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Sample Assignment On E-Bay

Assignment: On E-Bay

Sample Assignment Topics on E-Bay:

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary 2
  • Introduction and Background 3
  • Aspects To Be Considered 3
  • Retail stores building on online presence: 3
  • Prototyping: 4
  • Cloud Computing 4
  • Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Local Based Marketing: 5
  • Security: 6
  • Monitoring and Control: 6
  • Analytical Opportunities: 6
  • Conclusion 7
  • Recommendations 7
  • Bibliography 8

Executive Summary

The world is aware about the advancement of technologies through internet since 90s. This advancement in technology has changed the living standards and style of the people and also the mode of purchase. As the timing is passing by the companies are trying to go global and expand their business all over the world. Not only the business that are growing their boundaries are having the benefit of internet but the local or the domestic producers are also having the benefit of the e-commerce sites. The growth of e-commerce market is very high and the customers are attracted towards it very highly. It has made the process a little easy for the business persons to delivery their product and also for the customers to purchase the desired product. There are many e-commerce businesses that are growing in the world but the top three organisations are “Amazon”, “Alibaba”, and “Ebay”. “Amazon” is an “American” company whereas “Alibaba” is from “China” and “Ebay” belongs to “NewZeland”. So, here we have an opportunity to discuss one of the leading global e-commerce brand named as “Ebay” (Edwards, 2007).

Introduction and Background

“Ebay” is a global e-commerce company that was started in “1995” by “Pierre Omidyar”. The company has a website where the people sell and purchase their products and services across the world. They also have a space for their “auction site”. It has many subsidiary companies like “PayPal”, “Skype Communications S.a.r.l”, “John Donahoe” and many others. “Ebay” is a company that does not require to manage with its “transportation, inventory, production costs inventory or storage” of the product. The site of “Ebay” provides a platform for the buyers and sellers to ‘auction’ their product or services and make it as simple as possible. The profit of “e-bay” is just some percentage of the selling price of the products or services i.e., “7 to18 per cent”. The main objective of the organisation is to become one of the “largest global trading site” that makes the process of buying and selling of products and services as easy as possible. The company has a good privacy policy that remains between the buyer and the seller itself. The “e-bay” is not involved in getting the details of the customers or the product and services delivers to the people. It also provides an easy and simple way to deliver the product and the payment process (The rand journal of economics, 2003). 

Aspects to Be Considered

Retail stores building on online presence:  When the online trading of business started in the year “1997” there were many business that were more suitable for the online platform as compared to the retail stores. Suppose if any seller opens a “CD” shop then the seller has to open a store for it but if the seller is selling the product in online platform then it would not require to open a shop of selling those “CDs”. The stored items can directly be sold to the customers through online platform. “Ebay” does not use to sell the “coins, baseball cards, or stamps” like antique items in their early days but now it as became a blessing for the organisation to add these items in their platform. There were many categories in “Ebay” that has boosted up the sales of their respective organisations. From the researcher of “Worldwide annualised gross market value” of “2007” it is found that the following categories have grown to some extent. (data-2007, 2007) E-Bay Sample Assignment

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GMV 31st
March, 2007($1,00,000)

GMV 1st
quarter, 2006 (%)







“Clothing and






“Home and garden”









