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Economics Phd Thesis writing Help are extremely important for students in various countries because they provide a thorough understanding of economic values. For this, students seek assistance from various professional experts to solve critical economics assignment help. Most students struggle when it comes to completing economic homework. The economic subject is more difficult than other assignments in terms of competition. As a result, online economics assignment help for students is available to simplify the most difficult Thesis topics. Students can benefit from Economics Phd thesis Help by focusing on topics such as business, market demand, governance, and financial credits. The number of applications for this subject has overwhelmed many universities. Here are some example of Economics Phd thesis writing help Topics – 

  • Technological advancement and changing trends in consumer purchasing behavior: A survey among 100 consumers at shopping malls in India
  • Cost and benefit analysis of protected areas in India: A case study of the Jim Corbett National Park
  • Global warming from an economic viewpoint: An evaluation of the associated costs, benefits and tradeoffs
  • Community-based forest management stories from across the globe: Take home lessons for Indian scenario from an economic perspective
  • An empirical study to evaluate the economic growth in UK from the lens of unemployment rates
  • A comparative study to assess the relationship between inflation and firms profits: Developed V/S developing economies
  • Technology, unemployment and outsourcing: A survey among the leading manufacturing industries in India
  • Impact of VAT and GST on the profitability of public and private organizations
  • Towards economic growth: Assessing the impact of cultural mix on the productivity of creative industries
  • The macroeconomics of SMEs entrepreneurship in Indian market
  • Monetary Equilibrium and Economic Development
  • Foreign Trade Policy for a Developing Economy
  • Fiscal Adjustment for the Economics Development
  • Prospects for Food Self Sufficiency in IndiaAnalysis of Demand for and Supply of Food Grains from 1950-51 to 1975-76
  • Structures and Operation of an Old Small Scale Industry in Economics Transition 
  • Analysis of Factors Affecting Demand and Estimation of Future Demand 
  • Farmers Expectations of Future Prices and their Impact on Acreage Allocation – A Case Study in Supply Response in Western Uttar Pradesh.
  • Aggregate Supply Response of Crops in a Developing Region
  • Some Aspects of States Indebtedness with special Reference to Central Loans
  • Evaluation of Economic Impact of Transfer of Technology Programme on Small Farmers
  • Nature Signification and Measurement of Risk in the Non-food Grain Crop Farming
  • Role of Commercial Banks in Agricultural Development
  • International economics; monetary policies of developing countries; foreign exchange rate and macroeconomic dynamics
  • Applied microeconomics with a focus on industrial organization (focusing on firms’ anticompetitive behavior in response to government interventions and firms’ innovation strategies (in particular in the pharma sector). Also aspects of behavioral and experimental economics
  • Corporate finance and the political environment: economic growth; business cycles; monetary and financial economics; fiscal policy; political business cycles; applied econometrics (duration analysis, panel data, discrete choice, nonlinear models)
  • Development macroeconomics; international macroeconomics; time series econometrics
  • International trade and Brexit (see TRANSIT-RIG for more info); the economics and practice of export promotion (we are developing a center of expertise with IBSI, LU-LDN and contacts in Sheffield, QMUL and Twente in export promotion).
  • The behavioural analysis of institutions (including the political economy of conflict, the role of natural identities and ethnic and linguistic discrimination on economic performance, and the behavioural determinants of terrorism); organisational behaviour (including the behavioural analysis of coordination failure, the effectiveness of sanctions and rewards on tax compliance, and the role of hierarchies and networks in the performance of organisations); and the behavioural analysis of markets (including recent work on bounded rationality and price competition, and consumers boycotts)
  • The use of econometric techniques, particularly on performance measurement, and on the topics of efficiency and competition in banking, regulated utilities and health
  • International trade; international factor movements (i.e., FDI, MNEs and migration) and industrial organization (especially horizontal mergers, R & D and RJVs). Recent PhD students of mine have used game theory to study topics such as tax competition between governments for FDI and the formation of RJVs (research joint ventures) within an oligopoly

Some more Topics For Phd Economics Thesis

  • International trade: particularly, the evaluation of trade policy and trade gains and modeling firm behavior under imperfect competition and with imperfect information. Applied microeconometrics: particularly the use of econometric methods to identify causal relationship in international trade, labor economics and public economics
  • Industrial organization; competition policy; consumer policy; behavioral economics, especially relating to competition and consumer policy, covering the areas of collusion (where firms recognise that fierce competition is not in their mutual long-term interest); mergers (that can enhance or undermine competition by changing the structure of markets); and consumer behavior (which affects the incentives of competing firms to sell products of high quality at low prices). Mainly theoretical, but some applied and experimental methods
  • Competition and regulation in energy markets; price transmission between generation; wholesale and retail markets; energy storage; energy consumers behavior; energy efficiency and emissions control; fuel poverty and energy poverty
  • Transport economics; environmental economics; energy economics
  • Banking and finance; applied econometrics; productivity and performance; emerging economies
  • Applied microeconomics and industrial economics (diffusion of new technology and firm diversification)
  • Portfolio analysis; financial markets and company finance in industrial and developing countries
  • Bank balance sheet management and regulation and its relationship to banking performance; monetary transmission and financial stability; and the network economics of financial infrastructure, including retail payments and securities and derivatives clearing and settlement. Also, within the financial risk management area: liquidity risk, central banking, financial regulation, housing markets, development finance and macroeconomics
  • Applied econometrics; productivity and performance measurement; public infrastructure provision; energy economics; public economics
  • Monetary policy in developing countries, specifically macroeconomics (convergence); monetary economics (demand for money, stock market and exchange rates models, monetary policy in China) and international economics (exchange rates, financial integration, contagion, direct investment). Please see the MDE-RIG for more detail.
  • The applied econometric analysis of decision making of individuals and firms, in particular the application of discrete choice modeling and panel econometrics in the areas of wellbeing, health, social capital, employment and education using large-scale data 
  • Microeconomics: profit, productivity and price performance
  • Topics involving large datasets, especially regarding panel/qualitative dependent variable methods applied to many areas within most discipline groups/schools (having already co-supervised students in the Information Management and Marketing & Retail discipline groups)
  • Econometrics; efficiency spill-overs
  • The role of committees in setting monetary policy; EMU and EU enlargement; applied economics and macroeconomics
  • Productivity and efficiency; regulation; firm performance; causal effects of management or policy decisions
  • Econometrics and macroeconomics (as a Secondary Supervisor only)
  • Industrial organization; consumer policy; behavioral economics, especially relating to consumer behavior, pricing, advertising, and information
  • Financial crises; central bank communication; and areas similar to these
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