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Essay On Three Dimensions Of Complete Life

Essay On Three Dimensions Of A Complete Life

Three dimensions of a complete life

1.)‘The three dimensions of a complete life’ is book by ‘Martin Luther’ that focuses on the length, breadth and height of the life.

Here the length of the life is reflected as the wellbeing on individual. The concern about self that helps to motivated an individual to acquire its objective.

The breadth of the life is reflected as the concern of an individual for others wellbeing. Thinking for the benefit of other people is the breadth of the life as described by the author ‘Martin Luther King’.

The height of the life is reflected as ‘the upward reach toward God’. The one who tries to find the God is describes as the height of the life.

The Meaning of Complete Life

(a) The reason behind writing this essay was that people know about the meaning of ‘complete life’. The author ‘Martin Luther King’ tells that to have a complete movie there has to be these three dimensions that describe the life.

(b) ‘The three dimension of a complete life’ was published in 9th April, 1967 at ‘Dexter Avenue Baptist Church of Montgomery, Alabama, before the Chicago Sunday Evening Club’.

(c) ‘Martin Luther King’ convinced the audiences by including the things that are common to many people. The word ‘Hollywood’ made a great support in this essay. The way he added an example of his own life about the college days and the studies made an impact on the mind of the audiences.

(d) The support that ‘Martin Luther King’ used during the essay was reflecting the life of self by adding many examples.

The support was taken as those shops where he went for many purpose to look up for the life or acquiring basic principle of life.

(e) The points that the author discussed in the essay was quite valid as he tells about the principle of self-acceptance in life that focuses on the ‘length of the life’. It also the describes the way it is necessary to appreciate or acknowledge ourselves time to time.

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3. Martin Luther King

(a) An essay written by ‘Martin Luther King’ has an overall idea about the life. The three dimensions that are length, breath and height of the life is in our hands but due to many external reasons we don’t accept ourselves and the things goes complicated.

(b) The overall summary of the he essay ‘The three dimensions of a complete life’ by ‘Martin Luther King’ describes the length of the life i.e., the concern about one self and reaching to a particular objective. The breadth of the life describes about the external concern that are done for other people. The height of the life goes around the almighty God who is always there for the help. As the author has supported the essay with some real life examples it can be seen that when the length and breadth of the life has been acquired by us then we have to complete the work for which God has made us for. This totally depends on one’s strength and power.

 An individual is not forced to do the things that are not in the control. At the end the author tells that when we get all these three dimensions done then as an individual we can realise that we all are a part of God, who made us to face the earth (kinginstitute, 2020).


king institute. (2020). The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life. Retrieved from https://kinginstitute.stanford.edu/: https://kinginstitute.stanford.edu/king-papers/publications/knock-midnight-inspiration-great-sermons-reverend-martin-luther-king-jr-6

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