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Sample Portfolio Report Of Birmingham Event

Portfolio Report: Birmingham Venue Event

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Target market
  • Development of the event
  • Identity of the brand
  • Press release
  • Five draft ideas about the events
  • Bibliography



Portfolios of the event which will be conducted on the Birmingham venue are present in this document. The portfolio of an event is considered as the brief summary which represents activities included within event and it is generally made by the event planning company organizing the whole event. The portfolio which will be developed about the event will help in making the proposal and promoting through the advertisement to share the detailed information of the event. In the portfolio details of the venue as well as the event will be included other than it will contain a target market profile, development of the event, identity of the brand and the press release with some rough ideas about the can help in promoting the event to the target its specified target market. The event which is going to take place on that venue is based on the health and beauty.

Target market 

According to the criteria which were mentioned about for the event, the target market of the event is being considered within the age group of 18-25 therefore it can be said that, in this case demographic segment has been chosen to introduce the event.  Identification of the target market is essential because it will help in developing effective strategies of communication and advertising related to the event. The target market is basically chosen as a group of individual showing characteristics and perspectives which are similar with each other. It is essential that before any event the management needs to define its target market, so that at the time of delivering a speech, messages can Abe crafted on the basis of the target market that has been established by the vent planner. The craft messages basically the inspirational messages or the messages which attract the target audience towards the event conducted.

Focusing on the potentiality is another benefit of choosing the target market because as in this case the age group between 18- 25 has been chosen in order to determine their needs and on the basis of the likings as well as needs those activities based on the heath beauty program will be generated and in this case the time for other activities can be saved.

The target market of this event has been chosen between 18-25, because it was found that the age group that has been chosen is much more concerned about their personal grooming and at the same time they are much more health conscious as result of which the activities based on the health and beauty event will suit them (James K. Elrod1 and John L. Fortenberry, 2018).

Development of the event 

The event which will be conducted based on the health and beauty products will demonstrate the benefits of the products and importance of it. With the development of this program e message with be served to the target market about the importance of self-grooming and healthy lifestyle. I it will also describe the important products of the company and at the same time description of the products will be given. the differentiation of the product on the basis of the product sold by the competitors for gaining a competitive advantage. This particular event has been organized for the company oriflamme in order to demonstrate their beauty products and health products. The company oriflamme is one of the Swedish companies which offer all ranges of products to their customers covering the skin care and health of the people. The essential products based on the skincare includes from cleanser for face to foot cream for cracked hills and the most beneficial products which the company serves for their people is the wellness which is helps in increasing the immunity power and secondly the Nutri-shake which helps to boost up the metabolism rate within the body of an individual and also helps in the reduction of extra fat from the body. On the basis of the products comparison with customers it can be differentiated as in the company provides skin care products for skin types and age group on the other the Nutri-shake comes in different flavors (uk, 2020).

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Identity of the brand 

The company oriflamme is considered as one of the multinational skincare and health care company related to marketing. The company oriflamme was founded in the country Sweden  by “Jonas af Jochnick, Robert af Jochnick, and Bengt Hellsten”, in the year 1967. 

Press release 

As the event is one of the beneficial event for the target customers as well as the company where  the promotion of the company will be done by spreading awareness about the products and its necessity with the benefits, so a press release in very much important.

The press release will generate excitement within the target audience about the event that is being created by the company oriflamme in this case an immediate press release will be done in order to share information about the event which is going to take place very soon. The press release will contain important and key information about the vent so that the people understands and come to the event another benefit will be gain, if the press release is being conducted that is the specified target audience will be found to be joining the event (/kopywritingkourse, 2020).

  • Five draft ideas about the events 
  • The opening or the introductory speech will be given by the direct of the company 
  • Models of the company will invited for the demo
  • Demo session opportunity will be provided to the audiences
  • Some arrangements of food will be doe for the guests
  • Free products will be offered to the audiences as the sample.



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