  •  Prototyping: Prototyping can be defined as “an initial stage of a software release in which the development evolution and the product fixes may occur before a bigger release is initiated. This kind of activities can also be named as beta phase or beta testing where an initial project gets evaluated by a smaller class of users before full development”. “Ebay” is considered as one of the first site to “unreleased the tech that appears when it is unearthed”. The “workplace prototype” may give importance on the areas that are flexible. There has to be a survey in the entire organisation with more than ‘5000 employees’ that would exchange their information and opinions about the working culture and environment. A change in working strategies and the visitors coming in the offices will be influenced by the “Ebay’s” work culture. “Ebay” has changed its meeting rooms and conference rooms with well-equipped “LED screens” so that it can help the technical person to work more effectively. So, some of the new prototypes has already been adopted by the “Ebay” “San Jose and Austin” branch and it resulted as an increase in the increment of the employees within three months of application. E-Bay Sample Assignment
  • Cloud Computing: “Ebay” has its own “Openstack cloud computing” for the organisation. But in its initials days they stated with a “developer cloud project” in the year “2012”. The organisation required to develop its own ‘agile infrastructure so that it can provide support to the IT industries demands for all the brands including “PayPal and e-bay websites”. While having the “Openstack cloud computing” the company was very much clear about the requirement that it always wanted to avoid the lock-in of the suppliers (Bin Tang, 2015).  E-Bay Sample Assignment
  • Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Local Based Marketing: In the initial years of launching the website of “Ebay”, the organisation did not focused on the marketing portion of the company. They relied on the word of mouth strategy but the competitors focused on their marketing strategies and made a way forward to the “Ebay” in the section of recognition. But later on when “Ebay” focused on its marketing strategy then the organisation attracted many new users and also tied up with other countries online portals.  A business exchange model was build up where the people and the dealers were addressing the fast growing small business market. From the last few years “Ebay” made a joint venture with “Facebook” that has agreed to partner for the text and graphical representation on the basis of the advertisement with “Google” and “Yahoo”. “Ebay” has also focused on mobile marketing by focusing on the consumers to purchase more and more product through their mobile networks and as a report states that, in “2009” the organisation has grown up with more than “$600 million” of sales. Coming towards the local market it is seen that “Ebay” has acquired some of the local companies involved in the e-commerce market for that addition of local or regional flavour for their users and also for the sellers who find some difficulties in there shipment process such as “furniture, automobiles, antique products” and many other things (marketing ebay, 2019).
  • Security: There are many security restrictions in “Ebay” as it is a global site that can be accessed by both the buyers and sellers easily the security has to be very strong. According to the guidelines of “Ebay” it is said that a person should never reuse the same “Ebay” from any other source of device. The users should occasionally change their passwords and mail id in every one month to two months. The payment process done by the user from the site of “Ebay” should not be revealed to anyone expect the user. The organisation has provided some tips to keep the user id and password safe from any kind of hacking or disputes. To keep more alert for the security the user must apply with the concept of “2 step verification” that would help the user to get the information immediately as soon as possible when there is an attempt of hacking. Another way to keep the account safe is to regularly update the details of user so that if the company notices any unethical happening in their site they can directly inform the user as soon as possible. This will help the user as well as the “Ebay” to keep the security of the user safe and in the most suitable hands (Shyam sunder, 2002).

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  • Monitoring and Control: It is very essential for an organisation to keep a control and monitor the business. For monitoring and keeping a control on the site of “ebay”, the organisation looks on their website performance and the engagement of the customers. They also focuses on the speed of website so that the users are not tired of waiting for the page to load completed. The users generally don’t like to wait for the page loading process and thus they leave the site. To maintain the website at a good condition it is necessary to update the information and data on a regular basis. If in any case the website gets hampered or become faulty then the reputation of the brand and the trust of the users will be degraded. If the company keeps a look on their competitors then they can adapt the things that are going really well in their website and make it customised accordingly. For an e-commerce organisation it becomes very essential to create goodwill among the users and the customers by creating a “fast website load speed, quality product descriptions, customer engagement, after sales services support” can help to build a reputation on the mind of the customers and users (Miller, 2005).
  • Analytical Opportunities: An analytical ability can help an organisation to grow in upward direction. The app developed by the “Ebay” company can tell anything related to their auction of products and services offered to both buyers and seller at any point of time. The auction may include:
  • The place in the website for the search results
  • The number of clicks made by different users on the website of applications
  • The information about the competitors on the same products or services offered
  • The list of best and the worst performance on the website
  • The number of people who occasionally had searched for the similar products or services in the website.
  • The users can also use “smart counter analytics” that would give them a set of details that may include the national or regional success rates and the sites that have been visited by the users for most of the time.
  • LEGAL ISSUES:  There are some guideline through which “Ebay” abides by its rules and policies. The guidelines states that as per the guidelines of the company many a times “Ebay” has made refunds for their customers who needed it at times. As it is known that every business needs a licence to start its work but there is no such rule for “Ebay” because the company has restricted some of the items that would require a “licence” to buy or sell the products on the “e-commerce” platform. 

With such big organisations many legal formalities are being involved that helps the organisation to run smoothly and maintain the work standards as the companies guidelines. “Ebay” is one of the largest online platforms to buy and sell the products and services to various people across the globe. As all other site of e-commerce the “Ebay” also has some issues with their sites. The website has noticed some complaints about the product that some of the products are not the original one i.e. they are stolen products that the seller has sold the buyer. The customer services are also not up to the mark that will make the users feel come again for the sale and purchase of their products or services. 

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From all the above discussion we can conclude that the e-commerce website “Ebay” has expanded its branches all across the globe. Being one of those companies, those are doing the auction of the products and services to sell and buy on the basis of some legal guideline. So with time the company will take its place to more upward direction and make the world more global in terms of the online selling and purchasing platform. The increasing demand of the people and the less time in hand, this type of organisations will grow and reach to its best levels in the market.


As there are many issues that can be sought out while implementation, monitoring and control of the website there is a need to analyse those factors that created an impact on the mind of the customers. While monitoring the website it should always be kept in mind that the companies are required to monitor the engagement of the customers for the benefit of the customers. So if it is made possible for the organisation to keep a record of customer engagement on a weekly basis it would help in the increase in the revenue generation and also help in maintain the customer for a longer period of time.


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