Report: Business Proposal Plan

Table of Contents

  • Opportunity Selection
  • Focusing on Business Idea
  • Description of Business
  • Identifying Information Needs
  • Description of Business Idea
  • Reason for successful
  • Challenges and risks
  • Team Competence
  • Estimated Startup Costs resources
  • Reference
  • Appendix


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Opportunity SelectioAs we as a team discussed various opportunities available in the economy like running a jewelry shop, starting a publisher business, and opening an online tailor shop. We would like to go for online business which is online tailoring for us. The reasons why we would like to go for this business:

  • E- Commerce is playing very crucial role in the present scenario, so we want to put our business in e-commerce business.

  • Everybody wants to have easily accessible services, for this we can provide them a doorstep service.

Focusing on Business Idea

Our industry is clothing. Clothing is one of the basic necessities, so our business is not going out of trend. Our clothing products are going to be very pocket friendly and will be of very good quality. The low-cost factor will help us getting huge share of market. Our services are based on innovative approach in which women can order to switch their cloths by their choices. 



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Description of Business 

Amour Company will provide the online casual/ contemporary cloths for their customers. The main business idea is based on provide customized cloths for customers as per their demand.  Amour will feature online services for women.  The demand of online clothing industry is increase. However, only a few organizations are able to provide unique services. The organization also makes sure to provide detailed assessment services.

Identifying Information Needs

Information Needed 


Market Knowledge 


Funds and Capital 



All Team Members

Promotions and Advertising 

Marketing BUAD 116 Textbook 

Operating Expenses System

Sage and QuickBooks or BUAD 236




Description of Business Idea

Products and services 

The products are based on wide range that meets need of the women. Products will include casuals, uniforms, durable fabrics, and different other options like Indian materials. In addition, the organization will also offer customized outfits for the gym purpose. 


It includes provide design cloths for women as per their own choices.  The firm will engage with making business profitable across the India.


The mission of the company is establishing a standard and world class online tailoring shop for their customers. 

Business Model Canvas 

Key partners 

As the company is involved in provide customized products to their customers so the main partners for the company will be its IT and tailors who will help to deliver quality services to the customers.  

Key activities 

The key activities of the company will include apparel stitching. Amour Company provides services for deliver the customized products to their customers (Amanullah and Ibrahim, 2015). Apart from this, the firm will be maintained strictly with the supply chain so the products can be delivering on time.  

Value proposition

The value proposition of the company will be based on provides international quality products to their customers. The organization will focus on the deliver fashion garments only for women at right price. 

Customer’s relationship 

The customer’s relationship will be maintained by collecting post services feedbacks. Through the mobile application or website, the firm can sell can collect its products and services information. Thus, it helps to build customers relationship (Dudin, Kucuri and Namitulina, 2015).

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Customers segment 

The customers segment of the company will be urban population and women. The services of firm only available for the women of age group 18-45. The women or girls can select cloths as per their choices and design. 

Key resources 

The key resource for the company is IT infrastructure and Human resource of the company.  The employees will provide the products to end customer’s i.e. stitched dress. On the other hand, the IT service of the company helps to create unique services for firm. 

Distribution channel 

The distribution channel is based on online services. Amour will offer its services through the online platform and mobile application (Kölsch, Herder and Aurich, 2017).  


This is a sample report on business proposal Plan From our experts get your report right now

Cost structure

The cost structure of the company is involved 70% to the tailors and 30% for the company. The 70% of the cost will be given to tailors and rest will be kept by the company. 

Revenue stream   

The revenue stream of the company includes fast track subscription where 80% will given to tailors and 20% will kept by the company. 

Reason for successful 

There are different fashions houses are working around the world. However, very few can provide and fulfill the demand of customers.   India Consider as the new market for global expansion.  Due to high population and wide range of customers, Amour will be able to expand business and maintained profits in its segment. 

Market analysis and Strengths of business idea

As per the report of the clothing manufacturers association of India, the domestic market of clothing industry will increase by 11-12 % by 2025. India’s domestic appeal market reaches to 67 billion in 2017. In addition,  it also mentioned that market will increase by $160 by 2025 with total CAGR of 10-11% (IBEF, 2019).   In 2018, the online business is also reach to $32.7 billion.  With increase in internet and smart phone usage, the customers become more advantage. In addition, the age group from 18-50 are most frequent customers who buys cloths from online shops.

