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Change Management Report Sample

Report: Change Management

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Task 1 3

1.1 One principle of change management and innovation 3

1.2 Principle that has been applied to the organization Timberland 3

1.3 Another principle of change management and innovation 4

1.4 Principle that has been applied to the organization Timberland 4

Task 2 4

2.1 Theory related to change management model and innovation 4

2.2 Application of one model in improving the strategic performance 5

2.3 Second theory related to model of change management and innovation 6

2.4 Application of the model in improving the strategic performance of the organization 7

Models of innovation 8

Conclusion 9

References 10


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In this particular study, the researcher will talk about the Timberland Company of New Zealand. They will discuss about some principles, models and theories that could be used by Timberland Company to enhance their business in terms of success. The researcher will discuss about 2 principles, 2 theories and 2 models of innovation and change management. In addition with that, they will also assess the most effective model, principles and theories that can be use by the company to enhance their business growth.

Task 1

1.1 One principle of change management and innovation

Creating and searching Innovative ideas: The first step in the process of innovation is when people start to convert their problems into ideas in order to solve those problems. Innovative ideas are born through obstacles, problems. It is essential for Timberland New Zealand to build an environment where problems are welcomed and questions are being encouraged in order to be their innovation strategy effective. Now innovative ideas can come from any corner of the company. The company must analyze and implement it effectively. In 2017, Timberland New Zealand introduced a new type of Boots which are made from the recovered old plastic bottles from Haiti beaches (Bailey, 2018). 

1.2 Principle that has been applied to the organization Timberland

Maintaining external and internal stakeholders: Hiring skilled and passionate employees is essential for an organization as they contribute maximum in the company’s overall performance. At the same time terminating employees who are not suitable for the organization and replacing them with skilled ones is also a part of change management. Currently, Timberland New Zealand has 23,245 employees working for them all over the world. Their management model includes a strategy regarding auditing their employees and other external stakeholders performance from time to time. This approach helps them to manage and improve their stakeholders. In 2015, Timberland New Zealand terminated almost 15.8% of its total employees due to poor performance and cut off taking supplies from 85 external stakeholders, mostly supply chain workers, due to their poor management and service. Continuation of this particular strategy will surely help them to get rid of any poor and ineffective workers and replace them with skilled ones, who will produce effective results (Burke, 2017).   

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1.3 Another principle of change management and innovation

Maintenance of innovation strategy system: Timberland New Zealand has maintained and improved its innovative strategy model and system from time to time in order to be efficient. An innovation system is formals which are designed and implemented by leaders, and informal which are made outside of established channels. Timberland New Zealand has separated its innovation model into three segments. Those are the Inline team, who focus on global customer segments along with product innovation as per seasonal calendar and brand marketing. Speed team who handles responses related to products that are developed quickly and sent to markets. It is really a well-structured innovation approach as due to this, Timberland New Zealand does not have to depend on only one department to process and manage their innovation, but many departments are working together to build and achieve something great.

1.4 Principle that has been applied to the organization Timberland

Managing cultural diversity of workplace: Managing organizational workplace cultural diversity is also essential. It enables employees to work with more efficiency, convey their messages, and overcome obstacles they are facing more easily. Timberland New Zealand has a special bi-cultural management team that trains employees and managers about different cultural and addresses the issues they are facing while working with other members from different cultural backgrounds. In addition to these, employees must carry out a conversation with other employees, build bonds among them.

Task 2

2.1 Theory related to change management model and innovation


Culture of innovation and innovative behaviour: Creating a culture of innovation, which is a business momentum, is essential as it helps an organization to make sure that their corporate environment and culture drive innovative ideas. For Timberland their corporate culture varies from region to region and country to country. But at the same time, it could be beneficial for them. Timberland New Zealand should audit and improve their corporate culture from time to time in order to build an innovative cultural environment as the way they feel right. In addition to this, they must not copy the corporate cultural strategy of other famous companies like Google in order to drive innovative behaviors (Cummings, 2016). 


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Change management

Life cycle: Timberland Company follows this theory of change to ensure the successful execution of the entire operation on waterproof boots. The predefined procedures of making waterproof boots are mentioned in the chart of Timberland Company which is needed to change linearly in case of the entire operation on the waterproof boots.

Teleological: Timberland Company has the objectives to expand the waterproof boots business by satisfying the customers with the unique technology and comfort, anti-fatigue features. The interaction of Timberland Company ensures the internal as well as external stakeholders to gain the ultimate goals for waterproof boots which are predefined.

2.2 Application of one model in improving the strategic performance

McKinsey 7S Model

It is the most effective model which has an assessment of the change of the internal condition of Timberland Company. This model is proposed by the consultants of business named Tom Peter and Robert H. Waterman in 1980. The units of the business of Timberland Company have the inclination with the vision of 7S which are the measurement tools to observe the effective change in order to ensure high-quality performance. The framework of McKinsey 7S is divided into two parts of S. They are mentioned below.

  • Hard S: Hard elements are easier to define and understand and their quantification is also definable in nature. Timber Company manufactures waterproof boots that have three Hard S elements among 7S. They are given below. 
  • Strategy: The effective strategies are adapted to reduce the pressure coming from rivalry companies. Timberland Company uses a unique strategy to manufacture waterproof boot by going through the boots under the hydrostatic testing and the special membrane is used with the sole to make it more flexible.
  • Structure: Timberland Company reports on the basis of the chart of the company which mentions the management cycle to provide the working report from which department to which one. Waterproof boots are first proposed by the creators, then the risk management analyzes the risk factors of the market, innovation management implements the membrane, comfort, anti-fatigue features to increase the performance level, decision-making team decides about the launching period and other features to launch the waterproof boot in the market.

