Business Report On Canva

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Growth and Achievements
  • Conclusion
  • Reference


Canvas: Makes great designs more accessible


It is one of the graphic designing tool which is used for the purpose of designing logo, poster and also marketing presentations in an easy manner along with the help of a browser. This tool was developed in 2012 and provides a simplified way of designing as the website deals along with drag and drop system. This is used by both non-designers and as well as also by professionals, and includes both web design and printing purpose as well. The company was founded by Melanie Perkins in the year of 2012 and it is located in Sydney, Australia. In the initial year the website received more than 750,000 users and in the late 2014 Technology expert and Social Media marketer Guy Kawasaki joined the organization as one of the chief Evangelist. In the year of 2015 Canva lunched a tool which is convincing several organizations to go along with the organization for the betterment of the market (Merchant, 2019). 

Growth and Achievements 

The organization then went for great succession which helped it raise its revenue from 6.8 million AUD to 23.5 million AUD, and the organization found out several numbers of customers as well which includes 294,000 paid customers in its list. In the current condition the company had two offices over both Australia and San Francisco and had 200 numbers of employees working over it.  And in the early 2018 the organization received funding from several companies which include Felicis Venture, Blackbird Ventures and Sequoia Capital which raise the valuation of the organization into more than $ 1 Billion. 

And also with that year the organization also declared that it will be going along with Dropbox for the enhancement in its design and also to provide a particular platform in the case of images. The latest news of the organization is that the organization received a funding of 70 million AUD from General Catalyst which raised its valuation to $ 2.5 billion AUD with a $ 70 million (yosuccess, 2014). 

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Moreover the company had been found out success due to several features which had been explained below in details Canvas business report sample, 

  • Low Cost: This is the fact about which customers of Canva had been influenced. The websites costs too less for both designing and as well as downloading. Also along with this there are both free and membership plans which could be take for premium uses. 
  • Easy to Use: The website had a feature of drag and drop which helps to design smoothly and effectively in a well structured manner. The sign in and payment procedure is also good enough and that will help in going along with the smooth procedure to conduct it. 
  • Learn quickly: This is also one of the website which helps to learn graphic designing in an appropriate manner, both professionals and non-professionals can use this with knowledge or without knowledge about graphic designing (BRAND MINDS, 2018). 

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Moreover the reason behind the growth of the organization is the innovative idea and the renovation which had been done over the website in 2015 for business purpose. The organization also received a huge amount of investment over the project and the investment helped the organization to minimize losses and to generate revenue while being customer friendly in nature as well. Furthermore Canvas also represented itself in the international market in a well mannered way. By perfect social media marketing and providing valuable service to the customers the organization become more particular about its value and mission. Although the organization had been reached at a better height but the mission and objectives of the organization is being enhanced with a well maintained manner with the vision statement of the company. 

Furthermore the organization had a less number of competitors which is helping it to grow in the particular market and combining with Dropbox also helped the organization to reach in a secured position.  


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This is a sample business report of Canva  From our experts get your report right now

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