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E-Scooters Case Study Sample

Case Study: E-Scooters


  • Research Methodology
  • Method used
  • Importance of the topic
  • Research location
  • Research questions
  • Bibliography


Research Methodology

E-scooters have been very widely available throughout the world. The most important thing that can be concluded from the E-scooters is the way they are helping is saving the environment. The electric cycle has been most loved by the people and sure to protect the nature in every possible way (ssnr, 2020).

People who have been very much concerned about the environment can use the electric scooters and stop being in the guilt. The electric scooters are some way or the other definitely exploiting the resources. It is wise to say that being so advanced, it takes comparatively less space to park the scooters. The technological advancements in the commutation has increased to such an extent that people have started to consume more of it.

The environment is being protected for sure but then the consumption of electricity can also be seen which is in turn again depleting the essential resources

People in Berlin have started to take help of the electric scooter which is resulting is improper parking space for other shared morbidities. This is calling in for a manual labor incurring a lot of cost (Energy sage, 2019). 

Method used

The research that has been conducted here while doing the project was purely primary. The physical presence in Berlin was done through which the situation was easily understood. The E-scooters were seen parked in most parts of city with a designated parking spot. 

It is clearly evident that the parking manners are the only de-merit of the entire process. Precisely each and every time there is shared mobility in the market the chance of not getting appropriate place for the place enters. 

Since there as the use of primary method the chances of having errors are very less. The project needed a lot of precise details which was only possible when there was physical experience of the place. 

The data collection was done on the basis of the situation that could have been seen. The primary data collection has certain steps that can be adopted so as to find the correct way of finding the data. 

The interview and the questionnaire method of data collection was also done which helped in getting exact response from people and the prime reason behind the activities that lead to the improper parking of the vehicles.

  • Observation Method 
  • Interview method
  • Questionnaire (research method, 2020)

The observation method of the data was done. This included the visionary experience of the entire matter for an easy understanding. It is believed that observation method is one of the most important.

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Importance of the topic

Wild parking has been a issue that the people are frustrated with. Due to wild parking others do not get a fair and a proper place to park their scooters. The over use of the commodity has led to long road blocks and pedestrian pathways have been filled with the scooter. This is one of the most worrying issues that Berlin is facing currently. The minimal amount of care needs be taken by the people so that they can easily take control of the thing manually and work on that. 

For a matter of fact, not everyone is having the similar traits of not following the parking space. Most of the users of the scooters are strictly following the rules and parking their own scooters in the designated area. The majority of the people who are using the shared mobility are not making sure to park them in the appropriate manner. (electric scooters, 2020)

It is very much essential to know the steps or the ways by which the government is planning for a policy which will ensure that the electric scooters are parked properly initially the 

Research location

The research was conducted in Munich outside the subways, just beside the easy availability. It was seen that most of the people are using the electric scooters, was by the people who were starting with the ride or ending the ride. Responses were recorded and were evaluated with the scenarios. 

It was found on a general assumption that most of the people wish to park the scooter properly but cannot do that because of some reasons which are the improper parking of the other bikes. This leads to the chain of problems.  Subways see lot passengers who travel a lot of short distance. The electric scooters have been one of the most active commute for people with short distance and they equally help in saving a lump sum of amount on the expenses of the same. 

The survey and the questionnaire had many questions regarding the behavior of the people and the intentions that they have. 

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Research questions

The research question that can arises during the preparation of the project are the many but among of them the most important one are –

Are the E-scooters parked in the designated parking areas or just anywhere on the road?


According to survey it was found that most of the people wanted to make sure that the parking spot is being utilized properly. But because of the other rides and improper parking they could not park the scooters properly. Another reason that can be seen that is persisting the issue of wild parking is the inadequate amount of space that is being felt by most of the people. It is very much important for Government of Berlin to make sure that there is enough space allocated for the parking of the scooter and other shared morbidities. (Menezes, 2019)

Being an asset of the Government and the private firms it is very much essential to focus of the technological advancements that have been done because of which the environment has been upgraded a lot from what the city has seen. Precisely after the existence of the E-scooters the stress on the public commute and traffic was seen to be in control. 

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Reason behind people parking in the inappropriately?

he main reason behind people not parking the vehicles properly is literally the carelessness that can be seen among people. But because of them, rest of the people need to suffer as they do not find proper parking space resulting is lateral parking killing a lot space and area. 

There are many practical reasons as well which are hugely hampering the parking space or area. As discussed earlier that there are many issues regarding the allocated parking space and because of the same reason. Government has come with many ideas where a proper idea regarding the parking can be made. 

The use of one on one survey was done which had helped a lot in understand and turned into a proper response sheet which was then evaluated and considered for the fact that they are great way of finding out the information’s. (b my parking, 2020)

Apart from that there are several reasons like the parking location. Parking location is one of the most important issues. Since most of the parking spaces are pretty far away from the user’s destination. The user often is in hurry and just want to drop the scooters because of the sake of doing it. 

Mix use of parking is yet another reason because of which the parking is a great problem. In the mix parking people can park the bikes, cars and any other vehicles in a parking lot. This makes the parking space very much compact and does not allow the parking of small and compact scooters. (skyline parking, 2020)

How to incorporate the idea of proper parking?

Opinion from the users has been taken which was very much helpful in the recording the ways by which one can easily improve the parking space. This was done with people who were seen using the scooters and was done in one on one interaction and this had led to suggestions and advice that people have so as to improve the situations. Most of them believed that the basic thing that can be done was to take self initiative so that people can easily be changed. From the government point of view it is essential to make sure that most of the parking space that are being made should have adequate amount of  parking spaces and do not collide with each other. 

Since E-scooters need a place to charge up, often people try to pitch for place which has a good voltage where the charge can be done with an ease and another trip can be begun. The simplest form or advice that can be given to people is to make sure of that the judicious use of resources is being done so that there is a longer duration of the usage. (biodiversity Az, 2020)

People will have to take a initiative and make sure that each and every scooter that is on the road is being taken care of properly or else there will be severe consequence. The best way to utilize the shared mobility is to think of the long term rather than the short term goals. If the long term is achieved then the chances of sustaining of these technological advancements can be done. 

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