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Assignment: Project Management

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

1. Overview of the operational innovation project 3

2. Application of two specific planning techniques for the innovation project 4

2.1 Planning technique one 4

2.2 Planning technique two 5

References 7



Project management is the practise undertaken by organisations with the aim of implementing or modifying the operational activities of the organisation for its growth and productivity. The following study is conducted with the aim of evaluating the various processes and procedures which are included in the process of implementing project management for change and growth in an organisation. In doing so, the following study takes into consideration an organisation operating in the service by the name Columbus Cafe, which has been established in the year 1936 , being France its base. The Cafe operates in the global perspective and employs more than 36000 employees. As per the mission and vision statement of the organisation it has been noted that the organisation aims to deliver “Unique coffee experience” to its consumers and expects a high level of consumer satisfaction through efficient service delivery.  The said organisation has been chosen for the following study in order to obtain a practical view of implementing innovation in the organisation with the application of the methods and techniques of project management. 


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1. Overview of the operational innovation project

The organisation Columbus Cafe in order to ensure growth and change in the operational activity has decided on implementing innovation in product design and service delivery. Having said that the organisation has considered in innovating its coffee preparation process wherein, apart from the various range of coffees with varied taste and flavour the organisation aims to provide decaffeinated coffee. The innovation project in respect to the new method of coffee preparation is implemented considering the health and fitness needs of the consumers. In this context, the undertaken project can be regarded as a significant approach in addressing customer needs and requirements in case of product and service delivery and at the same time such an approach can be expected to facilitate growth and innovation in the organisation. In the same context (Reis, Paiva, Amato, & Lofrano-Porto, 2019), opines for sale of decaffeinated coffee as it contains nutritional values in comparison to a regular cup of coffee. However, in this regard it needs to mention that when termed as decaf coffee it does not imply that the cup of coffee is completely free from caffeine despite it contains a smaller quantity of caffeine then a regular cup of coffee. Thus, with the increase in health issues of the consumers such as diabetes type 2 or issues in liver functions can help in minimising the health risk of the patients. Hence, the organisation with effective planning and research can implement the innovation project as considering the benefits it can drive to the organisation it can be said that it can lead the organisation towards growth and change. 


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Table 1: Gantt chart

(Source: Self Created)

In respect to the first specific planning technique, the above Gantt chart represents the various aspects that undergoes in the planning process for the execution of the innovation project. The significance of the various aspects of the innovation project is as follows:

Team member selection:

Team selection is the crucial process in the planning phase wherein, the management of the organisation is required to select candidates as per the skills and expertise required for the undertaken innovation project (EPapke-Shields, 2015).  

Training and development:

It is most important for the management for providing the required amount of training and development to the selected team members for ensuring efficient product and service delivery. In this phase the organisation needs to provide feedback and monitor the training process in order to enhance the performance of the employees.  

Resource identification:

In order to ensure that the project is executed in an effective manner the management of the organisation has to identify and allocate sufficient resources that is able to meet the requirement of the innovative project. 

Risk management:

The management of risk by the organisation is a crucial task as it ensures the sustainability of the undertaken innovative project. The organisation in this regard needs to formulate and comply with the policies for reducing and mitigating the various risks associated with the innovation project of Columbus Cafe.   


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2.2 Planning technique two





Project planning



Project Budget

Not Urgent 


Project Execution 

Not urgent


Stakeholder meeting

Not Urgent


Table 2: Matrix chart

(Source: Self Created)

Project planning:

Planning for the project is urgent and important in order to determine the various benefits and advantages that can be derived from the innovation project (C.Conforto & C.Amaral, 2016). Moreover, the project planning allows the management to determine the risk associated with project and seek approval from the upper management.  

Project Budget:

Budget of the project is important but not urgent as in the panning process the amount needed for the overall project is determined. 

Project Execution:

Project execution is at the current moment is not urgent as the identification of risk and ways to mitigate the same is on the process. Apart from that the execution of the project will take place after the completion of the stakeholders meeting and the identifying the overall needs and requirements of the project. 



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Stakeholder meeting:

The management of the organisation responsible for carrying out the said innovation project needs to conduct stakeholder meeting for the purpose of addressing the needs and interests of the stakeholders with the given project. On the other hand the stakeholder’s issues and constraints also need to be identified and at the same time the management should formulate measures for mitigating the same.   


C.Conforto, E., & C.Amaral, D. (2016). Agile project management and stage-gate model—A hybrid framework for technology-based companies. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management.

EPapke-Shields, K. (2015). Strategic planning characteristics applied to project management. International Journal of Project Management.

Reis, C. E., Paiva, C. L., Amato, A. A., & Lofrano-Porto, A. (2019). Decaffeinated coffee improves insulin sensitivity in healthy men. British Journal of Nutrition.


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