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  • System: The manufactures of waterproof boots are done by focusing on the unique technological innovation on a regular basis. The most concentration is paying due to its importance on the expansion of waterproof boots business. The strong teams are formed which have the motivation to produce waterproof boots by measuring the strength level. The anti-fatigue and comfort features are used with a high level of the testing procedure to sustain and improve the waterproof shoe business (Nambisan, 2017).
  • Soft S: Soft S is tricky to define and the quantification is harder. Timber Company manufactures waterproof boots that have four Soft S elements among 7S. The elements of soft S are given below.
  • Shared values: It is placed at the center of the model which signifies the other 6S are developing on the basis of the center values. Waterproof boots include a collar with the padded facility to make the irritation low. The weight of the latest promoting waterproof boot model name is Flume Waterproof is 1 lb.
  • Skills: The skills of the employees of waterproof boot make rare implemented wisely. The in-depth research on the rivalry group is helpful in compete in the competitive market. The market share of Timberland Company on the waterproof boot is approx 6.62%
  • Style: The new style is implemented according to the needs of the customers. The latest style boot is Flume waterproof boot is including rubber soles instead of fixed soles. The padded collars add extra advantage as if the collar is damaged; the users have experienced a little irritation.
  • Staff: The waterproof boot maker’s employees should be able to face the critical market situation and increase the tolerance level of the waterproof boots by appointing experienced candidates.

2.3 Second theory related to model of change management and innovation


  • Investing in smaller projects: Budgets for smaller level innovations, which will enable them to invest in low budget projects that are risky and more likely to fail. Timberland New Zealand should follow this mechanism which will enable them to try out more experiments faster at a low cost. Any employees from the organization who have an idea to try or do initial market research, the company should provide them with a preset 

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Change management

  • Evolution: This theory is based on the changing rate of the cycle continuously. The change is done on the several units of the waterproof boots. The variation of the waterproof boots, retention of them and the qualified selection of the boots. Timberland Company launches its waterproof shoes in the market place on a regular basis. Their new trend is Flume waterproof boot which is available at a reliable price.
  • Dialectic: This theory concentrates on the existence of the business of Timberland Company by making a change of the structure which can oppose the forces coming from the outside. The rivalry companies are also manufacturing the waterproof boot. Hence, it is important to add extra features to the boots by analyzing the market conditions and demands of the customers. Extra padding collar facility is added inside the sole to make the product sustain (Gaziulusoy, 2015).

2.4 Application of the model in improving the strategic performance of the organization

Change management theory


This model has eight different stages and each stage follows the principles of change management accordingly. The researcher is going to discuss about the objectives of the Kotter model in the following section-

The employee needs to understand the urgency of the work and complete it before deadline, so that they can be able to reach to their goals and objectives in a short time.

The Timberland Company needs to build a proper team of the employees who have proper skills, knowledge about the work.

The company needs to get the proper vision through considering the objectives and creativity of the employees.

The company needs to make proper communication with the employees of the company to avoid miscommunication.

The company needs to support the employee while moving various things.

The organization needs to focus on their short term and long term goals in terms of expand their business

The company needs to struggle all the time to achieve their goals. Giving up from current field does not make the company stay longer.

The company needs to reinforce the changes and make changes which are required in the organizational culture of the company.


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Models of innovation

Innovation develops new ideas by supporting the financial condition and its’ vision and mission statement of Timberland Company. Timberland is a shoemaker company getting popularity on manufacturing an excellent quality of waterproof boot which has the greatest effect on the fashion industry. The models of innovation are designed wisely to avoid a critical business situation. Timberland Company has better models of innovation than its competitors which help the company to hold its position in the competitive market.

Creator: Timberland Company is a highly innovative company. The waterproof boot of Timberland Company has the popularity not only in the local market but the global market also. The creators of Timberland Company had proposed the proposal to manufacture waterproof boot in 1972 which was able to hit the market and gain 5.35% market share at that time. At present, the demands of waterproof shoes are noticeable in the market. Creators have the concentration to implement the comfort system on the basis of sensor flex, insulation so on which has the extra addition of higher qualities on the waterproof boot.

Solution builder: Solution builder of Timberland Company has a special concentration on the satisfaction of the customers and analyze the market condition of the waterproof boot. According to the market condition of the waterproof boot, it is shown that Timberland manufactures waterproof boot in 1972 by including the extra comfortable technology which is preferable by the customers. The anti-fatigue feature is also added to attract the attention of the customers. Water resist materials are used to manufacture waterproof boot to ensure the feet of the customers are free from wetness and keep it dry as well as warm (Hornstein, 2015).

Leverages: The creation of a superior model is done by leverages to growth the business of Timberland Company at a faster rate. The waterproof boots are manufactured not only use to protect the feet from water but follow the fashion statement also. The waterproof boots are manufacturing by considering the latest fashion design to attract customers and enhance the business worldwide. This superior model should have innovativeness to grow the business.

Expander: The new capabilities are required for Timberland Company to adjacent with the market and expand the business. The new technologies are implemented to ensure that there is no leakage in the boot. This is done by attaching the membrane to resist water with the sole. The membrane is as much width as possible to protect feet from the water. The specifications are WRU or WR which mentioned on the shoe to identify whether it is waterproof or not (Nambisan, 2017). 


It could be concluded through the research that the Timberland Company needs to occupy the Mckinley model and Kotter model in their business which may help the company to grow the business in an effective way. Along with this, the company needs to adopt new culture which helps them to communicate with each other and make innovation in their culture as well.

This is a Change Management report sample  From our experts get your report right now

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