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Case Study On Apple

Case Study: Apple

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Apple is one of the best companies to provide software in its patent devices. Apple worldwide shares its devices like the Apple AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple iPhone, Apple MacBook laptops. Apple has the highest number of consumers. Most of which belong to the Middle East of the European countries. 

Apple has been a dream company for many to work with, because of its hospitality towards the employees. Founded in 1976. Apple Inc is valued for $1.3 trillion as of 2020. The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs had a clear vision to give people a user-friendly and structural experience of the devices.

Steve, started his career by building computers in his backyard which got popular and had become a savior to the world. As days passed it was witnessed that Steve was not only keen on building computers but also wanted to build different devices.

On June 27th, 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to people who had amazing features and user interface. Till now Apple has launched 6 varieties in their Phone category and every time there is increased sales. 

Apple has a large number of items to share among. Over the period Apple has made sure that it is achieving full marks for its quality. Prices of Apple products are a bit high when compared to certain brands but the quality and features they offer are very distinctive. 


Hofstede’s theory on the product of Apple to society is very simple. Apple products have very much helped society increasing the value of the members. Today people have the freedom of buying a phone or a watch made by apple in no time. 

Today one does not even need a computer as Apple IPad does most of the work. Earlier people would need different devices for a different purpose. For example, if I want to listen to music, I would need an iPod, to transfer song one would need their laptop. That was the same place where all the data are stored. Today one iPhone solves all the issues. One can easily access the mails, check for newly released songs. Download them and listen on the go.  Things have become much more simplified. 

Apple claims that it has the best employee engagement. According to apple, it brushes the entire work done on the last week on Monday Meetings. This is generally done to ensure all the branches are on the same process and can progress together. 

Apple gives its employees the freedom to choose and innovate what they want. When all the members are doing the best to solve something, there is a unified diversion of interests and capabilities. 

At Apple, there is no P&L because they believe that this can cause harm to innovation. The only P&L is given to the Finance department. 


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The office surrounding plays a vital role in the motivation of the people. People at Apple Silicon Valley Park consider themselves to be lucky for being able to work in Apples Futuristic office. The office is made in such a way that it attracts and provides an ideal workplace. Apple claims that people feel well connected to the office.

The only reason behind case study on Apple being the best in the market is because it provides the best customer service. It hands out surveys to its customers who can suggest new ideas and innovations. 

Apple believes that diversity among groups can make a better appeal to the products designed by Apple. Certain things should be learned by other organization (Joseph, 2020)

Leaderships is a very important aspect of any organization. Leadership brings in more responsibility as well. Not only a responsibility but there are many more things associated with the skills. 

Since it is hard to predict the path of apple, they have to choose people who would lead and create the best way for the future. The leaders choose to let the employees do all the innovative things so that they become leaders of the future. Employees of Apple get all the things that they want to do or wish for. 

The socio-cultural factors are greatly influenced by Apple. Employees are encouraged to maintain a social life. Apple has its place where employees can sit and have some chit chat. At apple, everyone loves to have an open conversation. 

UK market is much more focused in terms of Business and is very strict with the norms. The UK wants perfection and quality-oriented business ideas. It does not let anyone divert their attention to anything unusual or else they mace face an adverse effect. The UK is equally innovative and knows how to handle employees. They have a lot of other ways of makeup for recreational activities. (Brand Culture, 2020)

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Apple has one of the best qualities in terms of the office environment. It always tries to provide the best surroundings so that the office can give enormous time and room for the betterment of employees. 

Innovation at Apple is one of the key factors which determines the efficiency of employees. They encourage people to have a say in what they feel about a particular project or item. Apple not only has a lot of fans but also has a lot of loyal customers. People who have been using Apple products for a very long time know the value of money. Study case on Apple  ensures that there is total satisfaction of quality so that the user interface is having an easy time. 

For a very long time, Apple is busy building its inventory. With new features and betterment apple promises that they do not need to compete as there is no other company that has such a fan base. To sum up, Apple cannot be eliminated as it has already acquired the place in the hears of people. 


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