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ADepression is one of the most common diseases that most of the people round the worlds are affected with. Depression seems to be more common among women than in men. There are many types depressions like the major depressions, bipolar depression, persistent depression, seasonal depression etc. Women all around the world suffer from Depression without any idea of the actual cause. There are many symptoms of depression like anger, irritation, loss of interest etc. The “target group” aimed at are the women between the age group of 15-30 years. The government of New Zealand has designed “The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand” for creating awareness among the people of New Zealand and to help them with various ways and steps to deal with depression. This is a charitable trust with a governing body established in 1977. The board members of this team are highly professional and look after the functioning of this charitable trust to help people around New Zealand to cope up with their mental illness. This Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand has adopted a lot of ways to help people cope with depression. They publish different success stories of how people dealing with depression have overcome their situations easily. They publish different wellness stories inspire and motivate people. This Mental Health Organization also points out various reasons as to why one should acknowledge these factors so that they can others dealing with this situation as well. They also have a section that provides immediate help to the people that require immediate help and counseling. Depression leads to suicidal tendencies as well. This Mental Health Organization of New Zealand provides support people to deal with their suicidal thoughts thus helping them to improve their life and their way of thinking and help them to cope up with depression. 

BAccording to the interpretation and evaluation of statistics from the Ministry of Health Website it is concluded that the women of New Zealand suffer higher depression rate than average men in New Zealand. This Ministry of Health website has strong collaboration between the DHBs, PHOs, NGOs, Maori, Pacific people to get the right amount of response from all across the country. The Ministry of Health of New Zealand has taken up different initiatives to help women around the country to get over this mental health. 

This Ministry of Health Website provides a combination of psychological therapy, lifestyle changes and antidepressant depression therapy to help the women to New Zealand to cope up with depression. This website provides various helpline numbers with professional counseling to help the women of New Zealand to deal with the situation. This website also provides various alternative approaches and such as mindfulness meditation to help women deal with depression. Statistics reveal that depression will become the second largest cause of disability in the world by 2020. In order to cope up with this situation the Health Ministry of New Zealand has taken up various initiatives and programmes to help the people of New Zealand to deal with this mental disease. 

 Section 1

ARisks and benefits of medical and surgical treatment, natural therapies and diet and lifestyle factors

It’s not that easy to deal to deal with depression all by oneself. Therefore people have to take up certain medications and antidepressant to help them deal with the situations . However all these medications certainly have some benefits but they come along with various risks as well. 

Benefits of medical treatment for depression:

There are several benefits that accompany the medical treatment for depression. Listed down are some of the benefits of taking up medical help to treat depression:

  • Better sleep: Medical Treatment of depression helps the person suffering to get better sleep which leads to better mood thus helping them to fight against depression. 
  • Pain relief: Often depression leads to both emotional and physical pain. Medical treatment of depression helps to release various pains that are being caused by depression.
  • Better performance: Treatment of depression helps the people to feel better thus improving their overall performance which leads to satisfaction and less sabotaging thoughts.
  • Better personal life: Depression can severely affect the personal health of the person going through it. when provided with better medications and are properly being acknowledged it leads to betterment of the personal life of the sufferer. This helps the person to enjoy life better thus making their personal life better and fulfilling.
  • Lower Risk of future depression: When depression is being treated properly the chances of suffering from depression lowers and people can assess themselves better thus lowering the chances of being hit by this mental disease ever again.

Risks – There are many risks that accompany the medical treatment of depression . Down below are mentioned some of the risks that come along with the medical treatment of depression.

  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors. 
  • Tricyclic antidepressants.
  • Non-competitive N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist.
  • Serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors. 
  • Diarrhea
  • Exhaustion
  • Weight Gain
  • Low blood pressure 
  • Constipation

Mentioned above are just some of the risks that come along with the different medications of depression

b. Best available preventive measures and treatment of depression.

With depression becoming so common these days there are various preventive measures and treatment of depression that are available that can used to ward off this mental disease. Mentioned below are some of the treatment and preventive measures to treat depression.

  • Exercise: There are many advantages of exercise. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins which make one feel better and feel good. Regular exercise helps to combat stress and helps to release feel-good chemicals that help people to feel more motivated and more satisfied with their daily life thus reducing the changes of suffering from depression.
  • Diet: This plays a crucial role when discussing about the treatment of depression. Maintaining proper diet helps the people to combat through depression. Including whole grains, vegetables fruits in the diet help to maintain a good blood flow and good mood. One should avoid drinking caffeinated drinks, processed food, dairy products etc .
  • Sleep: The best way to cure depression is good and sound sleep. Sleep helps a person to shut their senses for some hours and help their mind to relax. It crucial to create a bedtime routine, avoiding electronic devices before going to bed, waking up early etc. There are various advantages of sound sleep to help a person combat depression.

