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Case Study Event Management Plan Sample

Case Study: Event Management plan

Event Summary

The Annual Canadian Convention in January 2021 is held in “Toronto,Ontario”. Toronto has been chosen this year for the conference as this conference destination changes every year and takes turns across the country and in this year, it is going to be Toronto. The conference has been held in a number of cities like Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec City, and Halifax. It is going to be a full day conference like every year. The comprehensive appearance of people at the Annual 

National conference has steadily expanded and escalated every year. 

The membership for the Canadian Convention has also increased subsequently over the last five years. The urge to belong in the community has increased from the number of three hundred to six hundred members across Canada. 

Last year in Halifax, About 150 members attended the conference in the last year which was held in Halifax. Among which 75% of the attendees were women. The conference has opened the registration to only the members of the CAIEP of which there are at present six hundred members across Canada. It clearly states that only 25% of their membership from Canada took part in the previous year’s conference. This membership covers event planners who are well equipped with events like wedding, tradeshow, conference, corporate, charity, Festivals as well as the suppliers such as event venues, hotels, caterers, Audio/Visual Production, Décor, floral. Every year the CAIEP focuses and brings “a new theme and tagline” for the conference that steadily concentrates on the main motive and vision of the conference and also captures its vision and mission and also fascinates and charms the people who attend the show. A keen attentiveness and engrossment from the attendees of the conference has been shown with a form of request to have an inspirational and motivational speaker at the opening plenary session that has a powerful and intriguing message. Mostly the attendees of the conference want to seek an amazing educational encounter along with submission to new vendors and it is also going to present an occasion to web with their colleagues of the same industry.

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Theme chosen for the Event


As it has been mentioned earlier, the Annual Canadian Convention is being held in Toronto in January 2021. The members of the Canadian convention has increased in numbers over the last five years and there were 150 members presented in the convention among which 75% were women. Like every year, a theme is to be ascertained with the event. The theme the company has thought about is “There’s no more stopping us”. At the verge of the feminist movements prevalent around the globe, where political and student campaigns are occurring on the improvement of problems such as sexual and domestic violence, maternity leave, equal payment, reproductive righteousness, women’s enfranchisement, sexual harassments, the company thought this theme would be an excellent subject matter for the conference. It would be relevant in today’s date and would be for the betterment not only for women but for the entire society. It would be a perfect chance to be educated on the issue and apply our education for the amelioration of the environment. This theme also strike on the head of the event planners as most of the members who attended the conference at the previous year in Halifax were women and it is to be guessed that even this year, the larger section of the conference would be filled by women. By choosing such a rising issue as the theme, the event would attract more membership. These would also allure the local independent women vendors. The women fashion venders are widening their businesses in Toronto and this event would tempt and lure the vendors into it. The presence of motivational speaker was requested by a lot of attendees. Margaret Atwood, the author of the famous book “The Handmaid’s Tale” and poetries, is requested to come and deliver a speech in the opening plenary. She is old-aged and does not do events now but she couldn’t abominate the call for such an informatory cause. The slogans and logos would be particularly designed by the management team.


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Preliminary budget 


Estimation of the costs and profits perfectly is important for making a successful event. The event budget is the most important thing of the event management. The budget is carved up into different strata’s. Facility costs like infrastructure are incurred such as expansion of a parking lot. The continuing operation costs provides facilities like preservation and repairing costing, ground landscaping and insurance costings, which is estimated to cost around CA$ 300.This kind of events would take up a number of laborers and technicians as it is divided into different parts and sections, this section would call for CA$300. The audio visual equipment would cost approx. 200 dollars and the other necessary apparatus would cost about CA$ 100 more. The amalgamation of the transport expense and the refreshment which would be given to the guests at their arrival would cost up to CA$ 100.The security which is a salient and important task for the planners would take approx. 200 dollars as it is quite a large event. The entire event could go astray if the security is not steady and firm. “Hilton Toronto “is a five star hotel in Toronto in which the event is taking place. The ball room of the hotel would allow using Free WIFI and would also charge less as they are getting promoted by such an event. A top rated photographer, videographer would be present at the venue till the event is finished, for which they are going to charge about CA$50.One of the most reputed speakers and writer would be joining in the event which would make the brand more seen hence the popularity would increase. The venue and the speaker would roughly cost around CA$ 500. The potential budget of the whole event is approx. CA$ 1750. 

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This is a case study event management plan sample From our experts get your report right now


The management would try to negotiate and lessen the prices at few places. The expenses can increase and decrease too depending on the circumstances. This is the estimation of the potential budget.

Status Update Document

The pace of the steps would be steady but quick as there are only six months left for the event. The following are the procedures taken by the event management company are :-

  • Plan the event and set the goal and objectives.
  • Booking of the venue.
  • Organization of a team of technicians and workers.
  • Observation of the team and assure the efficiency in the work.
  • Establishment of the budget.(Negotiable)
  • Branding of the event.
  • Advertising and Promotion.
  • Establishment of Partnerships and lure Investors and Sponsors.

The event management company would be responsible if the speaker does not make an appearance (though it is not applied under circumstances for instance environmental, health related etc.). The management would negotiate with the hotel committee and deliver a compact expense but would not promise the number of sponsors. Each and every kind of promotion be it social media promotion, banners, leaflets, newspapers, magazines, television and radio would be under the supervision of the managent company. The objective of the event looks comprehensible and profitable. 


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This is a case study event management plan sample From our experts get your report right now

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