 The main strength of the company is providing services at low costs by including innovation. By considering the data from research report, the online tailoring industry will be grown by 15-20% in the next few years (Dewan, 2019).  Amour Company will use technology for producing the cloths. The organization will provide services through its online application. Customers can select their fabric to design for new cloths. In addition, by using the computer system, the organization will able to produce not only high-end clothing, but it also includes t-shirts and other casuals. Thus, it helps to company for expanding its business.   

Product Life cycle


The product life cycle include five different stage i..e development, introduction, growth, maturity and decline.  Amour is the start up the company therefore, it will place in the first stage of products life cycle. The main services of the company will include provide customized products and services through online platform.   The current position of the company is based on development stage, as the company is providing new services. At this stage, the organization is collecting information and building its start-up (Kobayashi, Matsumoto and Fukushige, 2018). The market share of firm will remain limited.   As the company reaches to next level, its market share increases. At the point of maturity, the products demand will decrease where the company needs to provide new technology of innovation for sustain in the market. 

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Competitive advantage 

The main competitive advantage for the company is providing the users friendly mobile application. This help to company for saving the costs and also maintained the customers. The customers can select cloths and design as per their size & color. In addition, the firm does not need to maintain the staffs for like in physical stores, inventory costs is also becomes Zero. Therefore, the proposed business idea is more feasible for the company. 

Challenges and risks 

The online market and business consist a lot of challenges and risk.   Amour is the new start up organization. The firms have less experience in the market.  Therefore, the organization may face several challenges. 

Time management 

The main issue for the company is providing effective and best customer’s services.  The customers will order products and services from the online platform and it required a lot of time for deliver the well –stitched customize products to customers. Therefore, the organization need to make sure to offers the time deliver with quality (Maunder, 2019). In order to maintained effective customer’s services, the firm needs to ensure proper tracking to customers. In addition, the firms also need to provide proper logistic support for its products. It will help to company to overcome with time management problem

Maintained tailors 

The second risks for the company are maintained the availability of employees in the company. Theme of business is based on provide services with through the online platform. However, after taking order from client the firm also needs to ensure to stitched product (Gullo and Dixon, 2018). The availability of tailor is important factor. Therefore, in order to overcome with this problem, the organization can hire in-house team of tailors.  The In-house team ensures deliver 24/7 hrs services to customers. 

Team Competence

The human resource plays an important role in the company. As already mentioned, Amour company is start up organization. The firm cannot hire too many employees in its business. Therefore, the firm will follow flat structure model. The company will hire 4 employees and one owner itself works as manager in the company.


The owners of the company will work as managers. All the management tasks will handle by all team members. There are two specialized employees also hired for marketing and IT.  The marketing team will handle all the tasks associated with services and IT will handle online platform. In addition, the organization is also hired two tailors who can stitch cloths as per orders. 



This is a sample report on business proposal Plan From our experts get your report right now

Estimated Startup Costs Resources

For any organization the startup costs are consider effective. The firm needs to collect information related to the start. As proposed business plan, the major expense of the company will be marketing (Aboody, Levi, and Weiss, 2018). The organization need to promote its products services at the different levels. The estimated cost of the business will be $15,108.  For collecting this fund, the firm can seek to the different option which is as follows.


  • There are different types of form of equity.  As already mentioned, the company is start up organization. Therefore, owner’s equity is considered as the best option. The owner or partners of the company will make investment through their saving. It is estimated that up-to 40% i.e. $6043 fund will be generate through owner’s equity and rest from bank as loan.  The mixture of debt and equity is more feasible option for company. 

  • The second option for the company is collects fund from the bank. The company can ask to bank for giving loan.  There is different bank available which provide load to Small and medium enterprises. The firm can fill form and collect the loan from the bank 

  • On the other hand, the third option is also available for the company is collect funds from the venture capital. It is type of funds collecting method in which venture invests money in organization and buy a portion of share from organization. The amour company can prop to sell its 10-20% of share and generate fund.




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Your story, (2013). Google India Study reports numbers about online shopping in India; ‘Electronics’ Top Search but ‘Apparels’ most bought. [online] Available at  [Accessed 27 Sept 2019].



Key Partners


Key Activities

Provide stitched designer cloths 

Value proposition

Provide quality products to customers 

Customer Relationships

Social media marketing 

Customer Segments

Technologically inclined customers

Key resources

Human resources and technology 


Social media

Digital media

Cost structure

70 % to the tailors and 30% by company 

Revenue Streams

Subscriptions and Commissions

This is a sample report on business proposal Plan From our experts get your report right now

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