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Engineering has long been regarded as one of the highest-paying professions. Furthermore, it has been observed to provide jobs to fresh graduates or individuals with high-paying incomes. According to reports from around the world, the number of engineers is increasing with each passing year. In fact, engineering students eagerly await their job placements before finishing their studies. Completing engineering, on the other hand, is a difficult and stressful task. Universities assign assignments to their students in order to challenge them intellectually. In addition, professors assign Thesis to help students develop a sense of purpose. Here are some examples of Engineering Phd Thesis Paper Writing Help Topics – 

  • Analysis and Segmentation of Skills gap in manufacturing industries to improve Manufacturing Knowledge.
  • An efficient technique for generating control instruction based on data analysis in Agile product manufacturing.
  • An innovative Multi-agent Just-in-Time Manufacturing Scheduling System for time allotment based on optimization technique.
  • An innovative approach for pore identification in automobile tyres using hybrid machine learning techniques.
  • Developing a control strategy for dynamic time-based manufacturing for customized product lead times.
  • Nano and Micro Technology
  • Digital Image and Signal Processing
  • Cognitive Technology
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Embedded System
  • VLSI and also in Power Electronics
  • Optical Communication
  • Improvement of power quality in the distribution line due to the distributed generation of renewable energy
  • Machine learning based Energy management system for better optimisation of power in electric vehicles.
  • Efficient and fast wireless power transfer between charging stations and electric vehicles for saving time.
  • Effective optimisation of power supply in micro grids for reduced dependency on the connected main grid.
  • Comparison of efficiency of various three phase grid connected converters under different grid faults.
  • Comparison of different types of phase converters with respect to the efficiency.
  • Comparison of power outputs and efficiency of three phase converters and inverters for wind turbines.
  • Efficient power distribution through Ultra High Voltage DC (UHVDC) supply and its comparison to current AC power distribution standards
  • Improvement in efficiency of stepping down power supply of UHVDC near the residential areas.
  • A hybrid FACTS device that solves the issues in the SVC and STATCOM for efficient reactive power compensation
  • Improvement of THD ratio in three phase cascaded multilevel power converters from one PV source.
  • Efficient synchronization of frequency and stability of two different gird system with contrasting sources of power supply.
  • Damping of oscillation in rotors of machines using VAR compensators.
  • Improvement of smart grid stability at times of network attacks using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Reactive power compensation during the convergence of grid system with distributed generation.
  • Fuzzy Neural Network Modeling for Hydrological StudiesGeotechnical & Environmental Performance of Residual Lateritic Soil Stabilized with Fly-ash and Lime
  • Development Of Optimal Operating Policy for Pagladia Multipurpose Reservoir
  • A Study On Performance Improvement Of Expansive Soil Using Residual Soil And Lime
  • Study on Size Effect of RC Beam-Column Joints with and Without Retrofitting under Cyclic Loading
  • Performance Improvement Of Weak Clay Foundation Using Stone Column And Geocell-Sand Mattress

Some More Examples Of Engineering Phd Thesis Writing Topics

  • stochastic Erosion In The Composite Banks Of Alluvial River Bends
  • Batch And Column Adsorption Studies For Simultaneous Removal Of Iron, Arsenic And Fluoride By Wooden Charcoal And River Sand Used As Filter Media In Indigenous Household Iron Filter Units Of Rural And Semi-Urban Assam (India)
  • Reservoir Operation Considering Downstream Impact Of A Hydroelectric Project
  • Seismic microzonation of Imphal city and probabilistic seismic hazard assessment of Manipur state
  • Geocell-Sand Mattress Overlying Soft Clay Subgrade: Behavior Under Circular Loading
  • A Study on Plastic Cell Filled Concrete Block Pavement for Low Volume Rural Roads
  • Evaluation of factors controlling release and mobilization of Arsenic in parts of Brahmaputra floodplains
  • Object-oriented nonlinear finite element analysis framework for implementing modified cam clay model
  • A study on measuring methodologies and critical parameters influencing soil suction-water content relationship
  • Transient Analysis of Aged Concrete Gravity Dam-Foundation Coupled System
  • Analytical Predictions of Flow into Auger Holes and Ditch Drains in Homogeneous Anisotropic Soil
  • Design and development of an arsenic removal filter using Indigenous materials
  • Strength and deformation characteristics of geocell-fiber reinforced granular soil
  • Evaluation of suspended sediment flux along a cross-section of the Brahmaputra river
  • Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability of Heavy Metals during Water Hyacinth Composting
  • A study on geotechnical performance of residual lateritic soil and Brahmaputra sand blended with fly ash and cement
  • Identification of system parameters of multi-storey building with limited sensors
  • Hydrological Response of a Preferential Infiltration Dominated Natural Hillslope in Brahmaputra River Basin
  • Performance Enhancement of expansive soil by Application of Fly Ash and Lime
  • Experimental study on rehabilitated RC beam-column connections under cyclic loading
  • Dynamic Response of Aging Concrete Gravity Dams With Unbounded Reservoir
  • Response Of Horizontally Curved Thin-Walled Box-Girder Bridge To Vehicular Loads
  • Study of Rheological Behavior of High-Performance Concrete
  • Simulation Of Dam Break Hydraulics In Natural Flood Plain Topography
  • Updating Of Finite Element Model Of Cable-stayed Bridges For Improved Dynamic Characterization and Active Seismic Response Control Implementation
  • Water Quality Modeling In An Untreated Effluent Dominated Urban River
  • Modeling of acceleration and deceleration behavior of vehicles
  • Operational modal analysis of an existing large truss bridge and passive vibration control using updated model
  • A study on multiple contaminant-soil interaction and its effect on contaminant fate prediction
  • Numerical modeling of lean duplex stainless steel hollow and concrete-filled columns of square, L-, T- and +-shape sections under pure axial compression
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