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Case Study One: 2

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Case Study One:

Answer 1

The above case study clarifies that, the main priorities of Disney is to represent its qualitative service and as well as client acceptance as well. Quality of service could be considered as one of the finest way to work along with the organization growth. By providing appropriate service to clients, one client recycle will be established which could be defined as one of the specific objective of client acceptance. 

Customers of the industry expects effective service from the organization as the name Disney is attached furthermore the organization need to ensure that all the rides should  be safe and there need to be appropriate incident management plan if any happens over the place as well. Disney needs to consider this issues as these are paramount in nature and also this deals with cost whereas schedule is considered as one of the secondary entity for the process which is being carried out. The organization needs to look after the safety factor and need to make sure that the process will be appropriate with both risk and incident management plan as the reputation of the organization  needs to be taken care for the betterment of the plan and as well as also to earn revenue also (Kerzner, 2017). 

 Moreover there should be accuracy in each step with the building style and topography and also this trip considers multiple artifacts which had been gathered by the localities of Nepal in regards to Disney. These may impact on the cost but for Disney overall impact of this will impact the business function of the organization. Furthermore the business functions of the project needs to be carried out in an effective manner which will help to stand with the reputation of the organization and as well as will also help to enhance the revenue of the organization (Bee, Brooks, Fraser, & Lovell, 2015). 

Answer 2

An organization need to work in an effective manner and also need to add innovative processes which will help in going though customer satisfaction. Disney is working on the project with appropriate attention that the customers will not only ride but they will experience the ride with an extraordinary approach.  By providing a specific experience to the customers the place will be reckoned and each person will have one desire to experience Disney. This will help the place to generate revenue and also will help to go along with generating more revenue for the organization and also to find enough space to make the place more popular. 

To conduct the above explained approach Disney needs to consider the construction and an effective ground view which will help to distract customers from the length and as well as also this will help in conducting a good enough environment to for the customers to remember the place. Furthermore Disney also needs to consider the ground as one of the factor which will help in enhancing the environment and will also help in going through producing money for at the same time. The ground of the ride should be utilized to build some restaurants and moreover there needs to be several sports and small rides with games as well which will help to generate revenue for the organization and at the mean time it will also enhance the experience of the customers (Steina & Ramaseshanb, 2016). 

Study Case Two

Answer 3

Rolls Royce is one of the ultra luxurious company which deals with automobile manufacturing nowadays dealing along with both the aerospace and the marine industry. Furthermore stakeholders of the organization are known as the interested persons who are interested in the business. Direct stakeholders of the organization could be considered as the customers of the organization which are Boeing and Airbus in the commercial stage and also it manufactures for the military use as well. Another one stakeholder could be considered as the National government of the company and also the government subsides the company also, therefore the quality of work needs to be particular and furthermore the organization also need to work along with skilled workers as well. With the customers also the creditors, suppliers and the competitors of the organization could be considered as the stakeholders as well. 

The Rolls Royce addresses it’s all customers in a good manner as for a smooth conduction of a business support of the stakeholders are considered as one of the vital component. If any of the stakeholders of Rolls Royce opposes actions of the organization then the organization may affected in a heavy manner. Therefore Rolls Royce needs to pay specific attention to the stakeholders of the organization to conduct a well defined business. A perfect stakeholder analysis could be considered as one of the best factor to deal along with the business in accordance to all aspects. Both the stakeholders of one organization will help in going along with nonmonetary and monetary benefits of the stakeholders. For such thing a project team needs to be created which will help in going along with the needs of its stakeholders. Moreover the organization also needs to seek attention of stakeholders as the business will seek support from all the stakeholders of the organization (Hatherly, 2016).

Answer 4

There are generally five stages of project management which had been explained as follows, 

Proposal or Initiation of Project: Before going through a project the need of the project needs to be initialized which will help in finding out the return for a business in both the feasibility study and a well as business case also. 

Planning: After the finalization of the project plan needs to be plotted this will help in considering the necessary approaches for a project and to draw a discrimination and communication report upon the project. 

Execution: Following the plan in a well defined manner could be considered as the execution of the plan. 

Control and Monitor: There could be several issues which may arise above the project and that needs to be monitored which is known as monitoring and controlling the project. 

Close: After finding the deliverable from the project the final call is considered as to close the project (Malsam, 2018).

Answer 5

There are a lot of tools which could be used for the given methods of project management out of which some appropriate tools had been drawn below,

Communication: There are several communication tools which could be used over the project and that needs to be done above the organization with proper software tools which includes Click Meeting, Workflow Max and a lot as well. 

Planning and Schedule: This is one the tool which will help in going through proper arrangement of all the procedures and this includes Gantt chart, Task list and a lot as well. 

Monitoring: Logic Network is considered as one of the tool which is utilized for the specific management of all the process including and monitoring all the tasks as well. 

Documentation: There are a lot of tools as Network Diagram, Critical Path Finder which will help in going through the whole project. 


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Answer 6

There are several factors which will help in motivating both the employees and me throughout the project and some of them had been explained as follows, 

The value of the employees for the project needs to be explained to them.

The management needs to be loyal along with the employees

Working condition needs to be good enough 

And  there should be appreciation for the work of the employees

Through the project there needs to be career advancement opportunities for the employees working under the project (Eardly, 2019).

Answer 7

External factors are considered as one of the finest element which affects the business and changes in a business in several ways which had been explained below with the political factor, 

Political factor are considered as one of the best and foremost way to deal along with the organization. For betterment in the organization there should be appropriate policies which will help in the organization during any kind of changes in the organization. 

And the second strategy which needs to be considered as the FTA  which is abbreviated from Free Trade Agreement, and deals along with the political relation of one country with another. Through FTA one company can deal along with another in a less customized taxation process (PESTLE Analysis, 2015). 

Answer 8

There are generally three principles of Treaty of Waitangi generally which had been described as follows, 

Partnership: Maori people needs to be included in the business process of the organization. 

Participation: There always needs to be priority for the Maori community for the organization. 

Protection: The organization needs to have schemes which will protect the Maori community (New Zealand History, 2019). 

Answer 9

Following are the two values which had been described as per follows, 

Rangatiratanga: This is known as the way through which Maoris occur the independence and self determination as well. This could be a strategy for one organization to go along with the partnership and to evaluate several beneficial schemes of the government. 

Kaitiakitanga: This is known as guardianship, these needs to be utilized y one organization to protect the community of Maoris (TEARA, 2019). 

Answer 10

Following are the two ways through which a multicultural team can achieve success in its processes, 

Through this there will be more understanding and the cultural difference of all the members will be respected as well. 

As all the team members will be from several cultures so there will be a chance to innovate several ideas which will shoot all the cultures and moreover this will also help in the implementation of the plan in all the areas as well (Nintex, 2016). 


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