What are the factors causing academic dishonesty in international students in Auckland? What measures have the government and educators taken to help the international students?

Factors :

It has been evident that academic dishonesty is a global issue that has created a major impact on the society. In addition, most of the international students in Auckland are involved in the issue of academic dishonesty (Kelly de Lambert, 2016). It has been evident that maximum number of students was involved in the cheating on tests, concealed notes, buying essays from online, internet activities and others. A number of academic writers are concerned about the rise of academic dishonesty due to the plagiarism issue. On the other hand, the unnecessary level of referencing can also be considered as an academic dishonesty for the students of Auckland. However, the students of New Zealand have grown up by listening to the free MP3 files. Therefore, they have better knowledge in the concept of cheating (Marcus A. Henning, 2013). The academic writers also buying bootlegged articles from the internet in order to develop their assignments or any other kind of materials. Some of the serious cheating has been found by the executives of the universities are as follows:

● Taking a copy from another student during the time of examination.

● Telling the answers to other students through signals

● Paying some other writers to complete the assignment

● Creating a false statement for other student

● Copying the information from another student

● Making request to the University for Medical Consideration as they already know that they can meet the criteria. 

● Copying the content directly from the website

The following are some minor cheating issues that have been identified by the University of Auckland

● Paraphrasing the content from any kind of website

● Using irrelevant references

● Copying the content directly from website, books and journals. 

Therefore, by analyzing the overall issue, the authorities of the University has decided to encourage the students so that they can use their own words for writing the assignments (Sawsan Al-Shamaa, 2017). In the same context, the academic issue can also affect the career of the students as well. On the other hand, the authorities of the University can also try to instruct the students for not misconducting the assignments. A survey has also been conducted in order to identify the respondents of the issue. It has been identified that near about 22% of the students have agreed that they do copy the assignments from another students. In this case, both the students will have to face the issue of academic dishonesty issue (Marcus A. Henning, 2013). However, near about 5% of the students are involved in paying another person for completing the assignment (Ukachukwu Okoroafor Abaraogu, 2015). On that note, the students in the University of Auckland get fail reports due to the above mentioned issue. 


In order to help the students, the Government of Auckland must try to develop certain policies and procedures in order to help the international students. In addition, the international students are seemed to be a bit uncomfortable for the international students due to the difference in culture and studying environment. Moreover, the authorities of the Auckland University can also try to consult with the Government for finding out the necessary solutions in order to deal with the international students (Sawsan Al-Shamaa, 2017). For dealing with the international students, the authorities of the University mainly require an appropriate communication strategy. By copying other sources is also the issue of academic dishonesty. Therefore, it can be said that the Governmental policies must be followed by the authorities of the University in order to communicate with the international students in Auckland. It has been apparent that most extreme number of understudies were associated with the undermining tests, hid notes, purchasing expositions from on the internet, web sites and others (Kelly de Lambert, 2016). Various scholarly journalists are worried about the ascent of scholastic deceitfulness because of the plagiarism issue. Then again, the types of referencing can also be considered as a scholastic contemptibly for the understudies of Auckland. In that case, the Government must try to ban the websites in New Zealand that are offering the students to make the assignments with some amount of payment. With the help of this, the students will be able to write their assignments by using their own ideas. In case of plagiarism issue, maximum number of students does not have the proper idea. Therefore, it is the duty of the University officials to make them understand about the generation of plagiarism (Sawsan Al-Shamaa, 2017). The implementation of textbook study can also be effective measures for the University officials and Government in order to reduce the issue of improper paraphrasing. 


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