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  • An efficient technique for risk assessment in component based software architecture using Clustering and classification.
  • Hybrid optimization-Fuzzy k means clustering based Software Reliability Prediction
  • Software Fault Detection based Reliability Growth Modelling Using Enhanced BAT optimization algorithm.
  • Software reliability growth model prediction using Hybrid Dolphin Swarm Optimization approach
  • Maintainability prediction of open source software using Adaptive genetic neural network.
  • Machine learning approaches for software reliability prediction with the aid of optimized clustering algorithms.
  • Premature Recital Analysis of Cloud Computing Services with profit optimization for Scientific Computing.
  • Sightseeing Interrogation Optimization Methods in Interpersonal Databases
  • Optimization of Computer Network for Resourceful Enhancement using artificial intelligence
  • Demonstration and Optimization for large scale data established on Hadoop
  • The classification technique for the face spoof detection in an artificial neural network.
  • Neuromorphic computing computer vision.
  • online fraud detection.
  • the purpose technique for prediction analysis in data mining.
  • virtual personal assistant’s predictions.
  • most enormous data breach in the 21st century.
  • understanding authorization infrastructures.
  • cybersecurity while downloading files.
  • social engineering and its importance.
  • How to negotiate a service level platform.
  • backup options for the cloud.
  • Secure data management, within and across data centers.
  • Cloud access control and key management.
  • secure computation outsourcing.
  • adaptive systems and models at runtime.
  • machine to machine communications and IoT.
  • Routing and control protocols.
  • 5G Network and internet of things.
  • Body sensors networks, smart portable devices.
  • Natural language processing
  • Cloud/Fog/Edge computing
  • Context-aware computing
  • Mining (Data, Web, Audio, as well as Video)
  • Human-computer interaction system
  • Network security
  • Digital forensic architecture
  • Big data analysis
  • Quantum computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Networking (Sensor, Multimedia, Adhoc, Softwarization, and Virtualization)
  • Internet of things (WoT, IoV, IoE, IIoT, FoE)
  • A case study of Action Design Research for privacy risk management engineering
  • A cross-cultural exploration of online community newcomer behaviour 
  • A dependency modelling approach for the management of ontology-based integration systems
  • A domain knowledge driven information uplift approach for network monitoring
  • A flexible explanation system for case-based reasoning
  • A flexible framework for distributed shared objects
  • A framework for instrument monitoring on the grid
  • A delay and disruption tolerant transport layer protocol
  • A framework for the delivery and evaluation of personalised multilingual information retrieval
  • A generic framework for grid-enabled visualisation and computational steering, and its characterisation
  • A holistic approach to mobile robot navigation using omnidirectional vision
  • A scalable and reconfigurable shared memory architecture for large-scale graphics applications
  • A multi-faceted model of trust that is personalisable and specialisable
  • A policy based framework for real time charging in next generation networks
  • A risk probability estimation method for security assessment in global computing
  • A slot-based approach to optimise freeway traffic using Intelligent Vehicles
  • A knowledge-light approach to regression using case-based reasoning
  • A state-of-the-art toolkit for document clustering
  • A convex optimisation approach to optimal control in queueing systems
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