerned about the environmental factor which is also driving cycling’s importance into a lower position. There are also certain factors which forces the localities to go along with the car including better space and transporting goods and utilities through the it which will be hectic through the cycle.  

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Review of Material 

Transport through cycle in NZ is not majored as one of the prioritized factor but yet the market is growing along with the recreational cycling market. In the country car is considered as one of the preferred way for transportation. The report shows a clear desire to go along with the practicing of cycling and encouraging people to choose cycle as one of the most preferred way to go along with the factor of transportation.  One of the literature review also found out that cycling is one of the best practice for polices alongside the country. There are also certain theories which include contemplation and diffusion had been highlighted and also used for the purpose of informing the project in a brief manner. The review also found out that there are only some limited choices and to considering the practical phenomenon of cycling. This report also describes about the perception along with bicycle riders and cyclists with two different ways. Along with this there are also certain recommendations which describe about the “practical cycling design model” and also explain about the strategies which need to be adopted for the execution of the project. 


The result of the is considered as per two respondents which considers the groups as listed below, 

People who don’t ride a bicycle I the present situation. 

People who uses ride bicycle for transport purpose.

During the collection of data rides had been selected from any of the transport medium and also they need to select the transport option furthermore the riders also need to select completion and recreation model during the survey. In the result there had not been any kind of statistical modeling over this and only patterns had been used to report the design model. The obtained result is a thought belongs to the development model with an appropriate design. The result also highlights latest trends and patterns while considering solution and literature review. 

Essay Sample on Cycling our from topicwize expert

Paper 1 (Questions)

What are the factors which influence short trips by car?

Find out the needs of New Zealanders for short term trips and also consider the choices for their journey. 

What are the most specific ways which will enhance the way of designing products, facilities and services?

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Review Material 

The considered material had a lot inside this and it finds out several stages through which cycling could be evaluated. Some of the key outcomes of the material had been explained below which had been elicited through the project, 

  • The report finds out share of total travel time with trip legs under overall mode share. 
  • There is also a particular table along with the evaluation of distance, time and mode of transportation. 
  • The report finds out transport with the age group which is up to 75+ years. 
  • There are separate data for all the genders with specified age. 
  • The material describes percentage of people considering cycling as one of the best mode of transportation. 
  • This also describes about the type of destinations travelled by cycle. 
  • Time spent over cycling along with the distance covered.
  • The report also explains about the trends on distance covered per person with a age group. 

Results Obtained 

There had been several considerations which could be evaluated from the considered report and some of the key findings had been listed below, 

  • By cycling time travel could be reduced into 2% whereas number of trip legs also considered as 1%. 
  • For all the considered age groups males spend more time on cycles rather than females. 
  • Near about 70% of households had at least one cycle. 
  • In the last year a lot of people had done cycling with age groups as 30% above or equals to 18 ages, 53% in between 13 to 17 ages and a highest of 67% from 5 to 12 age group. 
  •  More of the person who lives in smaller towns or urban area had been done cycling in last month. 

Difference in Result 

There is no difference as the data had been explained in a brief way and had been visualized with a well statistical manner. One of the differences could be considered which the number of participants is. Here as the data is being considered for the whole country so more participants need to be added to the group and that will provide an appropriate result. 

Paper 2 (Question)

Are all the participants who had been considered belong to different regions?

How long the survey time frame is?

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This is a Essay Sample on Cycling From our experts get your report right now

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