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Case Study On Disney And Rolls Royce

Case Study: Disney & Rolls Royce

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Answer 1

The case study which had been explained considers one important factor as client acceptance and as well as providing qualitative service from Disney. By providing qualitative service to the customers the organization will be able to go along with enhancement in reputation and revenue at the mean time. Client acceptance also could be described as by providing appropriate service to the customers and increasing the client lifecycle as well. The organization had a reputation over the market which needs to be also maintained by providing effective service and also considering safety as one of the important objective for the rides whereas there also needs to be an appropriate incident management plan for any kind of incidents which may happen over the place. The first and foremost priority of Disney need to be safety as this is one of the paramount factor and the second thing which needs to be considered is the scheduling of all the plans as well. The organization needs to take care about the safety factor as this will help in going along with the factor of safety and as well as it will also consider the growth of the organization in both the field of enhancement in the client base and as well also the revenue of the organization will also be increased. Furthermore there should be accuracy in each of the step along with the factor of topology as well as this will not elicit artifacts which was gathered by the localities of Nepal. This will impact the investment in the project but furthermore this will also help in considering effective way to deal along with the safety factor while riding. Moreover Disney needs to look after the experiences of customers which will be one of the crucial factors enhance the level of customer satisfaction (smartsheet, 2019). 

Answer 2

To enhance customer satisfaction in an organization the organization needs to go along with effective way to deal along with the factor of client satisfaction and as well as there also needs to be appropriate innovative process which will attract new clients as well. The approach of the project of Disney is to provide an extra ordinary experience to clients rather than considering this only as a single ride. By having a good experience over the place the place could be considered as one of the must visit place which will help in the growth of the organization. By this there will be also growth in revenue and this will furthermore help generating handsome revenue for the organization and also this will help in enriching the reputation of the place. To execute the above described plan Disney need to look after the scenery of the place basically the ground view during the ride which will help in not feeling the length of the ride but the place will be experienced in a better way. The ground view needs to be decorated with park for both children and adults, different kinds of sports and furthermore several festival kinds of decorations need to be arranged along with restaurants as well. By considering the above plans the organization will also be able to generate revenue from both the ride and also from the different setups of the ground view. Furthermore this will also attract clients who will be not being there for rides, as they spend time over the created scenery (KnowledgeLeade, 2012). 

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Answer 3

Rolls Royce is a luxurious brand which deals along with the manufacturing of cars as the initial approach but nowadays it had been spread its brand into the marine sector as well as into the aerospace industry where it both manufactures parts for both the commercial aviation industry and as well as the military as well. Moreover the stakeholders of the organization could be considered as persons who keep interest in the business process and also in the growth of the organization. There could be two kinds of customers for the industry one as the direct stakeholders as customers as there are two which includes Airbus and Boeing whereas the other stakeholders are considered as the government, suppliers, creditors and competitors as well. Government as the organization deals along with the military equipments and competitors as Pratt and Whitney and General Electric as well. 

Support of the stakeholders is considered as one of the vital component which helps in going along with the smooth conduction of business process. If any of the action of Rolls Royce will be violated for the stakeholders that may affect the business functions in as a negative impact. So the organization need to go along with the a perfect stakeholder analysis which will help in dealing with all the employees in a well defined manner and this only could be done by providing specific approach to the stakeholders. The business needs attention from all the stakeholders for which the organization needs to create a project team which will help in considering the needs to stakeholders and considering both the monetary and nonmonetary impacts on the stakeholders. The project team will also help to initiate several projects to develop stakeholder relation and to maintain it as well (Stakeholder Map, 2019). 

Answer 7

External factors could be anything which affects the business process and also changes in the business processes as well in different ways. From all the factors political factors had been explained below along with two explanations,

  • There needs to be appropriate polices according to the political situation of the countries where it is conducting its business, by this the organization will not be facing any kind of problems throughout its business process.
  • The second strategy which needs to be considered is FTA, the organization need to expand its business to the countries where it native country of the organization will have agreement with other countries (CIPD, 2018). 

Answer 10

For achieving success in business, the organization needs to have a particular and multicultural team whose benefits had been pointed below, 

  • By this understanding between cultural differences could be enhanced. 
  • Several innovation ideas will be generated for expanding the business in different countries (Nintex, 2016). 

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