Avoiding alcohol and drugs: Usually people suffering from depression restores to alcohol and drugs to cope up with the situation and this further leads the situation to worsen.  It simply becomes a vicious cycle and people find it really difficult to get over the situation. Depression and anxiety is always related to alcohol and drug abuse hence people suffering from depression should avoid drugs at any cost. Though moderate drinking is acceptable but turning to alcohol for cope up with the situation is not really helpful.

c. Identifying the issues that cause barriers in obtaining the ideal results.

There are many issues that act as a barrier for achieving the desired results for people dealing with depression.

  • Social acceptability: According to statistics women in New Zealand are mostly affected by depression. First and foremost barrier that doesn’t let women to acknowledge the issue is the social acceptance. Women are always concerned how people will react and feel if they cone up in the public about their situation . They become too concerned and it further leads to worsening of the situation which further can cause life-threatening situations like suicide etc.
  • Necessary medications: People often assume that depression is not really a disease and doesn’t require any kinds of medications to overcome it. This is one of the major barriers that come up while dealing with depression. Depression is indeed a mental health condition that requires proper medications and proper care to deal with. 

Unawareness: Another barrier that causes hindrance in the treatment of depression is the unawareness. Many people are not even aware that this is a disease and needs to be taken care. People think that depression is something that is just simply sadness but it is rather it is much more than that. Depression should be correctly acknowledged and should undergo proper medications and proper treatment to correctly acknowledge the issue.

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Section 2

 Treaty of Waitangi The three principals of Waitangi are partnership, participation and protection. Down below are mentioned how these principals adhered to this health campaign.

  • Partnership: The Maori should partner with the Depression health campaign to help people overcome depression. Partnering with the health government of New Zealand will shower a lot of benefits among the people which will help the country to combat better against this mental disease. Through this partnered campaign thousands of people can be helped thus helping women around New Zealand to combat depression.
  • Participation: The Maori government should put their equal participation along with the health Ministry of New Zealand to help the people of the country of New Zealand to deal with depression. There are various ways to combat depression. With the right amount of participation from both the health ministry and the Maori the level of effect will be much higher and will be much more impactful. 
  •  Protection: The next principal of the treaty of Waitangi is protection. There are thousands of people suffering from depression all around the New Zealand. With the help of this principal and the collaboration of the Maori tribe and the health ministry the sufferers of depression can be helped and protected against the effects of depression. 

  B. Cultural norms and values of Maori

  • Mana: Mana is one of the norms of Maori. Mana is usually referred to a person who has a presence. The Mana can help the people of New Zealand though his influence and motivation. Since Maori occupies a major part of New Zealand, the mana has a great deal of influence among the people . If the mana cooperates with the health Ministry of New Zealand then it can help a large number of women suffering from depression.  The mana has his say and they people will follow his instructions as well.
  • Utu: The next cultural norms of the Maori tribe are Utu.  Utu means maintaining harmony and balance among the society.  When the social relations are disturbed it can be restored through Utu. With the help of utu the Maori tribe and the Health Ministry of New Zealand can combat depression and help the people of New Zealand to understand the situation properly and help them to get the proper medications and undergo proper treatment to fight against depression.

Section 3

 A.During the last 5-10 years the trend of depression among the people of New Zealand has gone much higher. The number of women suffering from depression has increased tremendously. Women suffering from depression are much greater than men suffering from depression. Analyzing the statistics of the depression in the last 5-10 years it can be concluded that there has been an increase in the rate of people diagnosed with depression in New Zealand. As a result of which the suicide rate among the women has also increased. But the good part that the statics suggest that women in New Zealand are coming out in the public about depression and are also trying to seek help from the various medical websites to help them deal with the situation . The statistics of New Zealand also reveals that people living in the socio-economically low areas more likely to experience psychological distress as people living in the least deprived area.


  •  Making more people aware: This programme helps more people to understand their situation and come take the necessary steps to fight against it. This programme helps to treat all the people of New Zealand equally and help them to get the proper me4rdications without any discrimination.
  • Helping all the sections of the society: This health programme has been designed for all the people of New Zealand thus helping people living in less privileged areas to get the treatment and combat their situation. 
  •  Helping women with depression: Women are always hesitant as to what the society would think if they come up with depression. But through this programme the women the read thousands of success stories and can relate to them thus helping them to combat against the situation . Women can maintain their animosity and seek help from this programme thus helping them to lead a better a life. 


Every 7 person among 10 persons suffers from depression. Through the proper programme and the proper medications this issue can be solved and can be properly addressed. Depression is really common now a days especially among the women.  Depression can make one’s life really hell thus forcing them to take dangerous steps . Therefore one should identify and treat depression at the very core thus enjoying life much better.


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